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Chapter 74 – What do you see in the eyes of the maid……

"So, has Kelly known His Highness Bertrand for some time"

Asked by Lord Nazel, Kelly bows her head in thought.


Yes, I have known His Highness for a long time.

I was able to work in the royal castle thanks to His Highness Prince Bertrand, whom I met by chance in the city.

At first, I worked as a maid for His Highness the Prince, and I didn't expect to be taken on as a servant for Her Highness the Princess."

"I understand that you had several encounters with His Highness after you started living on the frontier."

"It seems that His Highness the Prince was concerned about me.

After Lord Nazelbert picked me up, His Highness Bertrand came to check on me."

Kelly said apologetically, and His Royal Highness Prince Bertrand continued.

"Don't blame Kelly for not telling you.

She is loyal to Nazelbert, but I made her keep quiet.

She was wondering if she could get you, a Duke of Florescence, on her side."

"I don't blame you, Kelly is a valued member of our family and an excellent lady in waiting.

I don't deny her devotion just because she was connected to you.

Besides, there were no harmful moves on your part."

I didn't suspect Kelly, but Lord Nazel seemed to have seen a lot of things that I was unaware of.

"So, Nazelbert.

I, for my part, would like to ask for your help."

"You've already forced me to join His Highness Leonardo's faction......."

"That's one thing, but I'd also like you to help me myself.

That's not a bad deal, is it"

Lord Nazel didn't seem to be too keen on the idea.

He brushed back his glossy red hair and turned his troubled gaze to the floor.

"To tell you the truth, I don't care about anything else as long as the frontier is safe.

I don't want to get involved in the royal family's mess."

"Won't that fool Robin mess with you again"

"......That's the point, isn't it There should be no reason to care about the person he just sent away."

"He's got a bad personality, I know.

But he's too sloppy.

It's about time we start to see some loose ends here and there.

I wonder how much the royal family can hide."

His Highness Bertrand's eyes were full of conviction.

"Even if I cooperate with His Highness, I have a condition.

At the very least, you must promise that my mother and brother will not suffer any damage and that I and Agnes will be able to live peacefully on this frontier."

"You have no intention of returning to the royal capital"

"I have no intention of returning to the royal capital.

I like Sutrena very much."

"That's fine, just give me a hand.

As with this case, Robin is likely to reach out to you."

"Okay, we have collected all the evidence for this case."

Lord Nazel and His Highness Bertrand talked for a while.

I thought it might not be a good idea to stay in my swimsuit forever, so I asked Kelly to go get changed.

When I returned to my room, Kelly said in a more somber tone than usual.

"I am sorry, Lady Agnes.

Even though I could not tell you, I concealed His Highness' presence and invited him to the mansion as a merchant."

I thought for a moment and told Kelly what I had in mind.

"It's all right, Kelly.

I know you can't disobey His Highness Bertrand when he orders you to.

Besides, I'm not in any trouble, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get rid of some of the things in the house."

"I know, but ......"

"When I was with the Evantail family, the maids always made fun of me for being a "bad daughter".

They were all at my mother's beck and call and weren't people I could trust.

Even when I was injured, they turned a blind eye.

Kelly was the first person who cared about me.

I was very happy that you cared about me......"

I grabbed Kelly's clothes tightly and continued to talk.

"So don't ever leave me."

Kelly's expressionless but bewildered gaze turns toward me.


Kelly's face is still motionless.

But to me, her eyes seemed to be just a little bit more......

moist than usual.


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