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Chapter 27 – The uncouth daughter wants to cook

The day after the seedlings grew huge, Lord Nazel stayed at the mansion, which was a rare occasion, so we planted the rest of the seedlings in the garden and experimented with various things.

From time to time, Kelly would also show up.

After applying a strengthening spell and waiting for a while, we found that the seedlings grew large and bore fruit in about half a day.

The berry plants seem to bear fruit regardless of the season.

"I wonder if the first Violaberry grew especially large because of some nutritional reasons."


is it because I spread the fertilizer around"

Lord Nazel told me later that the fertilizer I had left in the garden was supposed to be mixed into the soil in several small batches.

I was sprinkling it in a big, heavy dose...

"Kelly told me about that.

I think I've been spreading them too thin.

But because of Agnes' magic, they grew so fast, they got a lot of nutrients, and they grew just fine."

"Then, I will scatter them in the same way I was doing."

"Wai- Agnes! It's heavy, so..."

In the corner of the garden, there is a bushel of fertilizer.

I grabbed it and spread it on top of the already tilled field.

"Agnes, how strong..."

Come to think of it, Lord Nazel was drunk when we first planted the seedlings.

......Yes, I'm kind of a brute.

"Viola berry, emerald cherry, pink matsutake.

I've improved the other plants to make them easier to grow and produce more fruit."

Even with Lord Nazel's slight modifications, he had not expected the plants to grow so large and bear so many fruits.

My magic could be used for more than just reinforcing clothes and bags...

"I'm glad we were able to pick some tasty berries.

If I just want to cut them and peel them, I can do that with Kelly.

Yes, I found one of Lord Nazel's books with instructions on how to make jam, so I'll have to look at it next time I make it.

I've observed servants using kitchen utensils when I was at home."

"If you're going to cook, you should have Kelly watch you first.

I'm not a cook, but I'm used to handling utensils.

I might do some research on cooking too.

We don't have a cook after all."

"I would like to try Lord Nazel's cooking."

Since you are so dexterous Lord Nazel, I'm sure you can cook just by looking at a book.

It might be interesting to cook something together.

"I'm looking forward to it.

And now, let's plant some grains in the field over there."

In the large garden of the house, there are many fields and flower beds that have yet to be cultivated.

"That would be nice.

I'm at your service if you need any magic to strengthen the crops."

"Thank you, Agnes.

I am sorry that I have caused you to live an inconvenient life."

"It's not inconvenient at all.

In fact, I enjoy it.

I'll say it again and again, I like living here."

When I was living at home, I could not move around as I liked.

I was afraid to go out because I lacked self-confidence, partly because of my family's rules.

But now, Lord Nazel and Kelly are with me, and I don't have to worry about people pointing fingers at me, saying I'm a Potato Lady.

I am happy about that.

"Thank you for bringing me to the frontier.

Lord Nazel."


Lord Nazel gently extends his hands toward me.


As I stood still, confused, he held me tightly with his arms.

"L-Lord Nazel!"

Hyah! Lord Nazel is out of control!

A warm, hard chest, a nice smell...

My heart began to pulse at double the speed, my thoughts running full tilt and then fizzling out.

"I'm the one who should be thanking you.

I'm so glad you're here."

When he told me this, Lord Nazel's body came closer to me and his lips gently descended on my cheek.


Lord Nazel, you kissed me on the cheek ......

It was on the forehead when he proposed, but isn't it getting bolder and bolder

It was a light touch, and it quickly moved away, but I remained frozen in my state of daze.

I felt like I wanted to ask him what he really meant, but I was afraid to ask.

While I was agonizing about it, my face heated up and Lord Nazel moved away with a smile on his face.

Ugh, my lack of willpower.

"Agnes, I will look into the seedlings and let Henry know about them.

It might help improve the food situation"


I agree.

It would be good if the seedlings spread throughout the territory.

If material reinforcement is needed, I will go and cast my magic on them."

The Sutrena territory in the south of the country is adjacent to forests and the sea, so it is possible to secure food even if crops are hard to come by.

But that is under normal circumstances.

As we had heard before, there were serious attacks from magical beasts in this place.

It is said that during times when many magical beasts appear or when a ferocious magical beast is discovered, it is not possible to go out to the forest or the sea, and food is scarce.

If they were unlucky, there were years when they could not go out properly for more than half a year.

Risking their lives to go to the sea or the forest to get food, or prioritizing their own personal safety......

the lords were faced with a harsh choice.

If the number of seedlings produced by Lord Nazel increased, it would be possible to obtain food safely at any time.

We will need to consider where to plant them and who will harvest them, but if these seedlings spread, many of the people in the territory will be saved.

It might even be possible to ship the seedlings to other territories.


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