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Su Yanyun was speechless.

She really wanted to slap Third Young Master Rong.

No one wants to interview you, alright, Third Young Master!

Dont flatter yourself!

Although you are handsome and rich, your national presence is incomparable to your brothers.

Although Third Young Master Rong had never been interviewed, he had been on the news a lot.

He was one of the Rong familys top gossip mongers for getting into fights and making trouble every other day.

Su Yanyun was sullen and did not want to hurt Rong Jinghui, so she could only be dragged upstairs by him.

During this time, she tried to retract her hand several times.

But as long as she had this thought, Rong Jinghuis hand was like a clamp, squeezing her wrist forcefully.

Su Yanyuns eyes twitched.

Third Young Master Rong, are you related with crabs

If Rong Xuelong had not told Su Yanyun that the Rong familys situation was complicated and it was not appropriate to expose her identity, Su Yanyun would have already slapped Third Young Master Rongs face with the bag in her hand.

“Okay, theres no one here.

You can interview me here.” Rong Jinghui dragged Su Yanyun into a small meeting room with no one around.

He closed the door and sat opposite Su Yanyun with a serious expression.

Su Yanyun… had nothing to say, nothing to say!

She lowered her head and looked at her bag, wondering if she should take out a pen and book to interview him.

This Young Master was working so hard, it would not be good to dampen his enthusiasm.

“Wait!” Seeing Su Yanyun take out a pen, Rong Jinghui suddenly gestured for her to stop.

“Ill go for a while.”

Before Su Yanyun could answer, he stood up and walked out quickly.

Su Yanyun stood up curiously and craned her neck, wanting to know what he was going to do.

Rong Jinghui quickly walked into the bathroom at the other end of the corridor.

Uh, was Third Young Master… so nervous that he needed to pee

Su Yanyun guessed without a conscience.

Rong Jinghui entered the bathroom and walked to the mirror to take a look at himself.

He turned on the tap and wet his hair.

This hateful woman!

Why did he come today

He hadnt even taken care of himself properly.

This hair was too messy… Their hairstyles were similar but why did Second Brothers look so neat

Yes, he would find time to lrearn from him another day.

And clothes too.

If he had known that she would interview him, he would have worn a suit.

Why did he have to wear such casual clothes It seemed too immature.

He did not ook like a business elite at all.

No wonder this woman only wanted to interview his brother.

Rong Jinghui had never cared about his appearance before.

He knew that he was extremely handsome, so why would he need to dress up to gain that womans admiration

Even if he wore a beggars outfit, women would still look at him with infatuation!

But now, he suddenly was not confident in his appearance.

While Rong Jinghui was complaining to himself in the mirror, Su Yanyun was also looking at her phone.

Sigh, what was happening… She should just call her husband.

Su Yanyun was about to call when the door to the guest room opened again.

What Su Yanyun did not expect was that the person who entered this time was actually Wang Tong.

Accompanying her was a middle-aged man and an unfamiliar young woman.

“Su Yanyun, why are you here!” Wang Tong almost exploded when she saw Su Yanyun.

Su Yanyuns expression was cold.

“If you can be here, why cant I”

“You, what methods did you use to get here” Wang Tong was clearly exasperated.


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