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Chapter 617: Can You Wait For Her Give Her Another Chance

Her scenes inCross would end in two days.

After finishing her scenes, she didnt even bother attending the party the crew had organized for her and immediately boarded the plane back to Yang City.

It had been almost four months since she left, and now that she was on this land, Ye Shengge felt as if it had been a lifetime ago.

She felt even more surreal seeing her photos everywhere in the car.

“You dont even know how popular you are now.” Shang Tianyi drove to pick them up.

He noticed their shock and said smugly.

“So dont think youre resting after filming.

Youll be more tired after this.”

“I know.” Ye Shengge smiled.

“By the way, dont return to Ming Building.

Send me to T.S.


“What” Shang Tianyi and Lin Qi yelled.

“Im going to talk to Ji Shiting about the companys development,” Ye Shengge said calmly.

“Just business.”

“Damn it! Why didnt you say so earlier” Shang Tianyi immediately turned the steering wheel.

“But do you need to be so early Youve been on the plane for ten hours.

You havent slept for almost thirty hours, right Do you want to go back and rest for a day before looking for him”

Ye Shengge didnt say that it was Ji Shiting who had set the time, but she just shook her head and said, “Theres no need.”

“That works too.” Shang Tianyi stepped on the accelerator.

Lin Qi immediately took out her makeup bag and said, “Sister Shengge, put on some makeup!”

“No need.

This isnt a date.”

“…Thats true.

You dont look too good right now.


Ji will definitely feel sorry for you.”

“…Forget it.

Give me your lipstick.”

In the end, Ye Shengge put on some lipstick to make herself look better.

Half an hour later, she appeared at the door of Ji Shitings office with sunglasses on.

Perhaps it was because Ji Shiting had informed them in advance, so the secretary and assistant didnt stop her.

She took a deep breath, summoned her courage, opened the door and walked in.

She immediately saw Ji Shiting leaning against the desk.

He had one hand in his pocket and the other holding a coffee cup.

His long legs were slightly bent, and he looked indifferent as if he had been waiting for a long time.

The man took a sip of coffee and said, “Come here.”

Ye Shengge paused, took off her sunglasses and walked toward him.

She didnt know why, but it was difficult for her to walk just ten meters away.

She felt sour in her heart.

The determination she had been trying to hold on to for months seemed to have fallen apart.

She missed him a lot, and she still had a lot to say to him.

She wanted him to not give up, to wait for her and give her another chance… but she couldnt say it.

Ye Shengge stopped a meter away from him.

She couldnt get closer.

She was afraid that all her efforts would be wasted if she got closer.

The woman lowered her head, and her long hair covered most of her face.

From his angle, he could only see her trembling eyelashes.

“This… This is Shisheng Studios work report for the past few months,” she said as she handed the report over.

The womans voice was hoarse, as if she was trying to suppress something.

Ji Shiting put the coffee on the desk, but he didnt take the report.

Instead, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his embrace.

Ye Shengge gasped.

Before she could react, the man grabbed her chin and forced her to look up.


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