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Chapter 50 – Duke’s son falls in love with his wife (Nazelbert Point of View)

Nazelbert was lost in thought as he gripped the handle on the wyvern, Jenni.

"Wove you!"

Those were the most destructive words ever uttered from Agnes in front of him.

She must have bitten her lip when she tried to tell him she loved him.

It was, to put it mildly, insanely cute.

In his head, Agnes' "Wove you!" repeated over and over again.

If it weren't for this situation, he might have pushed her down and kissed her, and then things would have been perfect.

But for now, Nazelbert told himself, he should try to be a gentleman.

At the same time, Jenni stopped spinning.

"Did you hear me, Lord Nazel"

Agnes's back was tense as she asked in a muffled voice.

Come to think of it, she has been trying to tell him something for a while now.

Every time she did, she was interrupted, but maybe ......

Again in his head, a cute voice echoes, "Wove you!"

As soon as he understood what she meant, Nazelbert felt more affectionate than ever for Agnes.

"Agnes, I heard you right.

I'm so glad you feel the same way I do.

I'm very happy."

Agnes's ears turned red as he answered.

Although he was dying to see the expression on her face, he had to prioritize a safe flight for now.

It was a shame.

After keeping up with Jenni's spinning for a while, they turned in the direction of the mansion.

When they reached back to the center of town, they stopped practicing spinning and switched to normal flight.

Jenni, who was very clever, flew towards the garden of the mansion by himself.

"You can switch from the handle to the reins now, Agnes."

"Yes, master."

Nazelbert fights the urge that rises again.

He was not only moved by her "Wove you!" but also by Agnes calling him "Master".

"Hey, Agnes, will you turn around and look at me"

"Eh, Yes"

She spun around and looked back at Nazelbert, and as expected, she turned red in a flash.

Isn't she too pretty

Unable to resist, Nazelbert pecked at her pouty, peach-colored lips.


Agnes, who was still holding the reins, closed her eyes and made sweet noises.

Jenni, not paying attention to the two riding on top of him, gradually descended and landed in the yard of the house.

The day's riding training is over.

With conflicting feelings of regret for leaving, and wanting to leave Agnes on the ground in safety, Nazelbert leaves Jenni first and lands on the ground.

Then he turns around and ......

"Agnes, come jump in."

As usual, he extends his hands toward Agnes, and she begins to hesitate with an even redder face.

"I can get off by myself!"

But Agnes couldn't choose to jump down by herself.

This is because Nazelbert is standing at the landing site and is in the way of her getting off alone.

Agnes, her cheeks flushed with blood, struggled for a while to get out on her own and eventually gave up and jumped from Jenni's back toward Nazelbert.

Holding his angelic wife firmly in his arms, Nazelbert was satisfied.

Until he met her, he had no idea he had such a stubborn side.

"I'm glad you're doing so well.

Agnes is a very good rider, even a rookie in the Order can't do this."


"In riding, it is not only the skill but also the trust between the rider and the beast that counts."

"Then it is thanks to Jenni."

Agnes, who tried to walk in the yard, started to wobble.

It's a path we all take when we are new to riding.

She was wobbly when she first came to Sutrena, too.

Nazelbert picked Agnes up in his arms and carried her to the mansion.

Once inside, Kelly was waiting for them.

"Kelly, take care of Agnes."

He took Agnes to her room and left her in the care of Kelly, a maid of honor.

He took Agnes to her room and left her in the care of Kelly, her lady-in-waiting.

After a long day of work, Nazelbert had to wipe himself off and change his clothes.

"Agnes, see you later okay"

"Ha, yes.

Thank you, Lord Nazel."

Kelly spoke to Agnes in turn.

"I'm going to give you a massage first, Lady Agnes, so that you don't get sore muscles.

Please lie down on your side."

As usual, Kelly seemed to like Agnes and was very overprotective towards her.

As he closed the door, he could hear Agnes and Kelly talking from inside.

"Dear Agnes, your whole body is stiff.

Have you been spending all your time in a chair reading"


I wanted to learn about the territory as soon as possible......."

"Don't overdo it.

Let's loosen up here, too."

"Nn, nn......

ha~n, that feels good~"

Hearing the voice of the defenseless Agnes through the door, Nazelbert felt a little excited.


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