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“Linyi didnt tell you about my identity, right”

In the beautiful private coffee house, there was only Su Yanyun and Rong Xuelong.

The store owner served the drinks and left.

Su Yanyun looked at Rong Xuelong.

Her beautiful waves of hair were draped over her shoulders.

Her loose-fitting dress hung on her smooth shoulders, and her snow-white skin glistened with a translucent light.

In the sunlight, her brows were as charming as exquisite porcelain.

To date, all the Rong family members Su Yanyun had seen were ridiculously good-looking.

The heavens had given them noble identities, immense wealth, and beautiful looks.

Only souls with the best reincarnation skills could be born in such a family.

At least, Su Yanyun had thought so before Rong Xuelong had said that.

However, Rong Xuelong said that with a faint melancholic expression.

Her background

What was so special about her background Wasnt she Rong Linyis older sister

“I am indeed Linyis blood-related sister, but this bloodline is not as simple as a biological sister.” Rong Xuelong seemed to see through Su Yanyuns doubt and said that in one breath.

When Rong Xuelong called her over, Su Yanyun was prepared to be “educated”, but she never expected Sister Rong to talk about her background.

“I… didnt understand Sisters words.” Su Yanyun expressed honestly.

Rong Xuelong smiled.

“Youre a simple girl.

Perhaps its because youre so simple and fearless that Linyi is attracted to you.

After all, growing up in such a dirty family, he will subconsciously like pure and clean creatures.

People always move towards things they cant do…”

Su Yanyun noticed the worddirty.

She remembered that the last time at the hospital, Rong Linyi had said similar things to her.

He said that no one was dirtier than him.

Rong Xuelong sighed slightly.

“Linyi and I have the same mother.

I am his biological sister, but at the same time… I am his cousin.”

This was a little too much information…

Su Yanyuns eyes widened.

Rong Xuelong didnt have much of an expression on her face and only stated the truth.

“This matter is also an open secret in the Rong family and even in the rich circle of C City.

Before my mother even married into the Rong family, she was… tainted by that shameless man.

I am the fruit of this sin.”

Su Yanyun was speechless.

Rong Linyi had never mentioned this to her before.

Yes, she suddenly realized that she didnt understand her husband at all… She didnt know anything about his past, his life, or his family…

Since the two of them were together, all that filled her memory was sweetness and affection.

He seemed to have given her the best in the world, everything he could give her, except for his “irreversible” past.

“Yanyun, do you find it strange” Rong Xuelong knew that Su Yanyun was shocked, so she continued to ask.

“The last birthday banquet was the Rong familys old ladys 60th birthday.

Her son and daughter-in-law are already over 40 years old, so why is she only 60 years old Also, why is Linyi so young and already the family head Youre in the news industry, but you have never heard of Linyis father as well, right”

Rong Xuelongs questions shocked Su Yanyun.

She could vaguely sense that there were many stories involved, but she couldnt sort out the seriousness of this at once.


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