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“Sure.” Rong Xuelong agreed quickly this time.

“But we still have to sing after dinner.

We still have to go for supper after the song.

We still have to go after supper…”

Rong Linyi… was silent.

“What Scared” Rong Xuelong raised her eyes and smiled deviously.

It had to be said that the feeling of occupying her sister-in-law and bullying her younger brother was really nice!

Rong Linyi was younger than her, but he had never given in to her since a young age.

Not only did he not listen to his sister, but he also refused to follow her instructions and even fought with her all the time.

Rong Xuelong had never experienced the prestige of being an elder sister since a young age and had always been suppressed by her younger brother.

Now that she had finally touched Rong Linyis weak spot, she had to torture him properly.

Rong Linyi struggled for a long time.

In the end, his desire for Su Yanyun overcame his pride and competitiveness.

He finally gave in and said to Rong Xuelong, “Im going to North America tomorrow.

Those people have already started.

I have a tough battle to fight if I go over.”

“You can bring her over.

Theres no need to fight for it, right” At this time, Rong Xuelong had already walked out of the dining rooms private room and found a quiet place.

“No, I cant promise to take her with me at all times.” Rong Xuelongs opinion was very tempting, but Rong Linyi was still rational.

“Its much safer for her to stay in C City.”

“Yes, it looks like you havent lost your rationality completely.” Rong Xuelongs words were not praise but sarcasm.

“Okay, on account of you being so obedient, Ill help you take care of her during the time youre gone.”

Rong Linyi felt as if something big in his heart had been relieved to him.

He understood Rong Xuelongs capabilities.

With her around, Su Yanyuns safety shouldnt be a problem.


“Shes pregnant, so she cant be too tired.

Send her back after dinner.” His tone had also eased a lot.

“Haha.” Rong Xuelong smiled deviously.

“Send her back for you to ravage Dont worry, I will protect her tonight.

You can stay at home alone!”

Oh haha.

Rong Xuelong giggled thrice.

Rong Linyi, I let you be arrogant! I let you suppress me! Now you will take me, your sister, seriously!

With my brothers wife in hand, I dont believe that he can still be arrogant!

Rong Xuelong meant what she said.

She confiscated Su Yanyuns phone the whole night and brought her out to eat and play.

When Su Yanyun was sent back, she was full and looked tired.

“Sister, arent you coming up for a seat” She invited Rong Xuelong politely.

It was obvious that Sister Rong took very good care of her tonight, which made Su Yanyun have a better impression of her new Big Aunt.

“No, no.” Rong Xuelong hurriedly waved her hands.

Would she still dare to go up Would she wait for Rong Linyi to tear her apart

She looked thoughtful.

“Hurry and go back.

Wash up and sleep.

You still have work tomorrow.”

Su Yanyun quietly went upstairs.

She had just pushed open the door and was about to take a look in the study room when a low voice sounded from above.

“Youre back”

Su Yanyun froze.

She also knew that she had lost control tonight.

She immediately stood up straight like a child who had done something wrong.

She lowered her eyes without even daring to look up and obediently replied.


Rong Linyis bathrobe was all she could see.

Hubby actually didnt work tonight

Oh no, could he have washed himself clean early and waited for her at home

As for herself…


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