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The sales lady saw Su Yanyun sit back down without a word and thought that she had given up.

She had a smug smile on her face.

In a luxury store like the V family, the sales assistant had certain rights to be arrogant.

They had received relevant training at the beginning of their employment.

They were taught to be arrogant and cold to their customers at appropriate times.

This was to stimulate their purchasing desire through “humiliation.”

Of course, her behavior today was undoubtedly overboard.

But she believed that with Su Yanyuns current status and financial ability, it was impossible to file a complaint against her.

Even if she really did, she could just defend herself and continue to treat her guests arrogantly.

Moreover, Su Yanyun didnt spend a single cent, so the headquarters wouldnt care about a potential client like her.

The sales lady had received a lot of benefits from Luo Weimin over the past year or two.

Luo Weimin had also privately given her some of the goods she bought.

So when Luo Weimin requested for the sales lady to praise her and belittle Su Yanyun today, the sales lady agreed readily.

Now that she saw Su Yanyun “playing” with her phone, the sales lady was very satisfied with the favor she had given Luo Weimin.

On the other side.

Rong Linyi was in a meeting at the corporations headquarters.

The financial director reported the report for the last quarter fearfully.

Facing this young master, even an older senior would feel a sense of reverence.

His harshness and coldness, and his unapproachable temperament made people shiver.

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Just as the financial director announced an unideal figure, a short and clear ringtone suddenly sounded in the meeting room.

The originally quiet meeting room suddenly became as quiet as a tomb on Qingming Festival.

This was the ringtone of a text message.

The upper echelons present looked as if they had seen a ghost and their faces were pale.

Damn it!

Young Master Yi had previously said that during meetings, phones had to be switched to silent mode and no one was allowed to interrupt the meeting.

Who had the guts to turn on their phone at such a high-level meeting!

However, what shocked the upper echelons even more was that Rong Linyi… took out his phone slowly.

As his gaze fell on the phone screen, the corners of his lips curled into a strange smile.

The usually harsh Young Master Yi was the first to break the rules at the meeting and turn on his phone.

What was even more shocking was that he looked at the text message and showed a strange smile!

The upper echelons present all looked as if they had seen not only a ghost, but a nightmare!

Rong Linyis finger gently touched the phone screen.

This was the first time his woman had sent him a text! The first time she had sent him a text while he was working.

The first time!

However, his smile froze the moment he saw the text message.

The text message only had one sentence: “Hubby, Ive been bullied.”

Rong Linyis smiling eyes were instantaneously murderous.

His sudden change in attitude made all the senior executives in the meeting room shiver.

In this world, someone who could make Young Master Yi angry is considered to have some ability.

And the people who could make him smile were rare.

But the person who could make him smile and be angry at the same time was probably not born yet, right

Rong Linyi frowned fiercely and called Su Yanyuns phone.

But the next second, he hung up immediately and sent a text message.

“Whats wrong Tell me slowly.”

His woman was texting and not calling him.

It was probably because it was inconvenient, so if he called her, she probably couldnt say it too clearly.

Rong Linyi was indeed meticulous.

Su Yanyun really didnt want to say anything in front of the sales lady.

She immediately replied with another text: “Im at the V house in Taihuandi…”


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