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Actually, He Xiaoqin gave people a gentle feeling.

She had average looks, but she wasnt ugly.

She looked very pleasing to the eye and wasnt aggressive.

She was also very polite and humble with people, and there was no fault in her behavior.

But perhaps it was because their first meeting wasnt too pleasant.

Or maybe it was because of her “god sister” status.

Or perhaps it was because she was too perfect, so perfect that it felt… a little fake.

So even though Su Yanyun seemed to be on good terms with her, she was still wary of her.

“Yanyun, I made some pastries today and brought them over for everyone to try.” He Xiaoqin took out an exquisite box of food.

“The doctor and the nurses all said that it was very delicious, why dont you try it”

Su Yanyun couldnt help but admire He Xiaoqins high EQ.

She had specially brought her pastries, but said that she had brought them for everyone.

She also said that everyone had eaten them, so that Su Yanyun would not feel burdened… This form of flattery was just right.

But why did she have to curry favor with her

Su Yanyun had long seen that He Xiaoqin had been deliberately fawning on her.

Although she was tactful in offering it, it was a truth that she was solicitous.

“Yanyun, you take care of Aunt every day.

Did you take leave or resign from work” He Xiaoqin asked Su Yanyun casually as they ate the pastries.

“Im on leave.” Su Yanyun replied.

“Your company is so good.

I also hope to receive this treatment.” She pouted and looked very innocent.

“Unfortunately, I only took a few days off to take care of Brother.

The company said that if I didnt go back to work, they would fire me.”

“Fire you” Su Yanyun felt that He Xiaoqins words needed confirmation.

“Arent you Young Master Yis… god sister”

“Sigh, what god sister Theyre all calling me that.

You know that I only have one brother, Young Master Yi.

Although I also call him Brother Yi, its only because hes my brothers friend.

Besides, love is love, and work is work.” He Xiaoqins brows were filled with worry.

“If the doctor didnt say that, it is likely that Brother would never…”

As He Xiaoqin spoke, tears welled up in her eyes again.

She choked and said, “I cant risk being fired to accompany him.

I just want to accompany him more…”

This kind of relationship didnt look fake at all.

Su Yanyun was about to organize her words to console her when He Xiaoqin smiled with tears in her eyes.

“Look at me.

The weather is so good today, yet I still said such disappointing words.

Oh right, Yanyun, theres a dessert house opposite the hospital.

Accompany me to buy a cup of milk tea, okay”

It was just a cup of milk tea anyway, and He Xiaoqin hadnt been dragging her around these two days.

She was generous and seemed to really treat Su Yanyun as a good friend…

Mother didnt need special care at this time, so Su Yanyun instructed the nurse and accompanied He Xiaoqin out.

At this time, there was no one on the street beside the hospital.

The green light lit up and the two of them started crossing the street.

Unexpectedly, a car that had parked at the side of the road suddenly rushed over when the two of them were in the middle of the road.

This matter happened suddenly and absurdly.

When the car rushed over, Su Yanyun followed her instincts and retreated subconsciously.

However, He Xiaoqin suddenly stopped her.

Something unexpected happened…


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