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When Su Yanyun laid in the bathtub, her fragrant sweat had already soaked her hair.

Rong Linyi stood outside the bathtub and picked up the showerhead to drench her hair.

He ordered.

“Raise your head a little.”

He soaked her hair, applied shampoo, and massaged her scalp.

“Well done, Master Tony.” Su Yanyun narrowed her eyes in enjoyment and teased him.

“Those who dont know would think that you have done this before.”

Rong Linyi lowered his head and whispered in her ear.

“Washing your hair is just a secondary job.

Our main business is… you know.”

Su Yanyun almost choked.

If she didnt know who was behind her.

She would have had the misconception that she had entered a red-light district washroom.

Su Yanyun opened her eyes and looked up at Rong Linyi coquettishly.

Rong Linyis eyes darkened when he saw her coquettish expression.

He leaned over and kissed her red lips from behind.

The hand that was massaging the back of her ear also slid down her slender neck and reached into the water to rub the snow-white softness under the water.

“Annoying.” Su Yanyun scoffed.

As soon as she finished speaking, Rong Linyi grabbed the showerhead at the side and splashed water on her face.

“Ah!” Su Yanyun hurriedly covered her face.

Before she could wipe the water off her face, someone suddenly grabbed her and dragged her into the bathtub.

“Coo—” Su Yanyun was caught off guard and sank into the water.

She almost choked on the water.

But only a little.

Because the moment she sank, strong and passionate lips covered her mouth.

Her nose was also pinched.

In the warm water, Su Yanyun didnt dare to open her eyes.

She only knew that the man on top of her was constantly giving her oxygen.

She greedily absorbed the only source of air as if she wanted to suck him dry.

After at least half a minute, he finally sat up with her in his arms.

The bathroom stirred to a frenzy of breathing after a brief silence.

The two people sitting opposite each other in the bathtub were panting heavily, and their hearts were beating rapidly.

Their eyes that were locked on each other were blurry, but under the intoxication, they were shining with a passionate light.

“Tonight…” Su Yanyun glanced at the huge object that Rong Linyi was hiding in the water.

“Shh—” Rong Linyi reached out and covered her lips with his finger.

After a few seconds, he reached out and grabbed her arms.

His voice was very soft and low, but it was filled with endless enchantment.

“Sit up, Ill try not to move…”

When she came out of the bathroom, it was still bright daylight.

Rong Linyi wrapped Su Yanyun in a soft bathrobe, carried her to the dressing table and blow-dried her hair.

It was true that absence made the heart fonder.

If it were in the past, Hubby wouldnt have been in such a meticulous mood to take care of her so closely.

Su Yanyun looked at the man in the mirror.

His hair was still wet, but the mans short hair clearly had an advantage.

He had no intention of drying it.

His beautiful face was half hidden by his messy and casual black hair.

Crystal water droplets dripped from the tip of his hair.

This made him look much younger.

In a daze, he actually looked closer to Rong Jinghuis temperament.

“Your hair has grown longer.” She said.

“Didnt you go and cut it this month”

“No, Im too busy.

I dont have time.” He replied and looked down at the black hair dancing in his palms.

Before he came back, his hair was all combed back and he looked more mature than before.

Unexpectedly, he didnt have time to take care of it…


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