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“Humph, because he is my hubby.” Su Yanyun hugged Rong Linyi tightly and craned her little head arrogantly.

“Im more glorious than you shameless mistress by a few dozen times.”

“Me, mistress” Cheng Tingxue scoffed.

“Im shameless I am Madam Rongs daughter-in-law, and youre just a bitch that isnt even worthy of Young Master Yis bed.

You still have the face to call Young Master Yi your hubby Young Master Yi, dont be confused by this shameless vixen, just chase her out!”

Cheng Tingxue thought for sure that Rong Linyi was only hugging this little woman because of the seductive perfume she had sprayed in the room.

Thinking of how Young Master Yi should be hugging herself, Cheng Tingxue felt so hateful her heart itched.

If she had known earlier, she wouldnt have tried to seduce him on the bed.

She would have learned from this shameless woman and pounced on him.

In the end, she had wasted so much perfume on someone else.

Cheng Tingxue pounced forward angrily and dragged Su Yanyun out from Young Master Yis embrace.

“Who are you to hug Young Master Yi Bitch, let go!”

However, before Su Yanyun even touched Cheng Tingxue, Rong Linyi suddenly reached out and blocked Cheng Tingxues arm.


Cheng Tingxue was thrown aside by Rong Linyi like garbage and she fell on the floor.

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“Get lost!” Rong Linyis voice boiled with murderous intention.

He caught Cheng Tingxues arm mid-air and looked as if he wanted to break her arm in two.

“Young Master Yi…” Cheng Tingxues voice became pitiful.

“How could you do this to me… I, I already washed myself clean…”

Rong Linyi was cold and his expression was like ice.

He looked at Cheng Tingxue like he was looking at something more vile than rubbish.

“You are clean”

Before Cheng Tingxue could quibble further, he ordered fiercely, “Aunt Chen, put this woman in a big garbage bag and throw her out!”

When Aunt Chen had heard the bell sound, she had already guessed such an ending.

Now, she quickly brought a few bodyguards up.

Cheng Tingxue was thrown out just as she expected.

But she didnt expect Su Yanyun to be in Young Masters embrace.


Cheng, my apologies.” Aunt Chen bowed politely and gestured to the bodyguards.

“Ah—Young Master Yi, you cant do this to me… your mother likes me a lot… if she knows about this, she will be very angry…”

Cheng Tingxue struggled against the bodyguards desperately.

After hearing Cheng Tingxues “threat”, Rong Linyi waved his hand and gestured for the bodyguards to stop.

“Young Master Yi…” Cheng Tingxue was surprised.

She thought her threat had worked.

“Youre saying that my mother will be angry if I treat you like this” Rong Linyi asked, full of mockery.

Cheng Tingxue immediately nodded.

“Yes, Madam Rong will be very angry.”

“Thats great.” Rong Linyis expression was cold.

“I was still worrying over how to anger her.”


He pointed at Cheng Tingxue and ordered his bodyguards coldly.

“Remember to tie the garbage bag tightly! Throw this garbage onto the main street!”

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Cheng Tingxue screamed loudly and was dragged out by a few bodyguards.

“Aunt Chen.” Rong Linyi got rid of the woman and turned to look at his housekeeper.

“Young Master, this was my fault.” Aunt Chen looked down.

Her voice was calm, but she was extremely anxious and scared.

“As the housekeeper, I failed to keep her out.

I will hand in my resignation letter tonight.”


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