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Rong Linyi didnt move.

He was fighting his thoughts.


This sort of place was not suitable.

Even though he felt that the woman in front of him was more charming than ever.

“Hubby… I beg you…” Su Yanyuns eyes were filled with tears.

She was in a daze yet her delicate cheeks were charming.

Rong Linyi felt as if the strings in his brain had snapped one by one.

All that was in front of him was his womans pretty face that had turned flirtatious because of the drugs effect and her burning body.

This temperature also ignited his body.

Last night, the matter that hadnt been carried out for some reason had left him repressed and restless.

“Dont move.” Rong Linyis voice was hoarse.


He pressed her even tighter against the door.

He was the one who told her not to move, but his lower body bumped into her uncontrollably, and he wished he could just slam into her body.

“Ah…” Su Yanyun screamed.

She was a little shocked but she still sounded seductive.

Rong Linyis eyes darkened instantly.

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Even through they were separated by clothes, he felt as if he could feel his body on hers.

He pressed down on Su Yanyun heavily.

Water from her clothes soaked his chest.

But Rong Linyi, who usually found even a little water stain dirty, was excited by the feel of it.

He felt stimulated after encountering his taboo.

Outside, someone seemed to have stopped in their tracks.

“Strange…” A womans confused voice drifted over.” I think theres someone nearby ”

Rong Linyi was stunned.

The person passing by was actually Rong Xuelong!

He immediately covered Su Yanyuns mouth with his hand.

Rong Xuelong was Madam Rongs right-hand woman.

Even if she had promised herself not to tell anyone about his marriage, Rong Linyi did not have confidence in Rong Xuelongs actions.

His half-sister had been lawless since a young age.

Its not time yet… Rong Linyi thought.

If Su Yanyun was not pregnant, then her second marriage status would not pose any hindrance to them.

But she was pregnant with someone elses child…

Rong Linyi had already been forced to deal with this issue in his heart after making a mistake in the hospital and almost making Su Yanyun fall down the stairs.

Yes, he was unhappy that she had someone elses child, and he was jealous that she had another man in her past.

But… compared to losing her, Rong Linyi could tolerate anything.

This thought was planted deep in Rong Linyis heart after experiencing the fear of losing Su Yanyun for a short time.

He didnt care about her past as long as her future belonged to him.

But just because he could tolerate it didnt mean that the Rong family could.

Rong Linyi knew that the responsibilities fell on his shoulders.

Before Su Yanyun gave birth to the baby, he decided to keep her in captivity in his own home and prevent anyone from hurting her.

“Oh… oh…” Su Yanyun whimpered pitifully when Rong Linyi pressed a hand to her mouth.


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