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Chapter 55 – Treatment of the magical beasts (Tony’s Point of View Agnes)

In a corner of the noisy shelter, Tony took a short nap.

In the morning there would be much to do.

Tony's grandfather was a former nobleman.

He was, however, the seventh son of a weak noble family ......

and the son of a mistress.

Thanks to this, Tony is now working as an official, albeit a lowly one.

His parents served a family of lords as head chamberlain and head maid.

They had been in the service of two previous lords.

However, although they had been good servants under the previous two lords, they were demoted to stable hands at the whim of the previous lord.

The former lords were reckless in their behavior and spent money more carelessly than anyone else.

When the lord warned his parents about this, they felt he was not safe there and forced Tony to take a job outside the mansion.

At that time, not only his parents but also many other servants were reassigned.

The senior servants were all either hired cheaply or were dubious acquaintances the lord had made in the city.

The mansion was enlarged and remodeled, taxpayers' money was spent like hot water, and the people of Sutrena were left destitute.

Tony's parents, however, continued to work as stable hands.

At that time, a rare magical beast acquired by the previous lord was being raised in the stables, and his parents' job was mainly to take care of the magical beast.

Tony, who loved magical beasts, often visited the house to help his parents.

The horse-like beast, called a Grani, was very intelligent and gentle.

Originally, they were meant to run through forests and meadows at high speed, but since they were taken into the lord's collection, they spend most of their time in the small stable.

Grani has opened her heart to her parents and Tony, even though she must be cramped living in the small stables.

But the former lord mistreated Grani.

He was the kind of person who would go into the forest and hunt innocent magical beasts, calling it a game.

Once, after hurting Grani when his parents were away, the former lord decided to vent his frustration in a nearby place.

Then, while his parents and Tony were tending to his injuries, he took a knife and tried to harm Grani again.

Naturally, his parents and Tony stopped him.

Then the former lord pointed his blade at Tony and his family.

Both parents and Tony were unarmed.

Even if they used magic, it would be difficult for all three of them to escape at the same time.

Just when they thought it was over, Grani, who had been standing quietly until then, neighs loudly and swings her leg up, kicking the former lord in the face.

Again and again.

It was as if she was trying to protect Tony and the others from danger.

However, a magical beast that harmed a lord......

if it was a person, they would normally be killed.

So Tony and the others unchained Grani, opened the door to the stables, and secretly let him out.

The clever Grani understood what was happening and went to the forest as his parents told her to.

Fortunately, the former lord was killed at night and there were no witnesses.

Her parents had only stayed late to tend to Grani, and they should have been home by now.

Thus, the incident was treated as an accident that occurred when the drunken lord approached the magical beast.

Tony and the others pretended that they had nothing to do with the incident and hid the truth.

When the former lord disappeared, the men who had worked for him simply disbanded, and his parents quit their jobs.

They are now helping out on a cavalry ranch on the outskirts of the city.

The only person who knew about this was Henry, who was sent by the royal capital to fill in for the absence of the lord and happened to notice the incident.

And Henry also treated this as an accident.

The truth was supposed to be hidden ......


If only a new lord had not been assigned and Grani had not lost her judgment when intoxicated by the magic of the new moon.

Tony felt gloomy thinking about the future.

When I woke up, I found Lord Nazel sitting next to me.

Beyond him - through the open window - I could see a refreshing view of the garden as if yesterday's incident was a lie.

I looked out the open window and saw a view of the garden that made yesterday's incident a lie.

It's already light outside.

"Good morning, Agnes."

"Did Lord Nazel get a good night's sleep"

"Don't worry, I slept as well as Agnes."

Lord Nazel smiled and gently stroked my hair.

He looks flawless even though he's just waking up.

Perhaps he had made the rounds of the shelter earlier.


When I saw you out there last night, I thought my heart was going to stop."

"Ugh ......

it's ......"

"You were trying to rescue people in the city.

Everyone was so grateful."

"Lord Nazel, I'm sorry for worrying you."

When I apologized, he lowered his eyebrows in a troubled manner and patted my head again.

"After we clean up the shelter, come hang out with me for a bit."


hmm I understand."

Lord Nazel dropped a kiss on my forehead and walked gracefully out of the room.

I finished getting ready and hurried to join Lord Nazel and Tony.


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