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The womans eyes were bright and sparkly, but they were filled with a strange luster, like the deepest starry sky with a mysterious allure.

Rong Linyi covered Su Yanyuns mouth and leaned into her ear.

“Dont make any sound, okay… Ill bring you out soon…”

His breathing was hot, and the darkness in his eyes became purer and deeper.

The womans whimper turned into a sob.

Her body moved up and down with her breathing, and her moist lips wet his fingers.

She hugged him and her hands fumbled around his back.

Rong Linyi felt himself slowly losing his senses.

His breathing became rapid and their breaths were mixed together.

He suddenly released his grip on Su Yanyun and pressed his hot lips against hers.

As their lips met, he exhaled a breath of air.

“Its over…”

It was over… he couldnt control himself anymore.

He originally wanted to let his woman endure it for a while.

After all, he was the more sober one.


But now, it was over.

He couldnt take it anymore…

Even in this place, this standing position and the fact that she was just more than a month into the pregnancy… he knew that he was finished.

Su Yanyun hung her arms loosely around his neck, opening herself up to him.


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She didnt know what she kicked, but a broom fell and hit Rong Linyi on the back.

Rong Linyi raised his head and took a deep breath.

It was indeed not suitable here.

It was not because it was clean or not, but because it was too small and cramped.

He didnt care if there was anyone outside.

So what if others saw him

She was his legal wife, and he was openly exercising his rights as a husband.

Was that wrong

He only wanted to take her in his embrace, to love her and treat her well, and to be with her… as one.

Rong Linyi picked up the woman in his arms, opened the door and walked out.

He only took a few steps when he heard footsteps ahead and a familiar mans voice.

“I didnt see him.

I just knocked on the door and hes not in his room.

Dont worry, Yilin, Big Brother will definitely educate him for you…”

It was actually Jiang Chengxi.

The Rong familys villa was complex and convoluted.

Jiang Chengxi was also on another path, but he would be here soon.

Rong Linyi immediately saw the room where Su Yanyun was “detained”.

The door was still wide open.

He entered in a flash and locked the door.

Jiang Chengxi, who had already walked over, hung up the call with Jiang Yilin.

He paused, and found something in the doorway.

“This is…” He knelt down and picked up an identification card from the ground.

This was a reporters certificate.

The name on the certificate was: Su Yanyun.

“Shes here too” Jiang Chengxis pupils constricted.

Oh no!

Rong Linyi couldnt have met her again, right

Jiang Chengxi had already come to aconclusion about what happened between Su Yanyun and Rong Linyi in the three hours.

She couldnt tell anyone.

But why was Su Yanyun here This was the Rong familys residence.

“What are you sneaking around for” Suddenly, a clear female voice sounded from behind Jiang Chengxi, scaring him so much that he almost jumped.

He turned around and saw Rong Xuelong looking at him with her hands clasped.


Rong.” Jiang Chengxi smiled elegantly and hid the reporters certificate quietly.

“Long time no see.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Rong Xuelong had already raised her hand at lightning speed…

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