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Chapter 36 – Uncouth lady, mistaken for someone else

Trees neatly lined up, flowers swaying in the wind, a pure white table set on a freshly mowed lawn.

On top of it, delicious-looking cakes and fruits were placed.

The garden of the mansion was filled with people, all looking like they were having a good time in their fashionable clothes.

"Ugh ......

I'm so nervous."

I shuddered as I peeked in through the entrance of the venue.

Yes, the day of the party hosted by the second prince had finally arrived.

The venue was between Sutrena territory and the royal capital.

Of all places, it was the home of the Count's son, who had harshly rejected me.

After that, the nobleman married the daughter who was with him all the time at the venue at that time.

To choose such a place......

the second prince is a devil.

As I was standing frozen, Lord Nazel called out to me.

"Are you all right, Agnes You can rest in the carriage, okay"

"No, I'm fine, Lord Nazel."

Kelly had picked out a lovely dress for me for the occasion.

I didn't get it custom-made in time, but it was a hundred times better than how I looked before.

I'm not sure how I look, but I trust Kelly's skills!

We need to show less potato-ness and clear Lord Nazel's name as much as possible.

He was now being laughed at for having taken an ugly potato lady as his wife.

"Shall we go then"

"Yes, Lord Nazel.

I will be right with you."

After completing the check-in, we step into the hall, arm in arm.

―― Okay, let's go like a married couple!

The moment we entered the venue, we were met with many stares.

"We are being watched."

We were the center of attention.

Everyone was looking at us and starting to whisper to each other about something.

I don't know if they were trying to hide it or if I have good hearing, but I could hear everything.

"Hey, it's Lord Nazelbert.

I knew he was invited, but why did he come"

"Didn't he dishonor His Highness the Princess and Master Robin They sent him to the frontier as punishment, didn't they I heard that he now rules Sutrena territory..."

"It is true.

It seems that it was His Highness the Second Prince who invited them this time.

The party is a gathering of the second prince's faction.

I think they have been invited in the sense that the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Holding Lord Nazel's hand tightly, we proceeded to the center of the hall.

"And who is this beautiful woman that Lord Nazelbert has with him, anyway I have never seen her before."

"Rumor has it that he has married Potato Lady.

I have seen her before, but she looked more hideous."

"So you don't mean to say that she is his mistress"

It's becoming a ridiculous story.


I'm the person in question.

"As expected, that Potato Lady wasn't enough for you!"

"Even so, it's insane to bring a mistress to a party attended by the second prince."

"But she's beautiful, isn't she I'd like to be introduced to who she is and where she's from."


What should I do The misunderstanding is spreading in the wrong direction.

But Lord Nazel showed no sign of caring and took me to a seat in the center.

There was the second prince in question.

Lord Nazel and the prince seem to know each other, and the other party walks toward us.

Lord Nazel told me that he used to teach Master Leonardo how to study.

The 18-year-old second prince, Leonardo, is a prince with short blond hair and blue eyes.

He always had a cold look in his eyes, he was someone who you couldn't quite guess what was going through their mind.....

or at least that was my impression of him.

"Long time no see, Nazelbert."

Lord Nazel greeted him reverently as Leonardo spoke to him without hesitation.

I followed his lead.

"I am sorry for the trouble you went through with my sister.

The royal court is troubled by the loss of another decent man.

By the way, didn't you bring your wife with you today"

Saying this, Master Leonardo stared at me.

His wife is here! Or rather, Master Leonardo.

I have met you before.

As I stepped aside and appealed to him with my eyes, Lord Nazel coughed and opened his mouth.

"That's my wife next to me.

What do you mean"

Instantly, silence fell over the party hall.

Then the murmur grew louder like a wave spreading.

"What do you mean Isn't she your mistress"

"But I thought his wife was the Potato Lady......

I haven't heard anything about her being divorced!"

"Wait, if you look at it, isn't that woman's hair the same color as the Potato Lady"

"It's an unusual hair color.

No way..."

Yes, that's impossible.

Ostentatiously, I speak to Mr.


"Um, I'm Agnes.

When I change my makeup, this is what I look like."

There were screams from all over the hall.

The sons and daughters of the nobles who had shaken me to pieces and the daughters of the nobles who had made fun of me were also screaming.

There were screams from all over the hall.

The sons of the nobles who had shamed me and the daughters of the nobles who had made fun of me were also screaming.

You don't have to be so surprised...


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