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I was led to the tower that I had stopped checking due to the magic staircase present there.


…As I recalled, this place was enchanted, wasn’t it


Grandfather went inside, but I still should not be able to climb up there, right


“Um, I can’t climb up here…”


“The magic has been lifted.”


Grandpa muttered, interrupting my words.


I followed him up the stairs.

…Even though the magic had been broken, it was still quite a climb.


I would feel dizzy if I had to climb the spiral staircase all the way up.




When we reached the top, Grandfather opened the old wooden door.

A bit of dust danced on the floor.

It was evident that the room had not been cleaned.


I was a little nervous, but I knew that the servants would not be able to enter the room because of the magic that had been cast on it.

As I entered the room, I became a little anxious.

It was always a pleasure to be able to enter a place where one was not allowed to go.


“What is this place”


I let out an unintentional gasp at the sight inside the room.


Houseplants covered the room.

Tiny butterflies were flying around.

A large number of books were lined up against the walls, and many more were piled up on the floor.

The light coming in through the large round window was fantastic.


The air was clear and very pleasant.

It took my breath away.


What a beautiful place.


I heard a lovely “meow” from nearby.

Looking down at my feet, I noticed a black cat.


…A black cat Yet, I felt like it looked more like a lion.


I wish I could bring Rai with me.

The cat nudged my leg with its face, as if it wanted to play with us.


“I can’t believe it would be so attached to anyone but me…”


You mean she didn’t miss anyone except you, Grandfather… Perhaps it was her wild intuition that told her we shared the same blood


I could fool a human, but not an animal.


“It doesn’t look much like a cat, does it”


I managed to change the subject.

Grandfather huffed.


“That’s because I gave it magical powers.

…And your lion is the same way, right”


“How did you know about the lion…”


No one was supposed to know that the lion became black because of me.

Because I used magic in the shed…


“There’s very little I don’t know about you since you came here.”


I froze at Grandfather’s words.


At the same time, a silver snake appeared from somewhere.

A snake whose scales were so dazzling that they looked out of this world.


I wondered why it was here.

I have a feeling that I had seen it somewhere before.


“That’s the trick.

Very clever.



Grandpa said, and the snake instantly transformed into a human being.


…No kidding.

I knew this person.


He was the bald man who was deported with us from the Duelkis Kingdom.

I remembered this person vividly because he had a really murderous aura.


He looked like he was about to kill someone at any moment, but now he didn’t give off even the slightest hint of such an atmosphere.


“He’s the snake that always watches out for people who were deported.”


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