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The director was about to go crazy.

“Push the camera closer, a bit closer.

The clearer the better!” He yelled and ordered.

“Where are the recording devices at the scene Can you think of a way to hear their conversation Cant you hear it Get the host to interview him immediately! Dont bother about the red carpet star! Do you know that the number of people watching online has exceeded 30 million And its still rising!”

The netizens were also furious.

Ji Shiting hadnt said anything when he had hugged Ye Shengge, but when the man kissed her, there was no second explanation for their relationship.

The comments were filled withDamn it! andAwesome, and the netizens who were hurt by this couldnt care less about posting any comments.

“Shengge! Shengge! Oh my god, so Ji Shiting is Shengges official partner! No wonder she rejected Su Yao and Mr.


I… Im so excited that I cant say anything!”

“Mom asked me why I was kneeling and watching the live-stream!”

“Mom asked me why I was watching the live-stream while crying!”

“I cant believe it! How is that possible Can someone explain to me what happened”

“Im so heartbroken that I cant say anything.

To be honest, I was gloating when I saw Su Yao and Xiao Ruilangs fans crying there two days ago.

I didnt expect Ye Shengge to really touch my husband… Sob!”

“Theres too much drama up there! Theyre a lawfully married couple.

Ji Shiting said it clearly in the video!”

“Where are Su Yaos fans Where are the haters Come out and take a few steps! Didnt you say our Shengge was playing hard to get Didnt you say that Su Yao was forced to post those ambiguous photos and Weibo posts What about now Heh heh!”

“Did someone put a hex on Ji Shiting Otherwise, why would he like Ye Shengge”

“That person who said someone put a hex on Ji Shiting is making me laugh! Its ridiculous that you guys dont want to admit it! Open your eyes and look carefully.

Ji Shitings actions and eyes are too indulgent!”

“Shi Sheng Studio… To be honest, why hasnt anyone realized the true meaning of the wordShi Sheng before Even if Shi Sheng Studio is also a subsidiary of T.S.


“No wonder Ye Shengges resources have been so good since she debuted! They mustve been together when she filmedXue Ning!”

“I still cant believe it… Ill go offline first…”

“Doesnt anyone realize that this is a ton of PDA I reject it!”

The flashing lights and the suppressed screams made Ye Shengge know that hundreds of millions of people were watching them kiss.

Soon, the photos and videos of them kissing would spread on the Internet, and the number of people watching would multiply.

As an actress, she should be used to the camera, and at the same time, she was used to the mans kiss.

However, she still felt shy, which made her face burn.

Fortunately, Ji Shiting restrained himself from breaking her lipstick.

After the kiss, he looked at Xiao Ruilang and said, “How long are you going to covet Shengge”

Xiao Ruilang smiled and said, “When the next chance comes.”

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