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He hadnt been back to the Lin River Courtyard for a month.

Rong Linyi looked through the car window and sized up the garden and lake carefully, as if to confirm if his territory remained clean as usual.

Aunt Chen was already waiting at the door when she received the news.

Rong Linyi got out of the car and personally walked to the other side.

He opened the car door for Su Yanyun and led her out.

“Slow down.” He instructed softly.

His eyes fell on Su Yanyuns stomach and were less cold but filled with concern.

When Aunt Chen saw this, she felt emotional and happy.

The doubt she had about the baby in Su Yanyuns stomach disappeared under Rong Linyis gentle and affectionate gaze.

They went upstairs and entered the room.

Rong Linyi closed the door.

Before Su Yanyun could say anything to him, he had already picked her up.

“You havent bathed,” she breathed.

He had been very restrained in the car just now.

But there was still a repressed ambiguity in the air.

At this moment, the barrier between them seemed to have been broken, and the desire in his eyes appeared so clearly in front of her.

“Arent you going to bathe” He looked down at the woman in his embrace.

His hand that was hugging her was slowly tightening, as if it was about to embed itself into her skin.


“Then lets go together.”

It had been a long time since the last time they bathed together.

Rong Linyi took off his clothes one by one, his movements gentle and elegant.

Su Yanyun twisted her fingers and turned around.

She walked to a corner and took off her skirt.

Before she could unbutton her bra, a firm and hot chest was already against her.

Rong Linyis arms were around her upper waist, and he rubbed her up brazenly.

“Let me help you…” He whispered in her ear.

His voice mixed with the steam and melted into her eardrums.

Su Yanyun wanted to fight back with her backbone, but her disappointing body quickly turned into a puddle under his palm.

She could only lean softly on his wide chest and do whatever he wanted.

“Dont you… despise everything” She finally organized her words.

“What do I despise” He asked and pecked her earlobe gently.

“Everything dirty…”

If it were in the past, under the condition of showering first, he might have hugged and kissed her, but it definitely wouldnt develop to the point where he would go further with her.

Furthermore, he had taken a plane for the whole day and rushed back in a hurry to bring her home from the hospital.

“Yes…” Rong Linyi buried his head in her soft shoulders.” Logically speaking… but… I just dont want to bathe now… I dont want to wait…”

He didnt want to wait a second longer.

Besides, the thought of them both having the most primitive scent of skin made him feel even more excited.

If it was washed away, it seemed incomplete instead.

Su Yanyun was not a cleanliness freak.

After not seeing him for a month, her longing for him had also turned into a disaster and she quickly surrendered to his assault.

“Be gentler…” She instructed weakly.

Her soft and sweet voice burned away the last bit of his rationality.

“Isnt it four months” Rong Linyi touched the softness in his arms.

“Ill be careful…”

“You… you need to wear it…” Su Yanyun was still rational.

“No!” Rong Linyi suddenly interrupted her.

He panted wildly behind her.

“Im going to shoot in there today!”


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