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“Debts…” Su Yanyun was stunned.

“How… much”

“It adds up to about a few tens of thousands.” The doctor looked at Su Yanyun and asked impatiently, “Didnt I already give the receipt to your family members You are her daughter, yet you dont know anything.”

“No, I dont.” Su Yanyun choked.

“They all hid it from me.

They didnt tell me anything…”

The doctor saw that she didnt seem to be acting pitiful and his tone also slowed.

“Since you know about it now and want to save your mother, then pay the remaining bills.”

Su Yanyun clutched the purse in her hands.

A few tens of thousands…

Where would she go to find that much money

She didnt even have a few thousand on her whole body!

“Young Master Yi.” The assistant lowered his voice and asked, “Should we help her”

To work with Young Master Yi, it was a fundamental attribute to be able to read his expression.

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Furthermore, even after staying beside him for so many years, this was the first time he had seen him stare so intensely at a woman before.

Moreover, she was a stranger.

Rong Linyis stare was still cold.

His lips moved a little and he was about to say something.

Suddenly, a middle-aged man entered his vision.

That was… Su familys patriarch, Su Bowang

“Yanyun, why are you here” Su Bowang pulled on Su Yanyun.

“Stepfather!” Su Yanyun also held onto Su Bowang.

“Why did you stop Mothers treatment The doctor said that theres hope of her waking up.

You cant possibly lack money, why did you do this”

“Yanyun, calm down.

Dont shout here.” Su Bowang reassured Su Yanyun.

“Well talk in your Mothers room.”

Rong Linyi finally turned and stopped looking at Su Yanyun.

“No need,” he said to his assistant coldly.

“Lets go.”

He had really been thinking too much…

It turned out she was from the Su family, and this was the Su familys trivial matter.

He was not interested in other rich familys messy disputes.

Let them go back and argue…

Su Yanyun was dragged by Su Bowang into the hospital room.

She looked at her frail and weak Mother on the hospital bed and asked Su Bowang anxiously, “Why did you do this, you…”

“You want to save your Mother” Su Bowang chuckled sinisterly and interrupted Su Yanyun.

He suddenly lunged towards Su Yanyun and pinned her on the bed at the side.

“If you want to save your Mother, use your body to exchange for it!”

“No!” Su Yanyun was shocked.

“Su Bowang, youre shameless… youre my stepfather! Let go of me…”

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“Let go of you” Su Bowang covered Su Yanyuns mouth viciously.

“Three years ago, you should have been mine! But you were lucky that time and found Song Zhifei to marry.

You used yourself to exchange for the hospital fees for your Mother…”

Three years ago…


Su Yanyuns tears rolled down her cheeks from the corners of her eyes.

Three years ago, her mother had met with a sudden and unexpected disaster and needed immediate treatment.

But Su Bowang, this evil man, actually wanted to take the opportunity to seize her and turn her into his mistress with her mothers life.

If she had not been at an impasse, Su Yanyun would not have listened to Luo Weimin.

She would not have married Song Zhifei via her introduction, a seemingly rich and upright family.

Song Zhifei had saved her Mothers life, so even if they were not a real married couple, Su Yanyun had silently endured all the censure of the marriage with a grateful heart.

But three years had passed… Her mother has still yet to awaken, and the hospital fees had been spent…

Su Bowang was still bent on her.

He still tried to take advantage of her mothers life to achieve his motives.

What was even more depressing was that Song Zhifei and Luo Weimin also threw stones at her while she was in the well.

They anticipated her mothers passing so that they could snatch away her inheritance…



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