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“It must have been tough.” Thinking of her husband working so hard just to come back and meet her, Su Yanyuns heart felt warm.

Rong Linyi turned off the hairdryer, picked up a comb, and tidied Su Yanyuns hair gently.

Her hair was as smooth as silk.

Rong Linyi looked at it quietly for a few seconds as if he was admiring a work of art.

Then he answered her question.

“Its blissful to have a goal.”

“Whats the goal” Su Yanyun asked despite knowing the answer.

It couldnt be helped.

Hubbys sweet nothings were too limited.

It was rare for them to act like “newlyweds after parting”, so it was inevitable that his woman would be greedy.

Rong Linyi saw her bright eyes in the mirror, like a little rabbit looking forward to candy.

The corners of his lips curled up, but his expression turned cold on purpose.

“I dont like others asking about my work.”


Su Yanyun was disappointed.

So it was a job goal.

Rong Linyi saw the gloominess in her eyes.

He resisted the urge to smile and remained cold.

“What What do you think my target is”

Su Yanyun shook her head frantically.

“No, no, I didnt think anything.”

Rong Linyi leaned down and leaned towards her earlobe.

“Is that so I thought… you would think that my target is you.”

By the time he finished speaking, his lips were already on her delicate ear.

In the mirror, Su Yanyuns face turned red.

She saw Rong Linyi behind her.

Half of his face was hidden behind her head, leaving only a pair of black eyes that were like a beast hibernating in the night.

He stared at her through the mirror.

That gaze seemed to suck her whole body in.

“Su Yanyun…” His voice echoed in her ears.” Baby…”

Rong Linyi slowly closed his eyes.

“I missed you.”

Su Yanyuns body stiffened as if she had been electrocuted.

She felt a weak current flowing through her body from her ears.

“I miss you every day.”

“Every gap…”

“When I didnt miss you, I was wondering… if you missed me.”

“I regret it.”

“Why didnt I bring you along”

“Su Yanyun, you really deserve to die…”


Su Yanyun couldnt help but say.

The first few words were still pleasant to the ear, but what did this last sentence mean

Rong Linyi opened his eyes again.

That stubborn and domineering look made Su Yanyun shiver.

“You will always be loyal to me, right”

He asked.

Su Yanyun was stunned for a moment before she nodded.

“Remember.” He blew into her ear like a demon.

“If you dare to betray me, I will definitely make you unable to pay the price.”

“This isnt fair.” Su Yanyun finally couldnt take the look in the mirror.

It was an overbearing aura with a chilling murderous intent.

It was as if she would be punished immediately if she breathed wrongly.

She turned around and faced Rong Linyi directly.

“What if you betrayed me” She looked at him hesitantly, hoping that he would regain a gentle expression.

“After all, its impossible for me to betray Hubby.

I still have your baby in me.

If Hubby doesnt abandon us, I definitely wont leave you.”

“What if the baby in your stomach isnt mine” Rong Linyi looked at the woman in front of him closely.


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