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Chapter 53 – Uncouth lady, conducting a rescue mission

Night has fallen and the eerie roar of the magical beasts can now be heard outside the window.

Many people have come to the shelter and the spare rooms are open.

The inside of the mansion is bustling with activity.

The residents spent their time helping each other, each using their magical powers.

On a whim, I decided to go outside the garden alone to check on Jenni.

The mansion's walls are reinforced and the wyvern stables are sturdy, but I was worried that Jenni might be scared.

I also wanted a quiet place to rest.

"Jenni, are you okay"

Jenni was awake when I entered the reinforced wooden stables.

He was pacing restlessly with his peach-colored body, somehow sensing the unusual atmosphere.

"It's all right, it's all safe here."

When I patted Jenni's smooth body to quiet him down, he began to fidget even more than before.

Did I have the opposite effect

The peach-colored wyvern was constantly peering outside through the small open entrance.

"What's out there"

I looked from the entrance to the stables and heard people screaming from the city.

It was close to the mansion.

"What's going on"

The central city is surrounded by a strong wall, and personnel is stationed around the wall to keep the magical beasts from entering the walls.

Whenever a magical beast attempts to break through the wall, it is supposed to be exterminated and the people are surely protected.

However, if a magical beast managed to get into the center of the city, there is a possible scenario

"The exterminators overlooked the winged beasts."

Even if I use my magic on Lord Nazel's plant, it cannot cover the entire large city in a dome shape.

Hence, the area above is empty.

Many of the winged magical beasts are not easily intoxicated by magic, even on a new moon day.

This is because they usually consume a lot of magic power, such as creating barriers when they fly.

Typical examples are bird-type magical beasts, but the same was true for pegasi and wyverns.

However, there are exceptions to everything.

Like the kind that has wings but can't fly very well...

"I wonder if they flew high for a moment and only went over the walls."

Houses and stables are reinforced in all directions and cannot be destroyed by magical beasts, but the houses of people living in the city are not that strong.

Especially the doors and windows would be fragile.

"If I could get on Jenni and carry all the people in danger, one by one, into the mansion......

no, it would be dangerous."

As I'm struggling with this, Jenni begins to flap his wings, as if he understood my intention.

His eyes seemed to sense something out there.

"Okay, let's go.

If it gets dangerous, Jenni can escape to the sky."

Quickly I prepared myself and took off into the night sky astride Jenni.

The night of the new moon in Sutrena was so dark that it looked as if it had been sprayed with black ink.

But there was fire rising from a house that had been ravaged by magical beasts, and the area was illuminated by their light.

"Jenni, I think I'll land over there."

I pointed near the burning house.

There were two people outside who had been badly burnt.

There were no demonic beasts in the vicinity.

Jenni slowed down and landed on the ground, and I got off Jenni and ran toward them.

"Are you okay now, can you stand up"

The couple who had collapsed were from the Floral Mole Pavilion, a diner that had served us.

They were both injured and seemed unable to move.

"Ah, you are one of the maids of the mansion......."

They raised their voices when they saw me.

I always disguise myself as a maid when I go out on the town.

"Anyway, let's head for the mansion."

I put them on Jenni's back and carried them to the mansion.

It was difficult for the three of us to ride together, but we could manage as long as we didn't go too fast.

When we returned to the mansion, Torre screamed when he found me, but I quickly took the injured to another room.

Fortunately, there was a doctor among the evacuees.

"There may still be other injured people in the house, so I'm off."

"Lady Agnes!"

Following Torre, Kelly, who normally has no expression on her face, widened her eyes as if she was wondering what was going on.

I quickly ran out and jumped on Jenni, who was waiting at the entrance of the mansion and took off toward the city again.

That night, I rescued more than twenty injured people.

Much later, a statue of a brave lady riding a wyvern was erected in the square by those who appreciated the events of the day, and I was embarrassed.......

But that is another story.

Nazelbert was riding his horse from the fort toward the city center.

He had received a report that a magical beast had appeared in the city.

It seems that the exterminators missed it.

If that were the case, Nazelbert himself, who was still inside the walls, would have been quicker to make his move.

As it turned out, the beast was rampaging in the vicinity of the mansion.

After proceeding for a while, they heard the roar of a magical beast near the burning house.

It was engaging in battle with someone nearby.

When they stepped toward the sound, they found that Tony had arrived first.

He must have moved with his magic of "Agility"

"Tony, I'll cover you!"

Nazelbert called out from behind, blocking the movement of the magical beast with thorny plants.

Tony, raising his dagger, rushed in to finish it off.

The huge beast fell to the ground with a resounding thud.

Nazelbert was relieved.

But Tony's face remained grim.

"There's another one in there."


"I couldn't chase after both of them at the same time, and I lost him because I prioritized the more dangerous one.

But if it's that magical beast, it must be coming this way."

"Tony, do you know anything about it"

He opened his mouth with a look of hesitation.

"I've seen that magical beast before.

It used to be kept in a lord's mansion.

The one that used to be kept in the lord's mansion.

It doesn't attack other people and is heading straight towards the lord's mansion.

The house is enchanted by Agnes, so I'm sure it will be fine."

"It seems that something is going on.

If that's the case, let's hurry up and go to the mansion.

Tell us the details as we move ......


When he looked up, he saw a wyvern flying overhead.

"Why is there a wyvern here"

The wyvern illuminated by the flames was a familiar figure, with a woman riding on top of it.


Nazelbert screamed as he spotted his wife, who was not supposed to be there.


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