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The moment Cheng Tingxue said this, the other heiresses around all laughed in agreement.

Those who were far away just thought that it was a group of women laughing and chatting.

Only the young man standing behind Su Yanyun turned pale in anger.


Su was someone Sister Rong had brought over.

This group of women actually humiliated her like this!

Perhaps because she didnt notice the young mans pale and murderous expression, Ms.

Tang added fuel to the fire with a contemptuous tone.

“Of course any Tom, Dick, and Harry can come in.

We have a date, and we didnt say that we cant bring our pets in.

If someone is willing to be a dog for others, of course they can come in.”

“Yes.” Su Menghe hurriedly mocked.

“We, the official members of the Chuo Society, should suggest to the President that b*tches and dogs are not allowed to enter in the future.”

The young man clenched his fists.

He was about to stand in front of Su Yanyun and do the “knightly” job that Sister Rong had instructed him to do when Su Yanyun laughed first.

She gestured for the young man to calm down.

She then looked at the women opposite her with her usual faint smile.


Cheng is right.

If the banquet isnt low-class, how did the rest of you get in”

“What did you say” The heiresses didnt expect Su Yanyun to retaliate so calmly and looked angry.

Su Yanyun was all smiles.

From afar, it looked as if she was talking to her close sisters, but only a few people nearby could hear what she said.

She replied unhurriedly, enunciating each word.

“I say, how did these b*tches—and dogs—get in”

Then, she looked at Su Menghe and Cheng Tingxue.

“Su Yanyun, who are you scolding!” Su Menghe was the most impatient and pointed a finger at Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun chuckled.

“Ill scold whoever is a dog.”

With Su Menghes lowly status, didnt she become Cheng Tingxues dog Could she possibly appear here

If Su Menghe was a dog, then Cheng Tingxue was definitely a slut.

Su Menghe, who was wholeheartedly trying to curry favor with Cheng Tingxue, actually rolled up her sleeves.

It was the standard move she used in the countryside to fight and scold others.

“Su Yanyun, dont think that I wont dare to deal with you here.”

Su Yanyuns smile dazzled everyone.

“Is the dog about to bite”

The young man beside him chuckled.

When he smiled, his beautiful eyes were lively and not dull like before.

Su Menghe was even more exasperated to see such a handsome young man laugh at her.

She rushed forward and actually raised her hand to slap Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyun obviously wouldnt sit back and do nothing.

When she was a student, she had also learned Taekwondo.

Although it was useless against people stronger than her, it was still more than enough to deal with Su Menghe.

But she had a “flower guardian” around her, so why was it her turn to make a move

The teenager had already protected Su Yanyun when Su Menghe rushed over.

He grabbed Su Menghes wrist and pushed her back.

Su Menghes 10cm high heels could not support her as she retreated step by step.

After tripping twice, she screamed and fell onto Cheng Tingxues wheelchair.

Cheng Tingxue didnt expect such a change in events.

Su Menghe knocked the wheelchair aside and she fell out.

She hit the young lady beside her, but the other party subconsciously dodged.

The sound of a wheelchair hitting the ground mixed with the womens screams attracted a lot of attention…


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