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Most importantly, the V family had an evil supply system.

The so-called supply system was that if you wanted to buy the top-selling product in the store, you have to spend an equivalent or higher amount of money and have other expenses in the store.

For example, the V family actually sells bags, and is one of the top leather good brands in the world.

But simultaneously, it also produces products such as perfumes, clothes, watches, and jewellery.

If you want to buy a bag worth 300,000 yuan, you have to buy other products worth 300,000 yuan in the store first.

After buying the sufficient amount required, it is still dependent on the sales lady attitude.

Sometimes, when the sales lady is unhappy, she may tell you that the bag you liked would take months to arrive at the store or give you a bag of style and color that you do not want at all.

And the customers have no choice but to compromise considering that they have already spent hundreds of thousands.

They could only choose to either wait or take the bag that she didnt like.

But it had to be said that the V family relied on this type of superior hunger marketing strategy to become one of the top luxury goods in the world.

The rich ladies and madams all madly followed and chased after the V familys bags.

Even the top-class ladies competed with one another over their own V familys bags collection.

Previously, the top Himalayas bags Su Yanyun had seen in the Rong familys luxurious house were from the V family.

Only a rich young lady like Rong Xuelong could buy a bag worth over a million yuan to put it in the cloakroom without feeling indifferent.

Meanwhile, ever since Luo Weimin hooked up with Song Zhifei, she had also obtained two to three entry-level V bags.

However, those bags, inclusive of accessories, only cost about 100,000 yuan.

Over the past year or two, Luo Weimin had tried to curry favor with the V store owner several times.

She bought a bunch of useless accessories and only wanted a 300,000 yuan platinum bag.

However, the sales lady was also smart and could tell that she wasnt really from a rich family, so she kept rejecting her.

She didnt tell Luo Weimin until last week that a platinum bag had arrived at the store and it was the color and size that Luo Weimin liked.

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Song Zhifei was happy that Luo Weimin was pregnant and rewarded her with 500,000 yuan.

Thus, Luo Weimin took this money and asked Su Yanyun out for a shopping spree just to show off in front of her.

What was a windbreaker worth more than a hundred thousand yuan Now she is a woman who could afford a 300,000-yuan handbag!

Su Yanyun had already guessed that Luo Weimins intentions were mostly to brag, but what surprised her was that Luo Weimin was also pregnant

Hadnt she always heard that she wasnt married When did she even have a child

While Su Yanyun was pondering, Luo Weimin had already hooked her arm and entered the V familys flagship store eagerly.

The logo above her head looked simple and elegant.

The sales lady saw who it was and immediately smiled.


Luo, youre here.”

She didnt seem to look at Su Yanyun and only greeted Luo Weimin warmly.

“Linda.” Luo Weimin said in a familiar tone.

“I came to get my platinum bag.”

She touched her tummy that wasnt even showing.

On the surface, she seemed to be talking to the sales lady, but she was actually what she said was meant for Su Yanyun to hear.

“Im about to become a mother, but I havent found my favorite mommys bag.

Im just waiting for your familys platinum bag…”

If she used a 300,000 yuan bag as a mommys bag, wouldnt it shock Su Yanyun

However, the sales lady suddenly looked troubled.

“Im sorry, Ms.



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