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Rong Linyis gaze fell on Rong Xuelongs eyes.

Most of the time, this sister of his was cynical, and there werent many times when she could be serious.

But coincidentally, Rong Linyi knew everything.

“Tell me.” Rong Linyi asked frankly despite having guessed what she was about to say.

Rong Xuelong resisted the urge to grab Rong Linyis collar and said word by word, “The most important thing is that you have to stay away from that Jiang woman when you go overseas.”

Rong Linyi still frowned despite knowing what Rong Xuelong was about to say.

“Sister, I dont need you to tell me who I want to see and what I want to do.” Although he still called her sister, his tone was much colder.

“Haha, thats all I wanted to say.” Rong Xuelong did not insist.

She understood Rong Linyi and wouldnt go against him at this time.

She opened the car door and said before she left, “Of course I dont care about what you do.

But if you dont want Su Yanyun to hear any rumors, you better take care of yourself!”

This was followed by the sound of car doors slamming.

The car was filled with silent.

Rong Linyi was silent, but there was a storm brewing in his eyes.

In the front seat, Jiang Tongs survival instincts kicked in.

God knew that Missys threat just now had touched Young Master Yis two serious weaknesses.

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Jiang Yilin and Su Yanyun.

When Jiang Tong was with Rong Linyi, Jiang Yilin happened to be chased out of the country by Madam Rong.

Thus, Rong Linyi moved out of the Rong family and his relationship with Madam Rong fell to rock bottom.

Although he had never seen Young Master Yi contact Jiang Yilin before in the past three years, there was no doubt that the woman who could separate him from his family was very important to him.

But if Jiang Yilin was just a symbol, then Su Yanyun is truly his weakness.

Jiang Tong had seen with his own eyes how badly the cleanliness freak Young Master Yi could back down for Ms.


Only Ms.

Rong would dare to threaten Young Master Yi with two of his women at once.

Just as Jiang Tong was feeling perturbed, Rong Linyi suddenly closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.

“Jiang Tong, deal with that womans matter first.”

Jiang Tong was stunned before he realized that the woman Rong Linyi was talking about was Wang Tong.

“Then.” Rong Linyi opened his eyes.

“Go and pick a gift.”

He had promised Rong Xuelong that he would come home for dinner.

Although Rong Xuelongs threat angered him, Rong Linyi knew that Rong Xuelongs attitude towards Su Yanyun was very important.

He didnt want his woman to be kept in Lin River Courtyard.

Su Yanyun deserved better.

She deserved to be the rightful Madam Yi.

Actually, even if Rong Xuelong didnt mention the last condition, he wouldnt have met Jiang Yilin either… That woman had already been completely abandoned from the bottom of his heart three years ago.

Although he knew that he seemed heartless, Rong Linyi also understood that compared to his obsession with cleanliness, he had higher expectations for the word “clean” in his heart.

Jiang Yilin used to be the brightest star in his sky, but ever since she did that kind of thing, she disappeared from his world and never existed again.

The three years of absence made Rong Linyi doubt his past relationship even more.

It was only when Su Yanyun came that he knew why he had his suspicions…


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