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The lights were on.

The Crystal Glory Club appeared luxurious and low-key under the night sky.

This was a high-end clubhouse under the Jiang familys control.

The venue was wide and luxurious, very suitable for holding top-class banquets in the upper-class society.

Madam Jiang relied on the fact that she was one of the founders of the monthly banquet to force the venue to be her own property.

No one had any objections to her actions.

The Jiang family was rich and influential in the service industry.

Many rich families in C City fawned over them.

But Madam Rong was not one of them.


Jiang had been fighting with her for so many years.

Madam Rong had long felt bored, so she let Mrs.

Jiang do whatever she wanted with the banquet.

However, with Mrs.

Jiangs incompetence, she couldnt handle many of the matters.

The Chuo Society was a female organization established by the rich and powerful.

It also occupied a place in the business world of C City and had status and prestige that was not inferior to other enterprises.

As a legendary heroine in the business world of C City, Madam Rong naturally wouldnt give up the association she had personally established.

In her opinion, she was giving it to her own daughter-in-law.

Thus, this was also the reason why she chose a daughter-in-law.

It ultimately depended on her family background and the girls own capabilities.

Rong Xuelong and Su Yanyun got into the car and received a lot of attention before they even entered the club.

Many young masters from prestigious families walked forward with bright eyes.


Rong, long time no see.” A young man ignored his female companion and walked in front of Rong Xuelong and Su Yanyun first.

Rong Xuelongs eyes twitched.

“Have we met I dont remember.”


Rong is really forgetful.” The woman with the young man scoffed.

“It cant be that you dont even remember me, right”

“Who are you” Unexpectedly, Rong Xuelong didnt recognize anyone.

“Make way, dont block our way.”

“You!” The woman was so angry that her face was pale.

She looked at Rong Xuelongs back view and stomped her feet fiercely, but she didnt dare to say anything.

The other men around saw that someone had already charged forward to be “sacrificed”, and no one went forward to ask for trouble.

“Who is that” Su Yanyun asked Rong Xuelong after seeing that the surroundings were much quieter.

“The Tang family.

That woman is the Tang familys daughter, and the man is her cousin.” Rong Xuelong replied casually.

Su Yanyun was a little surprised to see how arrogant the woman surnamed Tang was.

Only women were invited to the monthly banquet.

The men who entered were either their boyfriends or part of their families.

Rong Xuelong explained.

She knew that in C City, the criteria to determine a mans power was whether he had the ability to let his powerless girlfriend or daughter enter the banquet.

The banquet didnt accept men bringing female partners, only the opposite.

Only when a man let his woman join the Chuo Society, he could let his woman bring him to the banquet.

Even Rong Linyi couldnt get an invitation to the appointment with his own identity.

However, he could get the Chuo Society to send an invitation to Su Yanyun and follow her to the banquet.

In other words, the “person behind the scenes” who sent Su Yanyun the invitation this time was either an influential man in C City or a member of the club.

Members could invite their female friends to the banquet according to their ranks.

While Su Yanyun was digesting the knowledge Rong Xuelong had told her, she didnt know that she was also being digested by others…


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