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She felt the oppression brought by Rong Linyis silence.

Su Yanyun was embarrassed and afraid.

She didnt dare to look at him and could only lower her head.

She explained incoherently, “Im sorry, Hubby.

I, I just want to… thank you… you are so good to me…”

“Really” Rong Linyis voice was not flat, and the pressure in his voice perfectly covered all his emotions.

“How do you want to thank me”

“I, I…” Su Yanyun was stunned for a long time.

Then, tears suddenly filled her eyes without warning.

“I want to hug you…”

After speaking, a tear fell.

She wanted to hug him because he was so good to her.

She was barren and had nothing, so there was little to express her excitement and gratitude except for hugging him.

Rong Linyis frown deepened further.

This covered his handsome face with a layer of harder frost.

“You need consent to hug your husband”

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“Sorry, husband.

I, I shouldnt.” Su Yanyun suddenly burst into tears.

“I know you cant, so I hate myself for being like this.

I shouldnt…”

“I cant” Rong Linyi frowned.

The two words that men hated hearing the most… except “too short”, it was probably “cant”!

Was Su Yanyun talking about him or that scum Song Zhifei

“Hubby,” Su Yanyun quietly wiped her tears, thinking she could escape the sight of Rong Linyi.

“I wont be like this in the future.”

“Wont what” Rong Linyi raised his eyebrows, teasing her.

Su Yanyun answered lowly, “Wont… I wont want to hug you anymore.”

She hugged her body and bent over to pick up her dress.

While leaning over, her over-pressed snow-white breasts jumped into Rong Linyis line of sight.

“Stop it.” Rong Linyis eyes were dark and his voice was lowered by several decibels until he felt hoarseness.

Su Yanyun stopped in surprise, and he adjusted his breathing.

“The clothes are dirty already, dont touch them again.”

Su Yanyun obediently stopped, but she still clung to her body, like a shy virgin exposing her spotless body in front of someone for the first time.

“Come here.” Rong Linyi ordered suddenly.

The maids room on the first floor was small, and Su Royun took only two steps to walk in front of Rong Linyi.

The closer she got, the more afraid she was.

Although she didnt know why her husband asked her to do so, in the face of the coercion he unconsciously emitted, Su Yanyun was completely powerless.

She raised her eyes timidly and used her eyes to ask for Rong Linyis next order.

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Rong Linyis limpid eyes narrowed.

“Hug me.”

Hug… him

Su Yanyuns eyes lit up in shock and surprise.

Could she

She remained motionless, as if uncertain if her husbands words were true or false.

“You want me to say it again”

Su Yanyun shook her head quickly and suddenly opened her arms.

Like a little hamster holding onto a fruit, she clumsily hugged Rong Lingyi.

The air-conditioning in the room was sufficient, and Rong Linyi had just taken a bath again, so his body was as cold as ice.

Although Su Yanyun was a little cold, her body was warm enough.

One was soft, one was hard.

One was warm, one was ice cold.

They suddenly touched and both bodies couldnt help but stiffen.

Rong Linyi raised his arm and held Su Yanyuns waist, then he suddenly dragged her to the bed.

Su Yanyuns entire body almost fell along with his and she yelped a little in reflex, but then realized that she had sat firmly in Rong Linyis arms and her arm had caught him subconsciously around his neck.


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