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Rong Linyi was kissed for no reason and even comforted like a little rabbit.

He was filled with anger, but he did not know if he should continue.

He was still pondering over how to punish this bold woman.

Su Yanyun had already jumped up and ran out like the wind.

“Aunt Chen… Aunt Chen… quickly! Help me find some clothes… Ill wash my face first… Wheres the car Im going to be late!”

Rong Linyi listened to Su Yanyuns ruckus and his tense lips relaxed a little.

He recalled the first time he met Su Yanyun.

At that time, she was at a dead end and there was fear and helplessness in her eyes.

It was a world of difference from her carefree and cheerful self now.

He liked how she looked now.

He had also sworn to protect her wonderful state.

He would use his strength to protect her forever…

Forget it.

Rong Linyi lowered his head and looked helplessly at a part of him that refused to stop.

He could only wait a month to come back and enjoy this gentle town.

He could only convince himself that when Su Yanyun was safe, she would not be as timid as she was now.

When Su Yanyun swiped the card, it was exactly 9 AM.

Fortunately, her beautiful hair was naturally smooth and neat as long as she combed it casually.

She ate breakfast in the car and still had a lot left.

Aunt Chen insisted that she bring it here.

That was good too.

Now that she was alone in an office, she could eat without any worries.

Su Yanyun quickly digested the remaining breakfast and was about to sort out the contents of her work when Rong Xuelongs assistant knocked on the door.

“Chief Editor Su, Boss wants the various department heads to go for a meeting in five minutes.”

She had a lot of fun with Rong Xuelong last night.

However, Su Yanyun could sense that Sister Rong was definitely a strict and harsh boss.

Seeing how tough Rong Linyi was at work, as his sister, Rong Xuelong was probably similar.

Su Yanyuns guess was right.

In the subsequent meeting, Rong Xuelong practically left Orange Day with bloody wounds.

“Look at your performance in the first half of the year.

What have you interviewed Other than Cheng Tingxues matter these two days, theres no valuable news.

Forget about the dull financial section, the social section doesnt even have any unique views.

The entertainment section is basically following trends… No wonder Orange Day isnt even a third-rate media.”

Rong Xuelongs words were heart wrenching and merciless.

Everyone in the meeting hung their heads low.

What could they say

They followed a vulgar boss and just to make a living.

Who would even have the thought of becoming an industry vanguard

The editor-in-chief finally mustered his courage and said timidly, “Its not like we dont have results.

Previously… we even took photos of Young Master Yi being allergic to banquets…”

Rong Xuelongs face twitched rudely.

“Okay, Young Master Yis allergic photo.” Rong Xuelong almost rolled her eyes and slammed her palm on the table.

“But what kind of news is his allergic reaction! Is it considered finance Is it considered entertainment Or is it considered political! Are you two preparing to take the path of creating indecent tabloids”

This time, it was Su Yanyuns turn to twitch.

Indecent tabloids… Sister Rong, did you have to describe your own brother like that

“Young Master Yis news can still barely be seen on the entertainment page.” Su Yanyun could not help but say.

The last allergic photo was given to her by her husband.

“After all, Young Master Yi has a lot of national attention.

His relationship marriage is definitely on the headlines.”

Su Yanyun had just finished speaking when she saw a sort of… sly smile on Sister Rongs face.


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