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Chapter 697: How Dare You Force Him

Ji Shiting stared at her eyes and frowned.

Ye Shengge couldnt help looking down and retracting her arm.

“Forget it.” She said calmly.

“Since you dont want me to do filming, I wont.”

“Shengge.” Ji Shitings heart skipped a beat seeing how lonely she looked.

“I just dont want you to work too hard.

You dont have to worry about not having good resources with me around.”

“Mm, I know.” Ye Shengge nodded, pushed his hand away and stood up.

“Lin Qi is cooking.

Ill go see if shes done.”

The woman looked calm, neither noisy nor angry, but Ji Shiting couldnt relax.

He thought for a bit and called someone.

At least he would take revenge for Cheng Xinyue first.

The mans eyes glinted as he recalled how Ye Shengge had been pushed to the ground yesterday.

He then stood up and walked to the dining room.

Ye Shengge was setting up the cutlery with her head lowered.

She didnt look angry, but she didnt look happy at all.

Ji Shiting hugged her from behind and said, “Youre still angry, huh”

“No,” she retorted, but she refused to say anything else.

Ji Shiting frowned and grabbed her wrist.

“Speak to me properly.”

“Okay,” she said.

However, there was nothing else to say.

Ji Shiting felt weak.

He bit the womans ear and said, “Are you going to treat me like this next”

“No.” She still sounded calm.

“Let go.

Ill go to the kitchen to serve the food.”

Ji Shiting stopped and watched the woman go to the kitchen.

There were only two dishes for lunch.

On one hand, it was because Ye Shengge couldnt smell smoke, and on the other, it was because Lin Qis skills were limited.

Ye Shengge still didnt have a good appetite, so she put down her chopsticks after taking two bites.

“Eat slowly.

Ill sleep in my room.” She looked at Ji Shiting and said politely.

Ji Shiting put down his chopsticks.

Actually, he hadnt eaten much.

“Is that all youve eaten” He sounded angry.

“I dont have any appetite.

Ill puke if I eat anymore,” Ye Shengge said.

Lin Qi ate hard and didnt participate in their argument.

Ji Shiting gritted his teeth.

He was furious, but he couldnt do anything to her.

That woman was getting more and more shameless.

How dare she abuse him

Ye Shengge ignored his cold face and left the restaurant.

Ji Shiting was irritated.

Was she really going to ignore him Just because he didnt want her to act

The man pursed his lips and chased after the woman.

When he walked to the living room, he pulled her into his embrace, grabbed the back of her head and kissed her.

However, the woman pushed him away as soon as his lips touched hers.

She frowned and said, “Dont… I feel terrible.”

Ji Shiting froze.

He had just touched her, so why was he so upset If he didnt fulfill her wish, would he be unable to even kiss her

The man kept breathing heavily.

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