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Rong Linyis voice was cold, but it was filled with mockery.

He asked.

“What have you done”

His tone was really too arrogant and cold.

The sly old fox, Commander Cheng, immediately understood his intentions and his expression darkened.

“Young Master Yi, you cant possibly deny what you have done, right”

“I know everything Ive done.” Rong Linyis expression was completely cold.

“But no one dares to frame me for something I have never done!”

Commander Cheng never imaged that a prestigious person like him would be ruthlessly retorted by Rong Linyi and felt ashamed out of anger.

He was about to flare up when Rong Xuelong chuckled again.

“Come on, Second Young Master Rong, youre joking again.” Rong Xuelong shook her head.

“Everybody knows that even your cleanliness obsession cant save you.

Since youve slept with Ms.

Cheng, that means shes meant for you.

You want to deny it Dream on!”

Commander Chengs expression softened a little when he saw that someone from the Rong family was standing up for him.

Cheng Tingxue was also secretly happy.

That day when she met Rong Xuelong, the two of them did not have much in common.

She thought that she would not treat her well, but she did not expect her to speak up for her at such a time.

Before Cheng Tingxue could even be arrogant for a second, Rong Xuelong spoke again.

“Sister Tingxue, go for it! I support you and this heartless person! If he dares to sleep with you, he shouldnt try to evade responsibility.”

Cheng Tingxue pretended to blush shyly.

“Sister Xue, dont bring this matter up.”


She glanced at Rong Linyi furtively.

“Yi, I know youre probably unhappy, but what happened that night really happened… You even said that you liked me a lot…”

The whole room was strangely quiet.

Regarding Cheng Tingxue, who “fell from the sky”, the Rong family members present all had their own schemes.

Although Madam Rong refused to believe that her son would touch Cheng Tingxue, she still stood on Cheng Tingxues side after weighing the pros and cons.

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Meanwhile, Rong Linyis second uncles family was shocked and enraged by Cheng Tingxues “sudden confession”.

If Rong Linyi married this woman, wouldnt they be helping the wrong person

Old Master Rong looked a little hesitant.

Cheng Tingxue did have a good background, but she didnt seem to be qualified to be his eldest granddaughter-in-law.

Grandma Rong could tell that Cheng Tingxue was not a kind person, as she couldnt conceal the happiness in her eyes.

This kind of troublemaker would definitely cause drama once she married the eldest son.

Rong Jinghuis face was numb.

Second Bro was better than him in many areas but he had bad taste.

The woman he met tonight was so much cuter than that Cheng Tingxue.

Rong Xuelong wasnt afraid of making the scene more chaotic.

With her mother, brother and Cheng Tingxue there, she was happy to contribute to the drama.

How could the old womans 60th birthday be so peaceful

She remembered clearly the day Old Madam Rong jabbed her and her mothers backbone and yelled at them!

Thinking of this, Rong Xuelong nudged Cheng Tingxue affectionately and whispered.

“Sister Tingxue, you know my brothers obsession with cleanliness.

No one actually believes that you two have really slept…”

Rong Xuelongs words seemed to have agitated Cheng Tingxue.

She remembered the humiliation at the Lin River Courtyard.

She managed to put on enough of the seductive perfume.

However, she did another woman a favour and was even thrown out.

Who said that Rong Linyi was a cleanliness freak and couldnt touch women

Didnt that woman hug him

He was only pretending to be innocent.

Hmph, that was why she also had to dress up nicely tonight.

She didnt believe that Rong Linyi would still dare to push her away in front of her uncle and the Rong familys elders!


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