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Wang Tongs face turned pale.

She was shocked, angry, and afraid.

She was shocked that she had been on the trending topic, angry that her colleagues had mocked her, and afraid that… such a private thing like her Moments would be leaked

How would she know that Rong Linyi had ways to make her die an ugly death after offending Su Yanyun

She still wanted to regain some face for herself when Rong Xuelongs voice suddenly sounded from outside the crowd.

“It looks like everyone is very free”

The moment Ms.

Rong spoke, all the colleagues immediately dispersed.

Wang Tong didnt dare to do anything rash and could only return to her seat.

Everyone knew that the new boss was this Rong familys eldest daughter.

And this lady seemed to be tens of thousands of times more difficult to serve than Boss Li.

“Su Yanyun.” Rong Xuelong raised her head and pointed a finger at Su Yanyun.

“Pack your things.

This office has no space for you.”

The moment Rong Xuelong said that, all the colleagues were in an uproar.

No place for you anymore…

Did this mean that he wanted Su Yanyun to pack her things and get lost

Wang Tong was overjoyed again.

“Ha, so what if the financier behind you is impressive You will still die if you offend Ms.

Rong.” Rong Xuelong had just left when she deliberately raised her voice.

In Wang Tongs opinion, no matter how impressive the man who came with Su Yanyun was, he couldnt compare to the Rong familys eldest daughter.

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He had openly challenged Ms.

Rong and offended her, so as his woman, Su Yanyun was naturally implicated.

“Yanyun, Ill help you pack.” Zheng Xin glanced at Wang Tong.

“Its okay.

Anyway, youre pregnant and your husband is so rich, whats wrong with being a Young Madam at home Unlike some women who dont have much ability and can only be mistresses of others.”

“Who are you calling a mistress!” Wang Tong jumped.

“Whoever jumped is the mistress.” Zheng Xin sneered.

Wang Tong smashed the mouse in her hand and rushed over, wanting to fight with Zheng Xin.

Before she could rush to Zheng Xin, someone suddenly grabbed her hair from behind and dragged her over.

Bam! A loud slap sounded in the office.

“You shameless vixen, how dare you seduce my Old Li!” A sharp and hoarse female voice sounded in Wang Tongs ears.

Everyone looked over and saw that the lady boss had come to the office at some point.

Wang Tong was confused by the slap.

Before she could react, the lady boss slapped her twice again.

She pulled her hair and pushed her against the wall.

“Ahhh, let go of me!” Wang Tong screamed and struggled with the lady boss.

“Vixen! Vixen!” The lady boss was so fierce that the onlookers were at a loss for words.

She grabbed the keyboard at the side and hit Wang Tongs head randomly.

“Pfft! Seducing someone Ill slap your face and see who else you can seduce!”

“Boss… Boss, save me!” Wang Tong was actually beaten until she couldnt retaliate.

She saw Boss Li sneaking out of the office and hurriedly called for help.

“Li! How dare you!” The lady boss bellowed, scaring Boss Li into standing up.

“I, I,” Boss Li was actually henpecked too.

He was so frightened that he stuttered.

“Im not close to her!”

The lady boss heard this and threw Wang Tong to the ground.

She pounced on Boss Li and punched and kicked him.

“Not close If you are not close with her then where did these photos come from Do you think Im blind!”

Colorful photos smashed into Boss Lis head and scattered in the office.

When the crowd saw them…


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