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But even so, Su Yanyun didnt decline.

She just wanted to see what Cheng Tingxue was up to.

It was a coincidence that after Old Madam Rongs birthday banquet, Cheng Tingxue suddenly exposed the news of her being injured during a shoot and hospitalized.

They said that she fell because of a problem with the pressure.

At that time, the media was full of praise and concern for her.

There were calls for her to “work hard” and “stay strong”.

Cheng Tingxue also relied on her “professionalism” reputation to gain a group of fans.

]But what was very puzzling was that after Cheng Tingxue was hospitalized, she refused any media interviews.

She had some military background, so the hospital she was staying in was also tightly protected and no reporter could enter.

That was why the boss would never reject her request for an interview with Su Yanyun.

“Young Master Xi, Su Yanyun has already gone to the hospital.

She should be interviewing Cheng Tingxue.”

Jiang Chengxi sat in the room and listened to his subordinates report.

He smiled.

“Cheng Tingxue is also smart.

Theres a good show to watch now.”

He had only shown Cheng Tingxue Su Yanyuns reporters certificate yesterday, but Cheng Tingxue couldnt take it anymore.

It looked like the two of them had indeed seen each other before.

“Young Master Xi, theres one more thing.” His subordinate continued.


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“We have already found out that Su Yanyun left the Lin River Courtyard.

Furthermore, she has many bodyguards around her, and the security is very tight.”

Jiang Chengxi threw the glass in his hand to the ground.

He gritted his teeth.

“Rong Linyi, Yilin slit her wrist and committed suicide for you, yet you brought another woman home.

Is this your stubbornness”

Rong Linyi had met him yesterday because of Yilins suicide.

Jiang Chengxi thought that he could convince them to reconcile, but Rong Linyi was silent the whole time.

He was absent-minded and looked at his phone from time to time.

In the end, Jiang Chengxi asked him to go overseas immediately to see Jiang Yilin.

Rong Linyi only had one sentence.

“Well see.”

Then, he left without saying goodbye to Jiang Chengxi.

After all this time, he had really gotten together with Su Yanyun.

If he had known that he brings her home after a nights sleep, he wouldnt have stopped his sister from moving into the Rong familys house.

“Su Yanyun, right” Jiang Chengxi sneered.

“Haha… let Cheng Tingxue deal with you first…”

If Cheng Tingxue couldnt do it, it still wouldnt be too late for him to take action personally.

Cheng Tingxue stayed in a high-class hospital room.

There were also people guarding the hospital room.

When Su Yanyun entered, Cheng Tingxue was drinking congee under the care of a servant.

Seeing Su Yanyun, her eyes twitched and she said strangely, “Ms.

Su, we meet again.”

Su Yanyun also sized up Cheng Tingxue.

Cheng Tingxue was completely naked.

She was like a different person from the media on screen.

Not only was her skin terrible, but her temperament was also much worse.

It was not an exaggeration to think of her as a random person.

On the other hand, Su Yanyun, who was also not wearing any makeup, had delicate skin.

Her cheeks were red and full, and her watery eyes were bright.

She completely surpassed Cheng Tingxue, this so-called Best Actress.

This comparison also made Cheng Tingxues jealousy rise.

This woman was the one who had snatched Rong Linyi away and made her lie here for half a month…


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