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Broad-minded People


(N… Ah~!)

When I hurriedly called his name to warn him, Vector showed a panicked look, as if he hadn’t noticed that he was growing in size.


Although smaller than his original size because it was indoors… everyone in the Ruven family, who only knew Vector the size of a large dog, was startled and froze.

One wrong move and panic could ensue~

(Ah~ Vector did it now~)

(He’s getting scolded later.)

(There’s nothing we can do to cover for him.)


Joule, Feat, Bolt, and Mile stared at Vector in dismay.

“Oh my! Incredible!”

However, Rosalie-san suddenly stood up and, no hesitation, hugged Vector.

“… Eh”


I choked on my words at this unexpected turn of events.

Vector that was hugged was also startled, and his gaze wandered around.

(Ohh! Wald-sama’s bride is one amazing person.)


It’s not every day that someone is able to embrace Vector after seeing him for the first time.)


Very big guts.)

(I admire her!)

Joule and the others, who were impressed with Rosalie-san, were praising her.

“Fufu, it feels very nice.”

(Right! Since Niichan shampoos my fur, it’s pretty fluffy, isn’t it)


It also smells very good.”


Perhaps because he was so happy to be praised, Vector quickly calmed down and became friendly with Rosalie-san… Rosalie-san was a surprisingly gutsy person~

“Takumi! Explain what is going on!”

Then, Wald-san came to his senses and shouted at me to explain.

“Err… not only Vector, but also Joule and Feat… they are just reducing their size, as they are actually fully grown-up~”

“I never heard about this!”

“Well~ I thought it would be more peaceful if you thought they were pups~… so I left the misunderstanding as it was.”

“Tell us! Isn’t this important stuff!”


I am regretting it very much right now.”

I really do.

I really wish I had just said it before.

If I had, I wouldn’t have shocked everyone.

“Then, Joule-chan and Feat-chan can also get bigger”

(That’s right, Mama.

Wanna see)

“Yes, I would like to see it.”


(Then, me as well.)

Joule and Feat, who were being held by Allen and Elena, quickly returned to their larger forms as soon as they landed on the ground.

(… What do you think, Mama)

(… Aren’t you scared)

“My! My, oh my!”

Joule Feat looked a little worried, seemingly worried that everyone will be scared by their appearance.

“I am not scared at all.

You are very adorable!”

But instead of being scared, Rebecca-san happily walked up to Joule and Feat and hugged them as hard as she could.


We know that you guys are good kids.

We won’t be scared just because your bodies are bigger.”

Matthias-san also walked up to Joule and Feat and patted their heads.

“Father, Mother, please let me pet them, too.”

“I would like to as well.”

Velio-san and Almeria-san also moved closer to the two animals to pet them.

“Vector, you are going to crush Rosalie.”

(Wald-sama, it’s okay! I am very careful!)

Wald-san also went to Rosalie-san’s side and patted Vector.

Let’s see… it seems that all of them accepted it easily.

“”Everyone gets along~!””

“Yeah, that’s right.

They do.”

I don’t know if it’s okay for me to say this, but… I wonder if it’s safe to accept them so easily.

But well, I’m glad it all worked out~

“Takumi, you do not have any other secrets, do you”

“… Eh”

For a while, Joule’s group and the Ruven family continued to interact with each other, but suddenly, Wald-san threw a word of confirmation to me.

I reacted to that with all my might.

“… Oi”


Because of the way I reacted, Wald-san looked at me with suspicion.

As expected, I can’t say that I’m from a different world, and that I’m also a God’s retainer, and that my children are also God’s children… so I laughed and covered it up.

“Oh my, Takumi-san, you are still hiding something”

“Are you not going to tell us about it”

“Not just yet…”

Rebecca-san and Matthias-san were clearly amused.

“Not now Does that mean you will tell us when the time is ripe”

“Yes, I think so… someday.”

I don’t know when that time will be, but… I hope one day, I can tell everyone~



Wald-san came up to me and rustled my hair roughly.

“I’m not going to let you go through it alone, whatever it may be, so make sure to let us know properly.

We think of you as family, so you guys should consider us your family as well.”


Wald-san’s words made me cry involuntarily.

I tried my best to fit in with the world of Aetherdia.

Well, there are many things that I’ve opened myself up to, but….

However, from the point of view of Wald-san and his family, there must be things that are obviously unnatural.

I am very glad that they consider us family, even if that is the case.

“… Wald Niisan.”


“I have been thinking, and I really want to splurge more on your celebration.

Is there anything you would like”

“I don’t need anything more!”

“No way.

Please say that you want something.”

Anyway, now I want to give something back!

So, for starters, I decided to increase Wald-san’s wedding gift.

“”Do you want us to get Dragon meat~””

“No, I don’t!”


“Takumi, don’t look so troubled about this!”

As I was thinking about whether I should go dragon hunting like the children said, I was stopped by Wald-sama with great vigor.

“”Then, sparkly stuff””

“Gems We don’t have many kinds of gems, do we~”

The only gems we have are… pearls, crystals, and ruby gemstones No, there was also onyx and tortoiseshell that we got from a dungeon.

Oh, I remember there were some gems on the collars for Contracted beasts that Syl gave me!

“Hiking in the mountains”

“Searching a dungeon”

“I told you, you don’t have to go anywhere! I mean, why are you trying to find it anyway Normally, you would go to the store to buy it!”

“”Ah, I see! Then, wanna go buy it””

“I told you, you don’t have to go! Ri, right, that’s it! Pastel Rabbit! You’re going to go find Pastel Rabbit for us, aren’t you That’s enough!”

Wald-san was desperately trying to stop the kids.

At first, it was me against him, but before I know it, it’s the kids against him~ That’s so strange.

“Allen, Elena, let’s go look for the Pastel Rabbits for now.

We will see what else we can find.

How about we leave the things we find in Wald-san’s room”

“”Let’s do that~””


Everyone giggled at the exchange between me, the children, and Wald-san and said, “You really are like brothers.”


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