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Chapter 46 – The Slow Life on the Frontier of a Knight Who Was Deprived of His Fiancee (Torre’s Point of View)


Torre was living a fulfilling life.

Not long ago, he was spending his days heartbroken in the royal capital after being dumped by his fiancée.

On the advice of his friend Julian and at the request of a certain someone, Torre has been in the frontier town of Sutrena for ten days.

Torre, now 18 years old, is the third son of a count, and his father and brother are court nobles.

He has plenty of strength and muscles, so traveling to the frontier was not painful for him.

The house of the Lord of Sutrena stands on the outskirts of the town center that surrounds the stone fortress.

He had heard rumors of the former Marquis of Ebro's reign.

The land was a wasteland where crops did not grow and magical beasts roamed the land.

However, in reality, although it is a bleak landscape compared to the royal capital, the food situation is said to have improved dramatically in the past month.

Fences to protect against magical beasts have been steadily constructed, and the damage caused by cavalry and livestock has also decreased.

These are the achievements of Nazelbert, a man whom Torre admires.

Torre belongs to the Knights of the Royal Capital, and Nazelbert was there until a few years ago.

He was very strong, giving precise instructions and fighting with magic himself, and was the pride of not only Torre but the entire knighthood.

The knights were happy that he would be a perfect royal consort.

That is why they could not believe it when they heard the rumor that the engagement was broken off.

Although he could not reveal it, Torre was suspicious of Princess Mia and her new fiancé, Robin.

Then, after Nazelbert left the royal capital, problems began to arise one after another.

Why didn't anyone stop the princess Why was Robin left alone

What on earth are the two princes doing

Just as he was angry, his fiancée, Lilianne, was seduced by Robin.

He couldn't believe that she, an honest, quiet, and gentle woman, would be unfaithful.

But that man said it was not Lilianne's true nature.

He said that Lilianne was cheerful and that she was pretending to be a chaste fiancée in front of Torre.

"Why didn't you tell me the truth"

Torre regrets it, but it is all too late.

However, he cannot simply break off the engagement, as he is also a valuable son-in-law.

In the past, there have been cases of powerful kings taking away their subjects' fiancées.

However, Robin was only the son of a former bastard baron and did not want to marry Lilianne.

Torre did not understand his intentions.

While crying and doing muscle training in a corner of the knight's quarters, he was approached by a stranger.

The person had blond hair, green eyes, and a gorgeous face with a mole around his mouth.

At first glance, the figure was identifiable as someone of noble status, but it was an aristocrat I had never seen before.

"......Who are you"

"Me I'm just a recluse."

"What do you want from me You feel kind of shady."

"I'm not shady, I'm not shady.

I am a resident of this castle.

I can't openly show my face for some reason.

In any case, you seem to have a broken heart."

"Oh, word has already spread, has it Yes, Robin is trying to steal my fiancée."

"That's funny.

I thought he was already engaged."

"Ugh, Lillianne......."

The mysterious figure looked at Torre with sympathy.

"You should distance yourself from the royal capital a bit.

I wonder if you would do me a favor.

I wanted you to visit an acquaintance of mine on the frontier."

"Why me Who are you anyway"

"I can't talk to you here, so come to my room.

I will reveal my purpose there.

I'm sure you're not busy, since you're crying and hiding and doing muscle training."

Unable to shake off his suspicion, Torre followed the mysterious person.

For some reason, he had an air of being hard to resist, plus he had the same golden hair as the princess and the second prince.

And so, for several reasons, Torre is staying in the remote Sutrena.

Nazelbert gladly accepted him and appointed Torre as his wife's escort.

Torre was depressed inside, thinking, "I'm escorting the Potato Lady" but when the lady appeared in front of him, she was a very beautiful girl.

She had silky silver hair, rose-colored eyes, and a healthy body that was slightly taller than most women her age.

She also had wonderful magical qualities and was devoted to supporting Nazelbert.

She is a wife worthy of Lord Nazelbert.

She is much better than the princess!

Torre was so moved that he made a vow to himself that he would be serious about his role as an escort.

And now ......


Torre wiped the glistening sweat from his forehead as he built a huge wall in the garden of the lord's mansion.

At his feet, the lord's wife, Agnes, was jumping up and down with joy.

"Lady Agnes, it's dangerous, so please stay a little far away.

If I accidentally step and crush you, I will not be able to face Lord Nazelbert."

"I understand."

Torre is currently constructing a stable for magical beasts using his magic of gigantism.

The reason is that Agnes is going to welcome her wyvern.

The Lord's mansion had a building that looked like a stable, but it was built in a damp place with no sunlight, and the environment was not very hygienic.

Furthermore, the crumbling stone stables looked like a prison, adding to the gloomy scenery.

Agnes agreed with Torre that she did not want the wyvern to live in such a place.

So they decided to build a new stable in a sunny location.

The material was a light-colored wood that Agnes had magically strengthened.

Torre is assembling it with his magic.

Torre's magic, "Gigantism," is a spell that can make one's own body up to three times larger, and it is an excellent spell that can amplify power along with the size of the body.

It was very useful when he was a member of the knights.

Furthermore, this magic is also useful for construction, so it was also appreciated for building rammed earth walls.

However, there is a weakness.

Because it consumes a lot of magic power, it can only be used three times a day for about three minutes.

He is currently doing muscle training every day to increase the amount of time he can use his magic.

With the support of Agnes and Kelly, who stood at a distance, Torre was in a happy mood as he built the stables.

By the way, isn't Kelly a bit......

too competent even though she is a maid, to casually write the blueprints for the stables

As expected of a person secretly sent by that person, Torre was impressed as he built the stables smoothly.


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