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Jiang Tongs identity was actually just a high-ranking assistant beside Rong Linyi, but many of the Rong Corporations higher-ups knew that meeting Jiang Tong was equivalent to meeting Rong Linyi.

Because he was the only person who could get close to Rong Linyi for a long time.

Young Master Yi had many things he wanted to say but he let Jiang Tong convey them.

But it was because of this that people who knew Jiang Tong are as few as thise who knew Rong Linyi.

Rong Linyi rarely showed his face in public, and Jiang Tong was no better.

But today, he had personally come to Taihuandi, which was equivalent to Young Master Yi personally coming to Taihuandi.

The in-charge thought about it and concluded that he hadnt done anything stupid recently.

He really couldnt tell if Jiang Tongs arrival was a blessing or a curse.

Not long after Jiang Tong arrived, the police followed closely behind.

The person-in-charge didnt know what was happening, but he was so shocked as he thought he was going to jail.

Fortunately, Jiang Tong only told him to follow him to the V house and say that he wanted to help Young Master Yi with something trivial.

The in-charge followed him to the V house in anticipation, and the store manager couldnt wait to “complain”.

“Meteorite Card” The in-charge was shocked when he saw the card in the store managers hand.

He asked for Jiang Tongs opinion.

“How do you think we should handle this matter”

Jiang Tong looked away from Su Yanyun.

He snorted.

“I think the most prestigious district in Taihuan Land should be exchanged for some fresh blood.”

When Jiang Tong said this, the in-charge and manager were both shocked.

In other words, this meant that the store with the best location would no longer be rented to Vs

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Although the store manager didnt know Jiang Tongs identity, he had guessed that Jiang Tong was a high-ranking official from the Rong Group when he saw how humble the person in charge was.

She hurriedly smiled politely.

“Sir, if our V family has any flaws, please give us your precious opinion.

We will definitely correct it seriously.”

If the V store was taken over by another brand, she probably wouldnt be able to continue working in the V store.

Jiang Tong smiled coldly.

After being with Rong Linyi for so long, his aura was the same.

“You want to amend it”

The manager nodded quickly.

“We will do whatever you say.”

“Okay.” Jiang Tongs expression darkened.

“You cant sell a single thing at Vs today! Otherwise, well move out of Taihuandi today!”

The store managers face turned pale.

He couldnt sell anything today

In other words, he couldnt earn a single cent today

Was it referring to today or the future…

He occupied the best part of Taihuandi but didnt have any turnover.

This was worse than taking his life!

The store manager couldnt be bothered with Su Yanyun anymore.

She hurriedly pulled the in-charge to the side.

“President Liu, whats happening Who is that Sir”

The in-charge was also anxious.

The V family had given him a lot of help in order to get this building back then.

This Jiang Tong wanted to torture others to death the moment he came.

He really didnt know which god he had offended.

“That Assistant Jiang is Young Master Yis subordinate.

I dont know why hes here today…” It wasnt appropriate for the in-charge to say anything more to the store manager.” You know Young Master Yis methods, you have to pray for your own good! ”

The store owner had heard of Young Master Yis reputation.

If they really offended him, the V familys operations in the entire Asia-Pacific region would probably suffer a setback!


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