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Just as Manager Liu and Wang Tong thought that they had mocked Su Yanyun enough.

A cold but lazy voice sounded from behind.

“Since you wont give me face, I dont have to give you face either.”

This voice was…

With Manager Lius status in the corporation, forget Rong Linyi, it was difficult for him to come into contact with even ordinary people in the upper echelons.

Thus, he did not realize who this voice belonged to.

But the expression of the “god sister” at the side changed.

She gasped and turned around.

“Jinghui” The god sisters calm expression showed signs of breaking down.

She quickly smiled.

“Why are you here”

Rong Jinghuis gaze didnt land on his “god sister” face.

He snorted condescendingly.

“He Xiaoqin, dont act like youre very familiar with me.

In our Rong family, youre at most Big Aunts pet!”

He Xiaoqins originally clean face immediately changed color.

But Rong Jinghuis subsequent actions made her expression turn even uglier.

Rong Jinghui suddenly waved his fist at the stunned Manager Liu.

He heard the sound of something heavy hitting the ground in the meeting room.

Manager Liu was actually punched by Rong Jinghui into the glass coffee table.

The glass on the coffee table made a dull sound and deviated a distance from its original position.

Wang Tong and He Xiaoqin both screamed at the right time.

On the other hand, Su Yanyun was calm.

She had expected this when Rong Jinghui appeared at the door.

The media industry in C City did not lie.

Third Young Master… How could he bear to waste his breath on a problem that could be solved with his fists

“You, you, you…” Manager Liu endured the pain and was in a daze for a long time before he finally remembered Third Young Master Rong.

He looked at Su Yanyun, who was sitting on the sofa calmly, and realized that he had been tricked by this seemingly harmless woman.

She only mentioned that she was going to interview “Young Master Rong” but did not say whether it was the Second or Third Young Master.

Meanwhile, the rest of them automatically assumed it was Rong Linyi.

He had taken this punch in vain for offending Third Young Master Rong.

“Su Yanyun, lets go.” Rong Jinghui walked over and pulled Su Yanyun up.

Su Yanyun asked subconsciously, “Where to”

Rong Jinghui stood up.

He still looked up at Su Yanyun arrogantly.

“Didnt you want to interview my Second Brother Ill bring you there!”

Actually, he had returned a long time ago.

After listening to it outside, he understood a little.

Rong Jinghui had a sociopathic personality, but he was not stupid.

On the contrary, he had inherited the Rong familys shrewdness and deviousness.

After hearing Su Yanyun and Wang Tongs conversation, he knew the two of them wanted to interview Rong Linyi.

But Rong Linyi would never accept an interview.

So Wang Tong went to look for Manager Liu and begged He Xiaoqin.

He Xiaoqin did not have the right to say that she could convince Linyi, but she might work on Madam Rong.

If Rong Linyi really accepted Wang Tongs interview, then Su Yanyun would lose.

Although he wanted the cute woman to only interview him, Rong Jinghui did not want to see her lose.

As such, he reluctantly took her to look for Second Brother.

Hopefully… Second Brother would not be angry with her and chase her out.

“Wait!” He Xiaoqin panicked a little when she heard Rong Jinghuis last sentence.

She hurriedly followed him.

“Jinghui, your Second Brothers flight is in the afternoon and hes going to North America.

He has a lot of arrangements now and doesnt have time to accept interviews.”


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