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She was facing Wang Tongs overbearing attitude once again.

Su Yanyun did not want to stay silent yet again.

She had been silent in the past not because she was weak, but because she felt that Wang Tong wasnt worth her time and effort to argue with.

But this didnt mean that she could endure the humiliation delivered to her face.

Wang Tong was not very capable, but she had a vile character.

Su Yanyun had long wanted to teach her a lesson.

Unfortunately, every time she was about to explode, Zheng Xin would rush into the battle.

For once, Zheng Xins protective umbrella was not here.

Su Yanyun could finally retort angrily.

She still had a bright smile on her face, but her words made Wang Tongs expression change.


Wang Tong, not everyones successes are like yours.

Capable people dont have to resort to unscrupulous means to achieve them.

Those with the ability can directly come up and interview Young Master Rong, while those without the ability can only find some unorthodox methods to make up the numbers.”

“Su Yanyun, you!” This was the first time Su Yanyun had retorted Wang Tong so directly.

Wang Tong flushed red immediately.

She questioned fiercely.

“Who are you talking about Do you know who these two people beside me are”

Su Yanyun smiled slightly, but it was a blinding smile.

“I only know that their surnames arent Rong!”

“Haha!” Wang Tong laughed instead.

“Thats right.

This Sir beside me is the corporations resource departments Manager Liu.

As for this lady, dont be scared hearing this but she is Young Master Yis god sister!”

“God sister” Su Yanyun sized up the young woman seriously.

The woman had a simple face and small facial features.

Although she was not especially beautiful, she was clean and not detestable.

But… Godsister…

Wow! Hubby, youre actually recognizing sisters outside!

Go home and kneel on a durian!

“Youre scared, right” Wang Tong was arrogant.

“They indeed dont have the surname Rong, but so what Su Yanyun, dont think that youre good at talking.

You even said that you have the ability to interview Young Master Rong.

Do you really think Im a three-year-old child that you can lie to casually”

As Wang Tong spoke, Manager Liu also looked at Su Yanyun unkindly.

“Miss, we are about to be interviewed by the reporter.

If theres nothing else, please leave.”

“What a coincidence.” Su Yanyuns expression darkened.

“I happen to be interviewing Young Master Rong here too.

In terms of location, its important to get there first.

The people to leave should be you.”

Manager Liu did not expect Su Yanyuns attitude to be so strong.

His eyes showed intense disdain and anger.

“We should leave Youre just an outsider who isnt an employee of the corporation, yet you have the cheek to ask us to go out Miss, Ill give you face and ask you to leave immediately.

Otherwise, Ill call the security officers over.

Dont say that we didnt spare you!”

“Really” Su Yanyun raised an eyebrow and looked behind Manager Liu.

She smiled playfully.

“Even if you dont give me face, you should at least give Young Master Rong some, right”

“Young Master Rong” Manager Liu laughed sarcastically.

“Youre still calling him Young Master Rong Let me tell you, even if Young Master Rong comes, I wont give him face!”

On the side, Wang Tong also showed a vile expression.

Only Young Master Yis “god sister” was calm as she sized Su Yanyun up.

Right at this moment, a lazy but extremely cold voice suddenly sounded from behind Manager Liu…


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