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Chapter 29 – The uncouth lady is strong

As I was returning home from "Floral Mole Pavillion" in a good mood, I suddenly noticed something stirring at the edge of the street.

"Is that a magical beast"

Magical beasts are said to live mostly in the forests and oceans, and rarely appear in a town like this.

However, there were always exceptions.

I was worried, but when I got a little closer and observed him, I realized that he was a human man, not a magical beast.

He seemed to be crouched down on the side of the road, perhaps feeling sick.

I quickly ran up to the man and called out to him.

"Um, can I help you"

The man slowly turned his face up ......

and his eyes widened as he recognized me.

"Oh, you're......."




"Oh, Lady Agnes,......

why are you dressed as a maid......"

Oh, no! I had changed into a maid's uniform so that I could casually walk around town!

"T-There's a reason for this."

I smiled and tried to change the subject.

I didn't want people to pry into my escapades in a maid's uniform, and I was worried about Mr.

Henry's health.

"Why are you in this place, Mr.

Henry If you're not feeling well, I will call someone."

But Mr.

Henry looks flustered and calls out to me.

"No, never mind.

It's just the usual dizziness and anemia.

I'm used to it."

"Oh my God ......! Dizziness and anemia......!"

Oh, my goodness......!

It was an illness that I had no experience with.

I didn't know how to deal with it.

"F-For the time being, I should bring you to the mansion.

It's close to here.......

Yeah, let's do that."

I quickly concluded and carried Henry on my shoulder.

He was limping a little, but it was better than leaving him here.

Lord Nazel has given me his seal of approval that I am "Strong".

Maybe it's because I always wore heavy dresses at home.

Maybe old-fashioned dresses are not all bad.

I don't want to see it again, though.

"Lady Agnes! Please stop!"

Dragging Henry-san, who was desperately trying to stop me, I returned to the mansion.

When I arrived at the mansion, Kelly greeted me.

"Welcome back, glad you are safe.

Lady Agnes......

what are you doing"

"I picked it up."

Kelly lets out a small scream and, unusually for her, runs to get the guest room in order in a great hurry.

Fortunately, it seemed to have been cleaned.

As I was putting a groggy Henry to bed, Lord Nazel returned after finishing his work.

"This is..."

Lord Nazel, who visited the room where we were, had a troubled expression as he looked at Mr.

Henry on the bed.

"......How did Henry end up in our mansion"

"He was lying in the street and we picked him up.

He said he's dizzy and anemic."

"I don't think we should move him.

I'll let his family know and call a doctor......

It's a pain that we don't have enough manpower at times like this."

It is certainly inconvenient not to be able to ask anyone for help.

"I'll get to it.

Agnes, can you watch Henry"

"I understand! Lord Nazel, please be careful, it's getting dark."

"Yes, I'll be right back."

Henry's house is near his workplace, according to him.

I was glad to hear that the doctor's house was not too far away.

After a while, Lord Nazel returned with the doctor.

The diagnosis was that it was due to overworking, and Mr.

Henry was advised to take a few days of recuperation.

However, he is not convinced.

"No, I can't miss work"


Henry gets up on his own accord and crumples to the ground.

Each time he does this, Lord Nazel and I carry him back to bed.


Henry, I have notified your family and you must rest well.

You don't look well at all."

"No, it's just the way I was born"

"Then, even more so, don't overdo it.

The doctor has given you some medicine to improve blood circulation, so please take it after you eat.

The stew from the Floral Mole Pavillion is delicious!"

We finished our meal together.

"Ah yes, Lord Nazel.

I have a favor to ask you."

"What is it I would be happy to do anything you want, Agnes."

"I would like to hire a servant from now on, but I would like Kelly to be my lady-in-waiting.

I know her well."

Normally, Kelly, who is not a noblewoman, would not be my lady-in-waiting.

But since we are in the middle of nowhere and there is no one else to be my lady-in-waiting, I can make her my lady-in-waiting as long as Lord Nazel gives me permission.

"Does Kelly think it's a good idea"


She's reserved about it because she's a commoner, but when I insisted and talked to her, she relented."

"Then no problem.

I want to respect Agnes's wishes."

"Thank you! I would like to conduct interviews for the other servants soon."

"I'm sorry I left you in charge of the house."

"No, I am Lord Nazel's wife and the wife of the Lord of Sutrena."

Even if it was His Majesty the King's order that triggered it, I intend to fulfill my role well now that I am here.

Perhaps satisfied with the answer, Lord Nazel had a happy expression on his face.


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