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Chapter 40 – Uncouth family, banned from entry

"Marquis Evantail, are you hurt"

His Highness Leonardo, the second prince, asks casually, and my father rushes to get up.

"Y, yes!"

There was a lot of cream on my father's head.

My father, who is arrogant towards me and Lord Nazel, is polite in front of the royal family.

I wonder what's going to happen .......

However, my father started to complain to His Highness Leonardo about something unnecessary at this point.

"That criminal has put me to shame!"

Then my father points at Lord Nazel viciously.


He doesn't understand anything.

Lord Nazel was invited by His Highness Leonardo!

His Highness Leonardo thought for a moment, then stood in front of his father and said.

"I invited Nazelbert.

Do you object to that"

When asked, the father shakes his head broadly and says, "Not at all." But he cannot help expressing his dissatisfaction.

"But this one is guilty of disrespecting Her Highness the Princess!"


some people may disagree with that.

"Marquis Evantail.

Nazelbert is innocent.

Some of you know ......

who the real criminals are.

That is what I was going to tell you today."

The murmuring nobles gradually quieted down.

"The queen, my sister, and my sister's son's father, the Baron's son Robin, are in control of the castle now.

However, their capacity for conducting the affairs of the kingdom seems to be inadequate."

The nobles voiced their agreement.

In particular, the nobles working at the royal castle nodded their heads in approval.

It seems that they are being harassed.

"Nazelbert, the princess's fiancée, has been accused of a crime he did not commit and banished to the frontier.

And now, due to Robin running amok, there are two or three more Nazelberts.

That man, despite being the princess's consort, seems to have been courting his favorite ladies and tricking the men to whom they are betrothed.

If left unchecked, he will disrupt order in the royal palace."

The partygoers groan, and the men strongly agree.

The young ladies, who have been brought up with a strict upbringing and are naive, are curious about a beautiful young man of a different color who whispers sweet nothings to them.

And the men who are their fiancées treat Master Robin as a pest.


the royal court seems to be having a hard time.

"I've been sitting on the situation, but I've decided that if things continue as they are, there could be consequences that could shake the country to its core.

So, in place of my brother, who is too sick to move, I would like to proceed with preparations in case of an emergency."

An emergency.

Does that mean that His Highness Leonardo, the second prince, will replace the queen or the princess, depending on the circumstances

"And now, Marquise of Evantail.

You are forbidden to participate in all events for the time being.

You are not to appear in front of me."

"H, How can that be!"

"You think you won't be punished after causing such a commotion"

His Highness Leonardo said to Lord Nazel while I was on edge.

"Nazelbert, let your wife rest.

Allard will take care of the rest."

Allard, the venue provider who was suddenly called, can be seen panicking a short distance away.

Lord Nazel and I were taken to a room in the Count's house, and my father, who had gone on a rampage, was forced to leave the party.

He seemed to be loudly pleading his case until the very end, though...

In that state, he wouldn't have been able to stay at the venue anyway.

While relaxing in the small guest room, I looked at Lord Nazel.

"Lord Nazel.

Thank you for your help."

He is always there to protect me.

I was glad that he stood firm against my father at the party.

My body still trembles from the nervousness of facing my family, but I feel secure in the knowledge that I will be safe with Lord Nazel.

"I'm glad you weren't hurt.

I didn't want to confront Agnes' family, but they were more difficult to talk to than I had imagined.

I wish I could have handled it a little better."

"No, no, that's fine....."

Just avoiding father's fist is amazing.

"The Evantail family seems to have some non-negotiable beliefs.

It's not easy for a family to stick to a policy like that."

"My father and mother are cousins.

They come from the same family, so both of them have been faithful to the Evantail family's beliefs.

If my mother had come from a different family, she might have helped me."

The reality is different, so there is nothing to say about it now.

My parents' marriage was easier because it was a family engagement, and there seemed to be fewer obstacles.

But please don't ask my daughter to have the same result.

It was already difficult to find a fiancée outside of the family.

I am glad that I continued to fail in my marriage search as a result.


Those people have always been like that.

So you don't have to worry about it, Lord Nazel."

No matter how much I rebelled, it was futile.

With the emptiness of not being able to plead my case, I finally gave up and followed my family's orders.

I had no choice but to do so.


How did you manage to stay in that house until you married me All alone, without anyone to talk to."

He pulled me in front of him and patted me on the back as if to soothe me.

"It's all right now.

I'll protect Agnes."

I was wrapped in his warmth, and my heart was full.

My eyes were burning.

Without knowing it, I clung to Lord Nazel tightly.

......Oh, I love him.

......I really love Lord Nazel after all!

When I first met him, I thought he was a wonderful man and I had no qualms about marrying him.

During the employment interview, I felt I did not want him to have a mistress.

Even now, I am happy that Lord Nazel is my husband.

If possible, I would like to stay married to him forever.

I feel very at ease when I am with Lord Nazel.

I looked up and gazed at Lord Nazel.

"Hmm What's wrong"

"Well, ......, Lord Nazel, I was just thinking how cool you looked..."


Lord Nazel blinked and fell silent.

E, Eh I'm sorry, did I say something weird

I looked at him closely and noticed that his cheeks were a little red.

"Um, Lord Nazel"



Unable to hear clearly, I reply with a "What"

Lord Nazel looked away from me with amber eyes and opened his mouth shyly.

"Agnes is so lovely.

I feel like I'm going to lose my self-control."


Now it was my turn to be at a loss for words.


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