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Yan Jingzes attention was all on Su Moxiu, completely ignoring Chu Qiyu.

However, Chu Qiyu couldnt ignore Yan Jingze.

Seeing Yan Jingze, Chu Qiyus eyes became more gloomy.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at Yan Jingze and gave a light “ha”.

Only then did Yan Jingze set his eyes on Chu Qiyu.

He saw the contempt and disdain on Chu Qiyus face…Truly needed a beating.

Even the father Shi behind Yan Jingze felt uncomfortable when he saw Chu Qiyus expression: “Is that how you look at people!”

“Idiot.” Chu Qiyu looked at father Shi and sneered, then turned around and entered the school gate.

Father Shi was not very good-tempered, so when he heard Chu Qiyus words, he immediately became furious: “Which familys child is this! Outrageous!”

“President Shi” Su Moxiu came over with an apologetic expression on his face, “President Shi, Im sorry, my brother has a bad temper.”

“You are…” Father Shi looked at Su Moxiu hesitantly.

“My name is Su Moxiu.” Su Moxiu reached out to Father Shi.

Father Shi was shocked: “President Su of Henghai…”

“Hes my father.” Su Moxiu said.

Father Shi shakes Su Moxius hand, embarrassed: “I just said it casually, casually…Your brother is talented, hes not simple at first glance! Did my son offend him in school Oh! My son is such a debt collector!”

Yan Jingze: “…” If it wasnt because Su Moxiu is here…Haha!

Yan Jingze looked at Su Moxiu without blinking – his AXiu is so handsome and has a good temperament! He looks like a successful person!

Unexpectedly, in this world, Su Moxiu is actually older than him! Not only a little bit older but a lot!

He was suddenly a little excited!

Su Moxiu, who was stared at by Yan Jingze, only felt that his body temperature rose unconsciously: “President Shi has humbled himself.

Your son is a talented person with dragon literacy and phoenix appearance.

My younger brother is a little out of place in school.

I hope that your son can bear with him.”

Father Shi didnt know how to react — this person said that his son was a talented person like dragon literacy and phoenix appearance.

Was he being sarcastic Must be sarcasm, right

However, satirizing his son, does he need to be so sincere

Father Shi opened a small company in T city and made a lot of money, at least it was no problem for his son to go to a private school.

Shi Chengyings family background in W High School should also be considered to be above average.

However, mother Shi felt that her children shouldnt get used to it or he will develop extravagant habits, so she never bought expensive clothes and shoes for Shi Chengying.

In ordinary schools, everyone wears like that, so there is no problem, but in W…Shi Chengying peers all wear shoes worth thousands!

The students here are generally well-educated and dont laugh at others, but they all feel that Shi Chengyings family have no money.

Chu Qiyu is different.

Chu Qiyus fathers surname is Su, his mothers surname is Chu, he follows his mothers surname.

His mother is nothing much, but his father is the founder and chairman of Henghai Group, and Henghai Group is one of the largest companies in T city!

Who meets Chu Qiyu doesnt attach importance to him and glimpse more

Even father Shi, after knowing Su Moxius identity, was cautious toward Su Moxiu and did not dare to speak ill of Chu Qiyu.

Now even though he felt that Su Moxiu was mocking him, he still smiled: “Im joking, Im joking, how can my son compare to your brother!”

Having said that, father Shi also slapped Yan Jingze on the shoulder: “You kid, why dont you know how to say hello!”

Although Yan Jingze is fat, his movements are very flexible.

He dodged father Shi slap, and then grinned at Su Moxiu: “Hello, big brother Su.

Big brother Su, whats your mobile phone number Chu Qiyu and I are classmates.

I can tell you what Chu Qiyu did in school in the future.”

Su Moxiu took a deep breath and took out his mobile phone in a daze: “Lets add friends, let me know if my brother does anything.”

“Big brother Su, I dont have a mobile phone.

You can just tell me your mobile phone number.” Yan Jingze smiled again, showing his white teeth.

When Su Moxiu heard what Yan Jingze said, he felt a little strange: “You dont have a mobile phone”

When Chu Qiyu was in elementary school, he already had a mobile phone.

He also buys several new mobile phones a year, but this person doesnt even have a mobile phone

“You dont have a mobile phone” Father Shi was also surprised — children of this age basically have mobile phones, right

“Mom wont buy it.” Yan Jingze said.

Mother Shi bought a phone watch for the original owner, but she didnt buy a mobile phone, which can make him learn bad things, for the original owner.

As for that phone watch…was thrown away by Yan Jingze before.

To be honest, even the very obedient original owner was ashamed to use that phone watch.

“Ill buy one for you!” Father Shi immediately said.

How could his son be so old without a cell phone W High School is not the kind of high school that forces students to study hard.

The schools regulations only say that they cant use their mobile phones in the classroom, it doesnt say that they cant bring mobile phones to school.

“No!” Yan Jingze rejected father Shi without hesitation.

He then looked at Su Moxiu again: “Big brother Su, whats your mobile phone number”

Su Moxiu reported a series of numbers then said, “Ill find a piece of paper and write it down for you.”

“No, I remember.

Big brother Su, I will contact you.” Yan Jingze smiled at Su Moxiu again, then blinked his left eye.

Although the original owner was fat, his skin was very white because he was locked at home every day to study and rarely went out.

In addition, although his mother has a strong desire to control, her appearance is really not bad.

The original owner, who inherited his mothers appearance and skin, wasnt greasy but white and tender.

It looks good to touch and not old.

Although the fat dumpling in front of him was taller than him, Su Moxiu felt his heart soften when he saw him smiling so sweetly when he called him big brother.

The fat man is also very cute, he may be one of the very few…who likes fat men.

No, not only does he like fat men…This person in front of him is ten years younger than him, he also…He also likes those younger than him!

No wonder he had never met someone he liked before.

There were fat people around him and some younger than him, but he had never met a younger fat guy before.

Su Moxiu especially wanted to pinch the little fat guys face.

Su Moxiu was shocked awake when he realized that he had such an idea.

His father was right next to him, but he still wanted to molest him, is this too much

No no no, thinking like this to a student whos still in high school…hes going too far!

Thinking of this, Su Moxiu couldnt stand it.

He coughed lightly and said in a panic, “I have something else to do, so Ill go first.”

He turned around and got into the car.

He suddenly became more awake and sighed again.

He didnt expect his preferences to be so special.

Also…other peoples children are so well-behaved and cute, in comparison, his younger brother is so worrying.

Su Moxiu couldnt help sighing when he thought of Chu Qiyu.

When Chu Qiyu was born, he was ten years old.

He really liked this younger brother.

At that time, whenever he was free, he would play with his younger brother.

He felt that his little brother was very cute.

However, when his younger brother was about thirteen or fourteen years old, he suddenly changed.

It cant be said that he has changed, probably because of his rebellious phase and those not-so-good friends, his younger brother began to like to fight against his family.

Thinking of the miserable life that has been going on for several years, Su Moxiu felt a little tired.

When he was born, his parents were still young.

They were busy with their careers so they didnt take care of him personally.

When he grew up, they had high demands on him, however, when it came to his younger brother, it was the exact opposite.

When his younger brother was born, his parents were almost forty years old.

After his mother became pregnant with his younger brother, she stopped working hard and returned to the family because of her poor health.

So, his younger brother was raised by his mother herself since he was a child, and his father also accompanies him every day.

If this pair was born in ancient times, they probably became the couple that had become grandparents but still gave birth to a young son, so their parental love broke out.

His little brother, their little son, he is just a treasure.

They were spoiling and letting him do whatever he wanted all the way…So when his younger brother reaches the rebellion phase, they no longer could educate him, so they can only try not to annoy his younger brother.

As a result, his younger brother is like a thorn.

He became angry at home and his grades plummeted.

It took his parents a lot of hard work to allow his younger brother to go from middle school to W high school.

After two years in high school, his parents and him finally got used to the changes in his younger brother.

He spent a lot of time every day on his hair, cutting holes in his pants, hooting and drinking and ganging up with a group of peers.

He was used to it, but a month ago, his brother changed again.

His younger brother suddenly became gloomy and stopped hanging out with his friends.

He didnt know what he was thinking all day, and looked at their parents with hatred.

Only to him…Chu Qiyus attitude towards him is not bad.

His parents couldnt help Chu Qiyu, so they hoped that he could accompany Chu Qiyu more and pay more attention to Chu Qiyu.

Thats why today he specially came to see Chu Qiyu.

He wanted to talk to Chu Qiyu along the way.

However, Chu Qiyu refused to talk to him and scolded his classmates at the school gate.

Su Moxiu felt a little tired when he thought of his younger brother, however, when he thought of the cute little fat guy at the school gate, his heart beat fast again.

Wait, he forgot to write down his phone number to the little fat guy!

He only said his number once, can the little fat guy remember it Will he turn around and forget

And the little fat guy doesnt have a mobile phone, so there is no way to contact him, right

Should he buy a cell phone for the little fat guy Or should he ask his younger brother to ask around

No, hes crazy, hes actually trying to find out about a high school boy.

Su Moxiu took a deep breath and returned to the company.

However, when he arrived at the company, he was still absent-minded and couldnt help but think of that little fat guy.

He doesnt know what happened to the little fat guys head, how he got injured…

Also, he has such a special taste…

Su Moxiu couldnt hold back and searchedlittle fat man on the computer.

A bunch of fat kids appear.

Su Moxiu admitted that the fat kids were cute, but he was not interested, so he added the wordstudent.

All kinds of fat students appear.

So ugly!

Too ugly!

Su Moxiu closed the webpage and sighed.

Although they are all fat, there are also beautiful and ugly fat people.

It is not easy for him to meet a good-looking fat man.

He shouldnt expect good-looking fat people everywhere.

Su Moxiu wanted to see the little fat man a little bit.

However, after thinking about it, he quelled the urge in his heart.

The other person is a high school student! What is he thinking! Definitely cant disturb others from studying every day!

No matter what…he has to wait until he goes to college…

Su Moxius struggled, Yan Jingze didnt know.

After Su Moxiu left, he ignored father Shi and entered the school by himself.

Father Shi followed behind him and said to him: “Why dont you have any vision! You dont even know how to say something nice to Su Moxiu! You dont have a mobile phone, I have one, I can add him as a friend…”

Yan Jingze strode forward and went directly to his head teachers office.

Shi Chengying likes to make small reports to the teacher, which makes him not very popular among the students but the teachers in the school really like him.

He looks chubby and honest.

His family is not short of money but he is very simple.

He is also very serious about his studies, and he manages the class very carefully and also worries about the students in the class…

Shi Chengyings head teacher, surnamed Yang, is a woman in her forties.

She likes Shi Chengying a lot.

This time Shi Chengying had an accident, she not only called father Shi and mother Shi every day, but also went to the hospital.

However, father Shi did not let her see Yan Jingze, who try to committed suicide all day long.

Seeing Yan Jingze coming to school now, Teacher Yang quickly asked, “Shi Chengying, have you recovered Do you want to rest for a few more days”

“Teacher, I want to come to school.” Yan Jingze looked at Teacher Yang firmly.

Teacher Yang was moved when she saw Yan Jingzes gaze.

This childs head is still hurt but he is only thinking about studying!

“Did the doctor say anything Can you come to school” Teacher Yang asked.

“Yes.” Yan Jingze said.

At this time, Father Shi, who was just as fat as the original owner, entered the office and said to Teacher Yang, “Teacher Yang, this child in my family was thinking about coming to school as soon as he was discharged from the hospital.

I had no choice but to let him come, teacher, please take care of him.”

“I will.” Teacher Yang said a few words to Father Shi.

Father Shi respected the teacher very much, but he didnt know what to say, so he left after saying a few words.

When Father Shi left, Teacher Yang looked at Yan Jingze again: “Do you have your medicine and others with you Should teacher accompany you to see the school doctor for an examination”

“I have it.

Thank you, teacher.” Yan Jingze said.

Teacher Yang got up and took Yan Jingze to the school doctor.

On the way, she looked at Yan Jingzes bandaged bald head and sighed: “Why didnt you go home and run to the construction site after school”

Speaking of which, fortunately, Shi Chengying was fine, otherwise the school might have to bear certain responsibilities.

If nothing else, Shi Chengyings mother, who she had contacted with, was a troublemaker.

“Teacher Yang, I went there after I heard Chu Qiyu calling someone and saying that he was going to fight there.” Yan Jingze said.

Teacher Yang was surprised.

Yan Jingze looked at Teacher Yang pitifully: “Teacher Yang, I…I dont like Chu Qiyu.

I wanted to get a hold of him, so when I heard that he was going to fight there, I followed him.

I was thinking about telling the teacher about it at that time, he will definitely be criticized…I didnt expect that building to collapse.

Teacher Yang, I was wrong, dont hate me.”

Sometimes, when a person admits their mistakes first, saying they did something wrong, then when they say other things, people will believe their words more.

At least, now that teacher Yang heard what Yan Jingze said, she immediately believed what Yan Jingze said: “Teacher wont hate you.

You can tell the teacher in detail.”

Yan Jingze told the teacher all the ins and outs of the matter.

He didnt tell father Shi and mother Shi about this, it was useless to say it.

With father Shis character, he would definitely not help him.

However, its still necessary to tell the teacher.

In some private schools in novels or film and television dramas, students at the school can cover the sky with one hand, but there is no such thing in W high school.

The most authoritative here is the teacher.

At most, if the students do not want to study anymore, in this case, the teacher will not care about them even if they skip class.

As for Chu Qiyu, Chu Qiyus parents have long decided to let Chu Qiyu go abroad after finishing his third year of high school.

They had already contacted the school, and the teacher will naturally not force him to study even if he has nothing to do.

However, if Chu Qiyu hurts other classmates in school…W high school will definitely drive him away.

“Chu Qiyu gave me laxatives during my exam, which caused me to fail the exam.

Im very angry…” Yan Jingze sniffed.

Teacher Yang was anxious: “You had diarrhea at the end of last semester because he gave you medicine Why didnt you say this before”

“Teacher, I didnt know that before.

This semester, Chu Qiyu came to threaten me, and said that if I dared to control him again, he would give me laxatives.

I just found out, and there is no evidence.” Yan Jingze looked innocent and aggrieved, “I was so angry, so when I heard him say that they were going to fight there at noon, I went ahead.

I waited there for a long time, but no one went there.

He may have lied to me.”

Teacher Yang looked solemn and didnt speak.

Yan Jingze said, “However, he probably didnt know that the building would collapse, so I didnt tell anyone.”

When Yan Jingze was talking before, he kept looking at Teacher Yangs eyes, however, he lowered his head at this moment.

Teacher Yang is much shorter than Yan Jingze.

She patted Yan Jingzes shoulder and said, “Dont think too much, just study hard.”

“Mm.” Yan Jingze nodded seriously and looked at Teacher Yang with bright eyes.

Seeing Yan Jingzelike this, Teacher Yang was particularly dissatisfied with Chu Qiyu.

After this incident happened, teacher Yan went to inquire about it, and learned that the construction site was suspended because it was found that the place had potential safety hazards.

The developers were wondering whether to blow up the building and rebuild it, so they stopped work first.

As a result, before they could discuss it, the building collapsed.

Shi Chengying was injured, she thought it was an accident, but now hearing Shi Chengying say so…

Chu Qiyu kept saying that he was going there to fight a group, but he didnt go there.

He also made it clear which building he was going to.

Is it possible that he deliberately led Shi Chengying there

His family was rich and powerful, he might have known where the building would collapse if something went wrong.

Teacher Yang didnt like Chu Qiyu at first, and now her feelings toward Chu Qiyu are even more complicated.

Yan Jingze didnt say anything else.

He went to the school doctor and obediently asked the school doctor to examine him.

He is fine.

The school doctor said that he can study at school, but he should not be too tired.

Teacher Yang breathed a sigh of relief, but Yan Jingze said at this time: “Teacher, can I change dormitories Sun Binbin in our dormitory is Chu Qiyus friend.

He put laxatives into my instant noodles last semester.

Last time he deliberately wet my bed and said that I wet the bed.”

Of course Teacher Yan could not disagree.

Yan Jingze continued: “I heard that Shao Chenyang lives alone…” Shao Chenyang was dug up by W High School.

They wanted him to become the first place in the future, so he was treated well.

When the dormitory was divided, one more person came, so he was allowed to live in a dormitory by himself.

Shao Shenyang himself is also the first place in the W high school entrance examination.

Occasionally, in school exams, they test more partial knowledge or knowledge they have not learned before.

Shao Shenyang has not participated in extracurricular tutoring and has not learned the following content in advance.

Only the original owner and another girl have a chance to surpass him.

If it wasnt for falling in love with Chu Qiyu…Yan Jingze felt that if Shao Shenyang had been consolidating the last year in his third year of high school, he might be able to take the top spot in the city in the future.

“Ill ask if you can live with him.” Teacher Yang said.

She teaches literature and language in Class 1 and Class 2.

Shao Chenyang is from Class 2 and her student, she is actually sure that Shao Chenyang will agree.

“Teacher Yang, I will definitely make progress with him.” Yan Jingze showed a well-behaved smile at Teacher Yang.

Yan Jingze felt sorry for Shao Chenyang after seeing the memories of the original owners previous life.

A very promising top student fell in love with someone, and finally lost his life…

Seriously, what kind of love could high school students talk about Just study hard, dont they understand

If they have time to fall in love, why dont they write more essays

Yan Jingze felt that he could urge Shao Shenyang to study, and besides…Seeing him and Shao Shenyang in the same bedroom, Chu Qiyu would definitely be anxious, uncomfortable, and painful.

Maybe he will continue to attack him.

Hes waiting for it!

He will surely make Chu Qiyu reap what he sown!

Yan Jingze followed behind Teacher Yang and went to find Shao Shenyang.

Shao Shenyang is tall and slender.

He looks very similar to a popular little fresh meat in the entertainment industry, that is to say, he has a good-looking face that is recognized by the general public.

Of course, hes far inferior to his AXiu!

However, even so, in this high school, Shao Chenyang is one of the most handsome guys.

His cold and aloof temperament also gave him extra points.

The only thing that surprised Yan Jingze was that after seeing Shao Chenyang, he didnt feel any GAY aura in Shao Chenyang.

This Shao Chenyang, he doesnt know if hes not enlightened yet, or…he is actually a straight man

Looking back at the original owners memories, Chu Qiyu has not been reborn for a long time.

However, these days he has begun to approach Shao Chenyang with ideas, but Shao Chenyang is still at the stage of ignoring Chu Qiyu…Yan Jingze smiled at Shao Chenyang: “Hello.”

“Hello.” Shao Chenyang nodded towards Yan Jingze.

They used to go to competitions together a lot, so they actually knew each other.

The original owner didnt like to make friends, and neither did Shao Chenyang, so they just didnt talk much.

Knowing that Yan Jingze was going to share a dormitory with him, Shao Chenyang agreed without even thinking about it.

When facing Yan Jingze, he showed some enthusiasm.

When Yan Jingze brought his luggage over, he helped him unpack it.

When he finished, he immediately said, “Shi Chengying, I have a question that I dont understand…Do you know how to do it”

As he spoke, he didnt know where he got a thick teaching aid book.

When he looked at Yan Jingze, his eyes were full of curiosity.

Yan Jingze: “…” He is still a patient who has just been discharged from the hospital!

However, its a good thing for a child to love studying…Yan Jingze looked at the question and explained it to him based on his experience of being a scholar and the original owners memory.

Shao Chenyang suddenly realized, and looked at Yan Jingze gratefully: “Thank you, by the way, you are injured, shall I buy you breakfast tomorrow”

Yan Jingze did not refuse, but agreed, then chatted with Shao Shenyang a few words at the same time.

Shao Chenyang is very cold outside, but he actually talks a lot in private.

He also treats Yan Jingze like his own people…Yan Jingze felt a little strange at first, but after a few more talks with him, he understood the reason.

Because of his mothers control, the original owner has nothing valuable all over his body, and his grades are very good…Shao Chenyang treats him as a student from an ordinary family who got into W high school by his grades.

Shao Shenyang is also a child from an ordinary family, so he really wants to make friends with him.


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