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The reason was simple.

She still had to “thank” Mrs.


When Madam Jiang was at the dining room downstairs, she had deliberately mocked Rong Xuelong for finding her “lover.”

Rong Xuelong was not someone who was willing to suffer a loss.

Although Madam Jiang fled quickly, she was still clearly scolded “cowardly” by Rong Xuelong.


Jiang, who bore a grudge, immediately went upstairs and specially ran to Madam Rong to gossip.

Her mouth was full of unbearable sarcasm.

The general idea was that Rong Xuelong was still not in love nor married.

The root cause was that she was a lesbian.

Madam Rong originally didnt want to care about Madam Jiang.

Anyway, this was not the first time this old woman was gossiping.

Seeing that she couldnt get Madam Rongs response, Madam Jiang became even more arrogant and mocked her.

Madam Rong was annoyed and simply got Madam Zhao to call Rong Xuelong over.

Compared to the fierce and valiant Rong Xuelong, Madam Jiang was just a weakling.

Madam Rong didnt want to waste her breath on Madam Jiang herself, but she liked to see her daughter insult her to her face.

She didnt care about juniors or elders.

Unexpectedly, Rong Xuelong had just come up and hadnt even pulled open the battlefield with Madam Jiang when Madam Cheng called someone over and informed Madam Jiang that Jiang Chengxi had done a “good deed” downstairs.

Madam Jiang left in a hurry.

Madam Rong and her daughter followed slowly with the intention of watching the commotion.

On the way, Rong Xuelong also explained the so-called “female lover” matter to Madam Rong.

“I swear.” Rong Xuelong pointed her four fingers at the sky.

“She is just a very, very good friend of mine.”

Madam Rong knew that her daughter loved and hated people clearly.

She wished she could tear the person she hated into pieces, but she hoped she could give the whole world to people she loved.

Thus, she only smiled and watched the Jiang familys “big show” with Rong Xuelong.

When she saw Su Yanyuns face clearly, a hint of surprise flashed across Madam Rongs eyes.

The woman sitting on the sofa had a gentle oval face, clear and bright almond-shaped eyes, a small and delicate nose bridge, and red and translucent lips… She sat there with indifference and craftiness in her eyes, and her expression was calm and dignified.

At that moment, Madam Rong seemed to have returned to more than twenty years ago…

At that time, there was also a woman with a similar temperament and appearance who sat not far away and smiled sweetly at her.

However, in her daze, Madam Rong had already suppressed the ripples in her heart and didnt let anyone notice her abnormality.

At this time, Madam Jiang finally brought excitement to the banquet.

As the President, Madam Rong could only suppress her excitement and sit on the stage personally.

“Actually, this matter isnt as serious as Madam Jiang thinks.” Madam Rong smiled.

This smile was exquisite and perfect, and no one could find any fault with it.

But Su Yanyun could see that under Madam Rongs smile was only an icy plain.

“Its always a good thing that Young Master Xi has his own offspring.

The Jiang family doesnt lack that bit of money either, to raise another child.” Madam Rong said casually.

“Its not to the extent that it cant be discussed.

What do you think, Madam Jiang”

Madam Rongs words were very clear.

It was an illegitimate child.

Which rich family didnt have such matters Since Jiang Chengxi liked him so much, he could just let this woman give birth.

If the Jiang family wasnt willing to recognise it, they could just give this woman a sum of money and take the child away to raise.

Was there a need to make things so ugly

Putting everything else aside, if Rong Linyi dared to make a woman pregnant outside, Madam Rong would definitely kneel and welcome the baby into the house.

How could she bear to just abort it


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