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The banquet hall was bustling with activity.

Luo Weimin casually picked up two wine glasses from a waiters tray and handed one to Su Yanyun.

“I dont drink.” Su Yanyun waved her hand.

She had a baby in her stomach and couldnt touch alcohol.

“I know you dont like to drink.” Luo Weimin had a smile in her eyes.

“Look carefully, Im giving you fruit juice, only my glass has wine.”

Su Yanyun accepted Luo Weimins fruit juice.

She was a little confused.

“How could a waiter possibly have juice and red wine on a tray”

Shouldnt wine and fruit juice be served separately

Luo Weimin cursed inwardly.

When did Su Yanyun become so smart

But she quickly changed the topic with a smile.

“How would I know Why did you run so anxiously just now”


Su Yanyun clutched her cup tightly.

“A lunatic tried to harass me just now.

Luckily, I bumped into you, so he didnt dare to chase after me.”

Luo Weimin probed carefully.

“Do you know that person”

“I dont.” Su Yanyun replied simply.

“But I know that hes definitely not a good person.

I wonder what hes plotting.”

Luo Weimin narrowed her eyes.

It looked like…

Su Yanyun had not only forgotten about her relationship with Song Zhifei, but she had also completely forgotten about Song Zhifei.

She had a new plan in her heart.

As she reached out and clinked glasses with Su Yanyun, she said.

“You must have been shocked just now, quickly drink some water to calm yourself.”

She put aside her new plan and decided that the original plan had to continue!

Su Yanyun hesitated for a while.

Seeing Luo Weimin raise her head and start drinking, she took a small sip of fruit juice.

The fruit juice was sweet, and she realized that she had been too nervous just now.

She took a few more sips.

Luo Weimins smile turned sinister when she saw that half of the fruit juice in Su Yanyuns glass was left.

“Oh right, Yanyun, how have you been” She hooked her arm around Su Yanyuns and walked towards the second floor of the luxurious house.

“We havent seen each other for a long time, lets have a chat.”

“Ive been well recently.” Thinking of her husband, Su Yanyun smiled slightly.

“Everything is fine.”

“How… does your man treat you” Luo Weimin quietly asked Su Yanyun.

Ever since he found out from his father-in-law, Song Deming, that Su Yanyun was cheating on Su Bowang, Luo Weimin had never doubted it.

Thinking of how she had finally snatched back Madam Songs position and found out Su Yanyun was fooling around with some old man, Luo Weimin felt a sense of victory.

When they were in college, she was always overshadowed by Ms.


Even if she seemed to be pleasant on the surface, she already hated her a long time ago.

please keep reading 0n MYB0XN0 V EL.


Her life goal was to defeat Su Yanyun.

Not only did she want to sleep with her man, but she also wanted to snatch her position, her family property, and everything that belonged to her…

However, no matter how sarcastic Luo Weimins words were, Su Yanyuns expression was calm and gentle.

“My Hubby is very good to me.

I feel like Ive never been so happy before.”


Luo Weimin almost laughed out.

Su Yanyun, keep pretending!

You still feel happy after sleeping with your stepfather Are you that cheap deep down You like dirty old men

“Actually…” Luo Weimin said slowly, “You should really look for a man who is young, handsome, and rich.

Yanyun, why dont you find someone else Youre still young after all.”

She said and unknowingly led Su Yanyun down the intricate and complicated corridors…


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