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Luo Weimin smiled.

“Dont worry.

Ill call my husband right away.

It wont be a big deal.”

She didnt expect the Rong family to be so famous.

Luo Weimin was elated.

It seemed like she could do whatever she wanted in the future.

“See that” Luo Weimin turned around and showed off to Su Yanyun.

“My hubby is from the Rong family.

Even the V family cant stay in C City if they offend me.”

Su Yanyuns pupils dilated.

What did she hear

There was nothing wrong with her ears right

Luo Weimins “husband” was actually from the Rong family.

Could it be… Suddenly, Su Yanyun felt a sense of disgust.

Her intuition told her that Luo Weimin and her “husband” were both extremely dirty and shameless people.

It seemed that both Luo Weimin and the store manager thought that their “encounter” today was because they had offended Luo Weimin.

Okay, let them think so.

Su Yanyun believed in Rong Linyi.

With his methods, he would definitely let them see the truth quickly.

The reason why he didnt make a fuss immediately was probably because a simple punishment wasnt enough to make Luo Weimin fall badly.

Su Yanyun was right.

After that, Luo Weimin never bought anything in Taihuandi again.

The two of them shopped in jewelry stores, clothing stores, and shoe stores… No matter which luxury goods it was, they told Luo Weimin and Su Yanyun clearly and resolutely after seeing them.

“Im sorry, we wont be selling any products today.”

Especially Luo Weimin.

As long as she picked anything and wanted to pay, the other party would use all sorts of reasons to chase her out of the store.

The two of them were still empty-handed after walking through the huge Taihuandi.

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Luo Weimins expression was dark.

She also realized that something was amiss.

But she refused to believe that this had anything to do with Su Yanyun.

In her opinion, Su Yanyun definitely couldnt buy something that she herself couldnt buy.

When the two of them walked out of the last store, they turned around and found that the originally bustling Taihuandi was actually empty.

The huge business district seemed to have become an empty city.

Meanwhile, the shops that they had visited before had already closed their doors and hung up signs that they were temporarily suspended.

“Whats happening” Luo Weimin was a little afraid.

“Ah Yun, did we bump into a ghost”

Su Yanyun smiled slightly.

“Its broad daylight, why would a ghost come Weve shopped enough today, lets go home.”

After the series of encounters, Luo Weimin no longer had the intention to bully Su Yanyun.

She just wanted to leave this godforsaken place as soon as possible.

She never wanted to come back to Taihuandi in her life.

The two of them walked to the Taihuandi exit and were stunned by the scene in front of them again.

The sales assistants of the shops they had shopped at earlier were divided into two lines.

They stood on either side and smiled respectfully at Su Yanyun.

[“Thank you for coming to Taihuandi.

The goods you have seen have been packaged and are outside.

Please have a look.” A young staff member bowed to Su Yanyun.

“Its all packed” Luo Weimin thought he was bowing to her and was shocked.

She remembered that she was the only one who had chosen something.

Su Yanyun had not seen a single item since she left the V family.

In that case, who had bought all those items and given them to her, Luo Weimin, to give her a surprise

Luo Weimin saw luxurious items that were almost piled into a small mountain in the square outside Taihuandi.

This was definitely not Song Zhifeis work.

Could it be… that Mr.

Jiang had given it to her

Luo Weimin was overjoyed.

It looked like she had gained the favour of a richer man…


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