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“No! Im telling the truth!” Wang Tong panicked.

“Su Yanyun is really no good…”

Her mouth was already covered by a cloth.

Two strong bodyguards held her and pushed her into the car in front.

“Young Master Yi, do you have any other instructions” Jiang Tong knew Rong Linyi well and knew that he wouldnt just hit Wang Tong.

This vicious woman was slandering Su Yanyun everywhere and should get a taste of her own medicine.

Rong Linyi thought for a while.

Someone suddenly knocked on the car door again.

When she looked up, Rong Xuelong was standing outside with a stack of photos in her hand.

“Wang Tong is Boss Lis mistress.” In the car, Rong Xuelong handed the photo to Rong Linyi.

Seeing that he didnt accept it, she passed it to Jiang Tong.

“Anyway, Ive already bought Orange Day at a cheap price.

Take these photos as a gift to you.”

“Are you that kind” Rong Linyi raised his chin arrogantly.

He knew Rong Xuelong too well.

She had always asked for reciprocation and would not be kind for nothing.

Rong Xuelong scratched her ear and smiled distractedly.

“Linyi, the person who should be begging me now is you, right Su Yanyun, even if the child in her is not yours, do you think she can enter the Rong family with her second marriage status”

“Whether she can enter or not, she is already my wife.” Rong Linyi said coldly.

“Dont worry, Rong Xuelong.

Yanyun is not Jiang Yilin.

She wont be stupid enough to give you an opening.”

“Do you still think that I framed Jiang Yilin back then” Rong Xuelong was suddenly enraged.

“Rong Linyi, youre no fool.

Even if you want to protect Jiang Yilin, you should know that she was the one who schemed against Mother and me back then.

Was it wrong for us to play along”

“What a good plan tobeat her at her own game.\'”Rong Linyis eyes became sharp.

“Rong Xuelong, I wont harp on Jiang Yilins matter anymore, but let me warn you.

If Su Yanyun loses a single strand of hair, we will completely sever our relationship as siblings!”

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“I dont believe that she doesnt lose her hair after washing and combing it daily.” Rong Xuelong was enraged.

“What has her losing her hair got to do with me! Ahhh, Im so angry!”

She kicked the back of the chair in front angrily.

“Rong Linyi, if you want me to stand on your side, you have to be nicer to me!”

“Are you threatening me” Rong Linyis expression darkened.

“Thats right!” Rong Xuelong stood with her hands on her hips.

“If you make me happy, at least I find Su Yanyun more pleasing to the eye.

Once I find her pleasing to the eye, I will put in good words for her in front of Mother and help her deal with that old woman and the rest.

Furthermore, I am the boss of Orange Day now, I can…”

“What do you want me to do to you” Rong Linyi suddenly interrupted Rong Xuelong.

His face was still black just now, but in an instant, a gentle and humble smile appeared on his lips.

“Sister, if you need my help anytime soon, just let me know.

Dont hesitate.”

Rong Xuelong: “Damn… Damn!”

Rong Linyi, you heartless bastard!

Only at such a time will you call me sister!

“Ive been a little tight on cash recently.” Rong Xuelong reached out a hand.

“Ive only invested in a few projects, so lend me 200 million.”

“300 million.

Sister can invest as much as you want, theres no need to worry about anything.” Rong Linyi was friendly.

“Yes, Mother said she hasnt seen you for a few days.


“Ill be home for dinner tonight.” Rong Linyi turned into a filial son.

“Ill bring her a gift too.”

Rong Xuelongs face twitched.

It seemed like it was true love this time…

“Then theres one last thing.”

“Sister, please speak.” Rong Linyis temper was unprecedentedly good.

Although he didnt want to admit it, Rong Xuelong was an important guardian of the family.

It was imperative to please her for his woman to enter the Rong family.

Rong Xuelong suddenly gritted her teeth and her expression darkened.

“This is the most important thing…”


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