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Rong Linyi and Su Yanyun looked over.

It was actually a box of condoms!

“This box of condoms is for free.” The doctor seemed to be deliberately humiliating Rong Linyi.

“I know you have money and can afford it, but I dont know if youre willing to buy it.”

Rong Linyis face was livid.

To his surprise, the doctor seemed to think that this was her territory and continued blabbering.

“Try not to sleep together for the first three months.

You have to wear a condom even if you choose to do it.

Dont indulge yourself.”

The doctor was about to chase them out.

Rong Linyi finally asked.

“She was very uncomfortable just now and kept retching.

Is there a problem”

The doctor looked at Rong Linyi as if he was looking at a strange person.

“Vomiting and nausea in the initial stage of pregnancy are normal pregnancy reactions.

You just have to take note of her nutrition.

You men should study more if you have nothing to do!”

They left the hospital.

Su Yanyun finally couldnt help but laugh.

“What are you smiling at” Rong Linyis expression was cold.

Who knew that Rong Linyi would ask this Su Yanyun laughed until she cried.


Unexpectedly, the notorious Young Master Yi of C City would actually be so obedient to a gynecologist.

“Shut up.” Rong Linyi pulled her into his embrace and growled.

That hateful woman.

She shouldnt think that he wouldnt dare to punish her now.

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com ,Please!

She was really getting out of hand with that baby in her stomach.

The next morning, Su Yanyun took a leave of absence and slept soundly.

After coming back last night, she rushed to type her manuscript non-stop.

Su Yanyun was a little worried about what she was writing.

The gossip at the birthday banquet was indeed quite explosive, such as Young Master Yi sacrificing himself to his secret wife or something like that, or the matter of taking revenge and splashing of feces at the door of the luxurious house…

But it seemed like everything had something to do with her.

In the end, Rong Linyi threw a photo of himself in front of her.

In the photo, only the mans tall and lean back was visible, as well as the red patch on the back of his neck.

“You want me to write—Young Master Yi left the hospital early for his examinations because of an allergy” Su Yanyun was still sensitive to news.

Rong Linyi didnt comment.

Hubby actually sacrificed himself to get her the news!

His woman was instantly moved to tears.

To express her gratitude, she obediently nestled in Hubbys embrace that night and allowed him to caress her for the whole night.

If he hadnt obeyed the doctors instructions, she would probably have been eaten alive by Hubby again…

Due to an accident, she received a photo of Young Master Yis back and carried out an exclusive report on Rong Linyi.

The usually picky Boss Li was also kind and even praised Su Yanyuns outstanding work results in the company.

With Zheng Xins protection, there was less gossip in the office.

Su Yanyun safely survived two weeks and finally received Luo Weimins greeting…

She had almost forgotten about the evil things this woman had done to her, but she didnt expect her to jump out on her own accord.

Su Yanyun was a little stunned when she saw the friendly WeChat message.

[Dear Ah Yun, tomorrow is the weekend.

Accompany me for coffee and shopping, okay]

Luo Weimins tone was as affectionate as before.

But Su Yanyun knew that under the warm surface, there might be a poisonous knife.

She smiled slightly and typed a string of replies with her thumb.

[Okay, you decide on the time and place.]

What was there to be afraid of Su Yanyun didnt know what Luo Weimin was planning.

But she knew that this time, she would make sure this woman never came back…


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