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This was practically a free show!

The colleagues in the office, regardless of gender, all rushed forward and picked up the photos on the ground.

The photos were bright, and her colleagues were in an uproar.

“I never expected Boss Li to be so old yet strong!”

“It was worth it to personally see an old cow eating young grass in my lifetime.”

This group of colleagues had mocked Su Yanyun before and were now mocking Wang Tong in the same manner.

After all, Su Yanyuns matters were mostly speculations, but Wang Tongs matter was seen as a fact.

When the lady boss heard this, she was even angrier and almost hit Boss Li until he shrunk like a turtle.

“You relied on me to open this small company.

Youre all grown up now, and you still dare to take on a mistress! Mr.

Li, I want to divorce you! Hand over the company!”

Boss Li was in indescribable pain.

The two bosses fought valiantly, and his face and neck were covered in blood.

He was in a sorry state.

“Ive already sold the company!” He couldnt help but howl.

“Ive sold it to the Rong family!”

Having said that, he turned and yelled at Rong Xuelong.


Rong, you said that as long as I sell the company to you at a low price, you wont give the photo to my wife!”

Rong Xuelong was enjoying her melon seeds.

When she heard Boss Lis words, she couldnt help but laugh.

“Which eye of yours saw me giving the photos to your wife Boss Li, the heavens are watching what youre doing.

Who says that only my family is allowed to have your infidelity photo”

Sister Rong rolled her eyes, indicating that the whole matter had nothing to do with her.

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The lady boss caught the main point of the problem.

“Low price Sold Okay… so it was you, woman, who did it! Did you deliberately scheme against our Old Li”

Rong Xuelongs expression turned cold.

“How troublesome.

Someone, invite Boss Li and Madam Li out!”

She didnt waste her time with these people.

She said “please”, but the bodyguards were not polite at all.

They quickly drove Boss Li and his wife out.

“I want to sue you! Ms.

Rong, dont be arrogant!” The lady bosss voice sounded from afar.

Rong Xuelong shrugged indifferently.


From beginning to end, she only had a gossipy expression on her face.

But everyone in Orange Day dare not doubt this Misss bold and ruthless methods.

She had used a photo to lower the price for Orange Day, but she had given the photo to Boss Lis wife and caused Boss Li to lose it.

How did this Boss Li offend Ms.


After watching Rong Xuelong leave, Su Yanyun quickly organized her things.

Wang Tong tidied herself up in the washroom and turned around to see the boxes on Su Yanyuns table.

She was already prepared to leave.

Wang Tong saw this and forgot how badly she fell.

In her opinion, even if what happened just now happened, Rong Xuelong did not reprimand her at all and clearly did not intend to pursue the matter.

But what about Su Yanyun She was going to be chased out of the office of Orange Day.

“Haha.” Wang Tong forgot about the pain after her wound healed and couldnt help but say.

“From now on, there are finally fewer eyesores in the office.”

Zheng Xin was enraged.

She had already made up her mind that she wasnt going to stay here anymore after Su Yanyun left.

Boss Li had already been dealt with, but the company still had a scum like Wang Tong.

She really didnt know what Ms.

Rong was thinking.

Wang Tong still wanted to mock Su Yanyun, but Rong Xuelong suddenly came rushing over…


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