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Cheng Tingxues hand that was holding the red wine glass trembled slightly.

But as a movie star, it was not difficult for her to act.

“Young Master Xi, what are you trying to say” she asked innocently.

Tonight was Old Madam Rongs 60th birthday.

As Commander Chengs niece, Cheng Tingxue naturally had the right to enter.

Madam Rong had also promised her that when the time was right, she would go up and meet the Rong familys elders and use this to put pressure on Rong Linyi.

Jiang Chengxi approached Cheng Tingxue.

His voice was so low only the two of them could hear him.

“I heard that the military recently developed a drug for men…”

Cheng Tingxue finally looked nervous.

“Young Master Xi, lets talk somewhere else.”

In a quiet corner, Cheng Tingxue finally tore off her pretense of gentle generosity.

“Young Master Xi, what do you want to say Tell me clearly.”



Cheng.” Jiang Chengxi smiled and knocked on the windowsill with the base of the wine glass.

“Dont be nervous.

I just came to ask you about something.”

Cheng Tingxues palms were sweating and she pinched them.

“Ask away.”

Jiang Chengxis teasing tone suddenly disappeared and he looked serious.


Cheng, on the second of last month, you and Rong Linyi met in the presidential suite of my hotel.

What have you done to him”

“I… I had dinner with him.

Is there a problem with that” Cheng Tingxue was so nervous she was shaking.

“Why, besides your Miss Jiang, cant anyone else date Young Master Yi”

Jiang Chengxis younger sister, Jiang Yilin, was rumored to be Young Master Yis lover.

It was only because Madam Rong had separated the two of them that they drifted apart…

Thus, Jiang Chengxi had come all the way here to avenge his sister.

Cheng Tingxue was very careful.

There was ridicule in Jiang Chengxis eyes.


Cheng must be lying.

The people in the presidential suite were originally Madam Rong and Rong Linyi.

When you went over and Madam Rong left, Rong Linyi left less than 10 minutes later.

You left half an hour later with a mask on.

Im very curious about what happened during this time…”

Cheng Tingxue was enraged in a second.

“Young Master Xi! The hotel is yours.

You can check the surveillance cameras however you want, why do you still need to come here to verify anything!”

Jiang Chengxi hit the wall with his palm, giving Cheng Tingxue a shock.

“What do you think Im here to verify” Jiang Chengxi gritted his teeth.

“Did you and Madam Rong set him up”

“No, I didnt…” Cheng Tingxue hurriedly shook her head and denied it.

Jiang Chengxi clutched Cheng Tingxues wrist so tightly that her bones were about to shatter.


Cheng, dont forget that I have the hotels surveillance cameras… Tell me, what do you think you will happen if I hand the surveillance cameras to Rong Linyi”

Cheng Tingxue couldnt imagine the treatment she would receive.

She was the Commander-in-chiefs niece.

Everything had been smooth sailing for her when she entered the entertainment industry and she had been fawned overby countless people before she could achieve her current results.

But after meeting Rong Linyi, she understood that man did not care about her status at all.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have tied her up in a trash bag and thrown her out on the streets.

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Jiang Chengxis aura was frightening.

Compared to Rong Linyis coldness, it was more ominous.

Cheng Tingxue finally couldnt take it anymore and started explaining…


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