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Su Moxiu didnt get up for breakfast that day.

After he woke up, he lay on the bed playing with his mobile phone and didnt want to go downstairs.

Yan Jingze was afraid that he would be hungry, so he brought breakfast to his room for him to eat.

“Dear, you are so kind! I love you!” Su Moxiu opened his mouth and said.

Being close to cinnabar makes them red and being close to ink makes them black.

After being with Yan Jingze for a long time, he has learned to speak all kinds of sweet words.

Anyway, it was only them in the room, so they didnt have to be afraid of losing face.

“Gege, your mouth is so sweet, let me taste it.” Yan Jingze immediately leaned over.

Su Moxiu kissed him perfunctorily: “Im hungry, I want to eat.”

Yan Jingze said: “I brought this here.

You have to kiss me before you take a bite!”

“Then what if I dont kiss you”

“If you dont come to kiss me, I have to kiss you.” Yan Jingze laughed loudly.

He immediately put his arms around Su Moxiu and kissed him, then pulled out the hidden small table beside the bed and let Su Moxiu drink porridge.

While Su Moxiu was drinking porridge, Yan Jingze told him what happened downstairs.

“Chu Qiyu hurt mom and dad for many years, but mom and dad are used to him, so dont feel bad…” Su Moxiu looked at Yan Jingze worriedly, afraid that Yan Jingze would be unhappy because his parents help Chu Qiyu.

Ten years ago, even if Su Moxiu had problems with his younger brother, he still cared about him.

But these ten years…Every time Chu Qiyu saw him, it was as if his eyes were not eyes and his nose was not his nose, he always said that their parents favored him, which annoyed him.

In addition, Chu Qiyu has always been hostile to Shi Chengying.

Shi Chengying was almost killed by Chu Qiyu, and he didnt bother with Chu Qiyu, yet Chu Qiyu still had the face to target Shi Chengying!

Does Chu Qiyu really regard him as his brother If Chu Qiyu treats him as an older brother, why doesnt he respect him and his partner at all

The relationship between Su Moxiu and Chu Qiyu is getting weaker and weaker, and now he doesnt want to talk to this younger brother anymore.

Whenever he is mentioned, he would always call him by his first name.

Yan Jingze said: “I dont care about these things.” He had conflicts with Chu Qiyu, but Chu Qiyu has always suffered in his hands all these years, and he has beaten him several times in private…He doesnt take this person seriously.

Hearing what Yan Jingze said, Su Moxiu felt even more guilty.

Chu Qiyu treated Shi Chengying so badly, but now that Chu Qiyu changed a little bit, his parents forgave Chu Qiyu…

Yan Jingze noticed Su Moxius expression, and rolled his eyes: “As long as gege loves me, I will be satisfied! All along, the only thing I care about is you, gege!”

Su Moxius heart felt warm.

Yan Jingze continued: “Gege, I love you the most…lets us…”

Yan Jingzes voice gradually became softer, only Su Moxiu could hear it the following.

Su Moxius face became more and more red.

With a red face, he scooped up a spoonful of porridge and stuffed it into Yan Jingzes mouth: “Stop talking! Why are you thinking about such things all day long!”

“Gege…can you do it” Yan Jingze asked.

“Wait until I finish eating!” Su Moxiu said viciously.

Yan Jingze heard the words and laughed.

Su Moxiu was very busy before in order to have time to accompany Yan Jingze who just finished a project and got a months vacation.

They made a fuss for one day, and the next day, they packed up together and went to the school celebration.

Madam Chu knew that Su Moxiu and Chu Qiyu had a bad relationship, so she didnt let Su Moxiu take Chu Qiyu with them.

Of course, it was impossible for Su Moxiu to take Chu Qiyu with him.

Yan Jingzes identity is very important.

When he stays in Sus house, there will be several guards around Sus house, and when he leaves Sus house, many people also follow him.

Its fine for him to take Su Moxiu with him, but with Chu Qiyu, who likes to make trouble, it will just add trouble to the guards.

The people around Yan Jingze had already contacted W High School, and some people already went there to check the environment to ensure safety.

This is really…Yan Jingze is just too important for their country!

He devoted himself to studying things related to aerospace, and created many new technologies, making his country the worlds number one in the field of aerospace.

Not to mention, those new technologies he researched were also found to be applicable to other places.

For example, a certain technology used to explore space can also be used for sea exploration; another example is a certain metal, which is also suitable for making artificial bones.

Not to mention the improvement of weapons by these technologies, the countrys weapons have been updated over the years.

Not long ago, the super-intelligent system researched by Yan Jingze was found to be more advanced than all kinds of intelligent systems currently on the market.

How can the country not pay attention to such a person who is only 28 years old and has so many achievements

In order to protect Yan Jingzes safety, they even hid Yan Jingzes identity.

People outside know the existence of those technologies, but they dont know who made them at all.

These were all researched by Yan Jingze.

Even Su Moxiu didnt know.

He, father Su, and mother Su always thought that Yan Jingze was a relatively great researcher, but they didnt know how great Yan Jingze was.

Ten years passed, W High School already had a new principal.

However, today the school celebrated, so the former principal who was transferred elsewhere also returned to W High School.

When he came back, he happened to meet Shao Shenyang, and the two immediately chatted.

“Its good that you chose to be a professor.

You are suitable for academics.” The former principal looked at Shao Shenyang with relief.

Although Shao Shenyang did not make as much money as a professor like those who started a company after graduation or took over the family business, his status was not low.

Over the years, Shao Shenyang has uploaded some popular science videos on the Internet from time to time, all the way fromthe most handsome student tothe most handsome professor.

He has countless fans, so no one dares underestimate him.

“I would also like to thank the principal.

Without you and without W High School, I would definitely not be where I am now.” Shao Shenyang said gratefully.

He broadened his horizons and learned a lot in the three years in this school.

“I didnt do anything.

You can achieve what you are now because of yourself.” The principal said.

Shao Shenyang smiled, and asked again: “Principal, will Shi Chengying come today” His current achievements are indeed inseparable from his own efforts, but they are also closely related to the help given by others.

During his darkest period, Shi Chengying became friends with him and helped him, so he has always remembered Shi Chengying.

However, Shi Chengying said that he was specially recruited, and later though he was admitted to the same university, but did not find Shi Chengying anywhere.

He asked Shi Chengying, only to find out that Shi Chengying works in the research institute in T city.

He has been very busy these years.

He first went to university, got various research certificates, then compressed the three-year postgraduate study into two years, and then went abroad.

He didnt return to T City much.

When he came back occasionally, he wanted to ask Shi Chengying out to meet, but Shi Chengying said that he was not free.

He hasnt seen Shi Chengying for ten years.

“He will come! I gave up my old face to invite him, and finally invited him.” The former principal said with a smile.

Most of what Yan Jingze researched was kept secret, so no outsiders would know that it was his achievement, but there were still some patents that were made public, and the patent authorized to Su Corporate was one of them.

Therefore, in the eyes of the people in T city, Shi Chengying is an upstart who owns several very profitable patents and also owns a part of Sus shares.

As for his own company…

Father Shis company engaged in business, but the technology updates are too slow, and the products produced are somewhat outdated.

It has become worse each year, it seems that its about to fail.

They dont know what Shi Chengying is thinking, the patent that makes money in his hand is not given to his father but to the Su family, to Su Moxiu — theres only a few people who know the relationship between Yan Jingze and Su Moxiu.

“Is he developing very well now” Shao Shenyang asked.


He has several patents that make money, and he can earn tens of millions a year without doing anything.” The former principal said.

“Thats really great!” Shao Shenyang was very happy.

After parting from the former principal, Shao Shenyang went to talk to his wife again, introducing her to this school, his former teacher, and of course Shi Chengying.

Shao Shenyangs wife is a tall and beautiful woman.

Her belly is already a little big.

At this moment, she subconsciously protects her belly with one hand, and holds Shao Shenyang with the other: “Ive heard you say it countless times, I know it!”

Shao Shenyang laughed embarrassedly.

“Shao Shenyang!” A familiar voice sounded.

Shao Shenyang turned his head and saw Sun Binbin.

Sun Binbins appearance is not very good.

After he went to university, although the acne on his face disappeared, some marks were left.

In addition, his natural skin is not very good, so his face looks a bit rough.

However, this does not affect his humorous language sitting on millions of fans on the Internet.

Besides that he even started a company and signed several contracts with millions of fans!

“Shao Shenyang, you came quite early!” Sun Binbin said.

“Well, I want to bring Qiqi to visit my alma mater.” Shao Shenyang said.

“Lets go together! Ten years later, this school is so different now.

I want to see it too!” Sun Binbin said.

He knew Shao Shenyang very well, and he was also very familiar with Shao Shenyangs wife, so he wasnt like a stranger at all.

The three of them walked together and inevitably talked about Shi Chengying.

In the past few years, Shao Shenyang had been very worried about Shi Chengying, but every time he mentioned it to Sun Binbin, Sun Binbin would meaningfully tell him not to worry…He gradually stopped talking to Sun Binbin about him, but now he said: “I heard the principal say that Shi Chengying is developing very well…thats great.”

“Shi Chengying has a background and ability, how could he not develop well.” Sun Binbin said in a low voice.

“A background” Shao Shenyang was a little puzzled.

Sun Binbin said: “Shao Shenyang, it has been so many years, you still dont know, do you Shi Chengyings family is not simple.”

“Didnt Shi Chengying come here because of the tuition fee exemption in W High School like me” Shao Shenyang asked.

“What are you thinking! Shi Chengying started from kindergarten there and went all the way up.” Sun Binbin said.

Shao Shenyang was stunned: “He used to spend money sparingly…”

“Strict family education! Such a family has very high demands on their children.” Sun Binbin sighed, “Oh, I wanted to catch up to him back then, but its a pity that he left soon and didnt give me a chance.”

“Have you met him all these years” Shao Shenyang asked.

“No.” Sun Binbin said, “I asked him out, but he said he was busy and refused to come out, so I could just forget about it…But I encountered something before.

I couldnt find anyone to help me, so he gave me a phone number for me to contact, and it immediately resolved the matter.”

“The principal said he would come today.”

“Really Then I have to thank him in person!”

Shao Shenyang continued: “Shi Chengying is very easy to get along with, his family shouldnt have that kind of background”

“You are too simple!” Sun Binbin said.

After finishing speaking, he patted Shao Shenyangs shoulder: “Look!”

Shao Shenyang looked up and saw that not far away two handsome men walked over surrounded by people.

Among the people around the two, there was the former principal, who had talked with him before, the current principal of W High School, and a few other people who were not simple at first glance.

Of course, both he and Sun Binbin paid attention to the younger of the two — that persons appearance had changed a lot from before, but they could all recognize that he was Shi Chengying.

After Shi Chengying lost weight, he turned out to be so handsome!

Of course, the most important thing is not this, but Shi Chengying…He may really have a background!

Shao Shenyang has also seen a lot of people in the business these years, and he can tell that those following Shi Chengying are…guards.

The well-known scientists he had met before were protected by such people, and so was Shi Chengying!

Shao Shenyang saw it, and of course Sun Binbin saw it too.

He knew that Shi Chengying must have a background, just look at the people around Shi Chengying!

Among other things is Su Moxiu, he is the hottest rich man in the country.

Every time he saw Su Moxiu before, Su Moxiu had a cold face, what about now He was smiling at Shi Chengying!

Sun Binbin and Shao Shenyang saw Yan Jingze, and Yan Jingze also saw them.

hHe greeted them with a smile: “Shao Shenyang, Sun Binbin, long time no see.”

“Shi Chengying, long time no see!” Shao Shenyang and Sun Binbin were a little excited.

“Go in and have a chat” Yan Jingze suggested.

Both Shao Shenyang and Sun Binbin agreed.

Yan Jingze had contact with them before, but he didnt talk much — he cant talk with people casually.

When hes free…Hes busy with Su Moxiu, so he doesnt have time to look for these two.

The most important thing is that they already have a new life, so there is no need for him to intervene.

After entering, Yan Jingze asked a few words about Shao Shenyang and Sun Binbins recent situation, then said: “You are all doing well!”

“What about you What are you doing now” Shao Shenyang asked.

“Im just engaged in scientific research.” Yan Jingze smiled, “It can be regarded as some achievements.”

“Its good to do scientific research, but I heard that its very tiring.”

“Its okay for me.” Yan Jingze pointed to his thick hair, “See I still have hair like dark clouds.”

What an adjective! Shao Shenyangs wife smiled, her eyebrows and eyes curved.

Shao Shenyang glanced at his wife, then asked again: “Shi Chengying, are you married”

Yan Jingze said: “Im married.

Ive been married for many years, much earlier than you.”

“Really Why didnt you say it before” Shao Shenyang was a little surprised.

“Because my marriage partner is different from ordinary people.” Yan Jingze laughed, pointing at Su Moxiu beside him, “He is my partner.”

Shao Shenyang was startled, but quickly calmed down.

He has seen too many things in these years, and liking the same sex is not a problem for him.

But Sun Binbin couldnt react for a while, not because of Yan Jingzes sexuality, but…this Su Moxiu is Chu Qiyus brother!

Sun Binbin had heard about Chu Qiyus situation over the years.

His father also told him several times that it was a good thing he didnt continue to follow Chu Qiyu, otherwise he might have learned from Chu Qiyu and failed!

But for Su Moxiu, his father not only admired him, but was also in awe of him.

Its fine for Shi Chengying to be with a man, but its amazing that Su Moxiu can be by his side and is also so gentle and caring!

As expected of a man with a background!

Yan Jingze then continued: “My family AXiu and I have been together for ten years.”

“Ten years” Sun Binbin was a little confused, “Isnt that in the third year of high school…”

“Yes, we have been together since my third year of high school.” Yan Jingze laughed.

“After you left school”

“No, it was when I was a fat man.” Yan Jingze was a little proud, “At that time, my beloved fell in love with me at first sight.”

Sun Binbin: “…” Are you sure he fell in love with you at first sight, and not because of your background

“By the way, Sun Binbin, you were making trouble for me at school, and I even asked my beloved to go find your father.” Yan Jingze said.

Sun Binbin: “” Wait, didnt Su Moxiu come to look for his father because there was someone behind Shi Chengying How did it become that he did that because he was in a relationship with Shi Chengying

Sun Binbin was in a daze.

The school celebration was about to begin.

Su Moxiu was going to speak on stage as an outstanding alumnus, so Yan Jingze didnt need to do it, but the school still arranged a good seat for Yan Jingze in the middle of the first row.

Even Yan Jingzes two guards sat in the first row seat.

Sun Binbin: This person…must have a background, right!

Sun Binbin couldnt help but look at Yan Jingze again and again.

“What are you looking at! The person you are looking is taken!” The person next to Sun Binbin noticed Sun Binbins movements and said angrily.

It was only then that Sun Binbin noticed that sitting next to him was a man in his early thirties who seemed to take care of himself meticulously and delicately.

“I know him and know that he is taken, I dont need you to remind me.” Sun Binbin said.

“You know him” Ke Lin was a little surprised.

“I know.” Sun Binbin said, “I also know who his partner is.”

Having said that, Sun Binbin glanced at Su Moxiu.

“So were all acquaintances!” Ke Lin said, “Oh, Su Moxiu is really.

Doesnt he like fat people Why hasnt he dumped Shi Chengying after so many years If he breaks up with Shi Chengying…Nevermind, they better not break up.”

If Su Moxiu and Shi Chengying are really going to break up, he might not be able to resist chasing Shi Chengying, which would be bad.

After all, he already has a boyfriend, who is eight years younger than him.

Sun Binbin and Ke Lin continue talking like this.

Ke Lin is a native of T City, and he knows the situation in T City very well.

Sun Binbin asked him about Shi Chengyings background, and he said: “Shi Chengyings parents are quite ordinary.

His father is from the Qingshi Company that specializes in glass production.

He has no great background.”

Sun Binbin: “” Isnt that President Shi in Qingshi is Shi Chengyings father that Chu Qiyu told him at the beginning Was what Chu Qiyu said back then true

“But Shi Chengying is really not simple…he has been surrounded by many people, maybe he is a boss or something in private.” Ke Lin said, laughing.

Sun Binbin: “…” He really wanted to know if Shi Chengying had any background!

Sun Binbin was struggling here, while Chu Qiyu saw the affectionate appearance of Shao Shenyang and his wife on the other side.

Shao Shenyang, who was not with him, had a face full of happiness.

Without him, Shao Shenyang successfully finished his third year of high school and entered university.

Shao Shenyangs father died of cancer, but his mother was treated and survived.

He also had a wife and a child.

He is still so handsome and smart.

Over the years, he will watch the videos Shao Shenyang uploaded repeatedly.

The Shao Shenyang in the videos has always been like how he likes.

But the distance between them has become farther and farther.

At that moment, Chu Qiyus heart ached.

Yan Jingze glanced back, looking exactly in Chu Qiyus direction.

The original owner wanted Chu Qiyu to suffer miserably, and now the task has been completed.

As for making the original owners mother regret it, this task has already been completed.

All these years he hadnt gone home, avoiding his parents, and the conflict between father Shi and mother Shi became more and more serious.

Father Shi finally couldnt bear it anymore, and after transferring the property, he divorced mother Shi.

However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for mother Shi because even if part of the property was transferred, father Shi still gave mother Shi a lot of things, and then…Since the divorce, father Shis company began to lose money.

Seeing that father Shi would run out of money, father Shis little lover packed up her things and ran away!

In such chaos, mother Shi has already regretted it.

Even becoming famous…the mission has been accomplished.

Shi Chengyings requirements are not high.

He doesnt need to be famous all over the world, it is enough for him to be famous in T city.

Yan Jingze had nothing to do now.

He looked at Su Moxiu who was giving a speech, and began to think about what kind of reason he should find to coax Su Moxiu to wear that dress and talk to him…ahem!

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