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What Cheng Tingxue didnt expect was that Heaven and Earth Media didnt buy Su Yanyuns rights to the news.

No one knew what Rong Xuelong was thinking.

She actually left Su Yanyun the right to report it on her own.

In other words, Su Yanyun had sold the recording to Heaven and Earth Media and couldnt sell it to other families, but she also had the right to report it.

Su Yanyun didnt know why Sister Rong was so magnanimous.

Now she knew that Rong Xuelong had left Su Yanyun a way to protect herself.

Su Yanyun had not met his sister-in-law yet, but she already had a good impression of her.

“Then what are we waiting for” Zheng Xin leaned towards Su Yanyun.

“We cant let Cheng Tingxue slander you like this either.

But Yanyun, you have to think it through.

If you want to retaliate, the two million you just received will probably have to be spent.”

She just received the two million yuan but she had to spend it already.

It would be a lie to say that Su Yanyuns heart didnt ache.

Although her husband was rich and was not short of money, she didnt feel as accomplished as she did when she earned the money herself.

But with Cheng Tingxues methods, she couldnt take this lying down.

A mistress that came out of nowhere actually dared to provoke her, the official wife, time and time again.

Did she really think that she, Su Yanyun, would submit

“Its okay!” Su Yanyun gritted her teeth and nodded.

“Ill earn back the money if its gone.

That bitch that continued making a scene even though I had not done anything to her! Two million it is.

I will still spend less than what that Cheng person has spent!”

The two of them discussed in the meeting room for a long time.

After settling everything, they walked out.


Wang Tong was actually gathered with a group of women to slander Su Yanyun.

“I knew it.

Shes been taken care of by the old man and is even a surrogate.

Otherwise, why would she come here every day in an expensive car I didnt expect her to be so shameless as to seduce Boss Li…”

“She still has the face to stay in the office Anyway, shes really shameless.” The other colleagues also mocked.

“Shes really embarrassing us reporters.”

“We should sign a contract and get the company to fire her, in case such a scum spoils our reputation.”

When Zheng Xin heard this, she couldnt take it anymore.

She rushed forward and grabbed Wang Tongs collar, shouting domineeringly.

“Shut up, Wang Tong! Youre the old mans mistress, so you think others are as slutty as you, right”

“What did you say” Wang Tong had always been afraid of Zheng Xin.

“Who doesnt know that youre Boss Lis secret lover! Wang Tong, I have evidence in my hands.

If you dont want the lady boss to come and splash water in your face, you should be obedient!” Now that things had come to this, Zheng Xin no longer gave Wang Tong any face.

Seeing how protective Zheng Xin was of her, Su Yanyuns heart felt warm.

Even if she had people like Luo Weimin around, her most sincere friends would never go back on their word.

She was about to persuade Zheng Xin to forget it.

Wang Tong would get her retribution sooner or later.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Su Yanyun turned pale the moment she saw the name on her phone.

“Xinxin, Ill take a call.” She hurriedly told Zheng Xin and ran out of the office with her phone in her hand.

“Hmph, could it be that the old man who took her in has also seen the news and is here to denounce her” Wang Tong said viciously.

In an empty corner, Su Yanyun pressed accept and said cautiously, “Hello”

On the other end of the line, the mans voice was cold.

“Will you never call me unless I give you a call”

Su Yanyun was on the verge of tears.


“Dont you have anything to say to me” Rong Linyis voice was even more piercing than the cold winter wind.


“Come down and talk.” Rong Linyi interrupted her again just as Su Yanyun spoke.

“Im downstairs at your office.”


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