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[A terrifying aura instantly erupted from your body.

Your 1st Order Sage Emperor cultivation was ten thousand times stronger than before.

This powerful aura caused everyone present to be stunned.

[Sage Emperor Sabers hand that was holding the long saber started to tremble involuntarily.

When he looked in your direction, he actually felt as though he was facing a Supreme being.

[Sage Emperor Slow, who had been pretending to be asleep, finally stood up and looked at you with a terrified expression.

The steady him did not immediately choose to run away because he knew that if you really had the cultivation base of a Supreme being, then no matter how he ran, he would not be able to escape.

[On the other hand, although Fifth Bodhisattva Bear had a surprised expression on his face, there was no hesitation in his eyes.

He flashed past Sage Emperor Saber and punched toward you.

This punch contained the full strength of a 9th Order Sage Emperor.

[Fifth Bodhisattva Bear was confident that anyone below the 9th Order of the Sage Emperor realm would die with a single punch.

Fifth Bodhisattva Bear believed you only relied on some secret treasure to disguise yourself as a powerful existence.

‘His true strength is definitely not high.

[In the next moment, Fifth Bodhisattva Bears worldview was completely shattered.

You gently tapped out with your finger, and a powerful light shot out of the tip of your finger and instantly pierced through Fifth Bodhisattva Bears brain.

[The violent stream of energy exploded, and Fifth Bodhisattva Bears soul was destroyed.

[A 9th Order Sage Emperor, the fifth generation patriarch of an aristocratic family and team leader of the Universal Pirates, had died.

[You casually killed Fifth Bodhisattva Bear with a finger, and you finally had a rough idea of your current strength.

[The enhanced combat strength of the 1st Order Sage Emperor by 10,000 times was on par with a Supreme being.

You didnt know the exact level of the Supreme realm, but in your eyes, a Sage Emperor was like a chicken or a dog.

[Seeing that you had killed the strongest Fifth Bodhisattva Bear with a single strike, Sage Emperor Saber and Sage Emperor Slow couldnt help but look at each other helplessly.

[They had never expected that someone would pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger and attack at the last moment.

[Your strength had already made the two of them lose all thoughts of resisting.

They immediately knelt down and surrendered, hoping to survive.

[You pondered for a moment and realized that it would not be too bad if you had two 8th Order Sage Emperors do your bidding.

Especially when you encountered an individual like Liu Qing, your combat strength would be reduced, and you would not be able to fight back at all.

[Just like that, you did not kill the two of them.

Instead, after returning to the human territory through the teleportation formation, you spent a huge sum of money on buying two Sage Emperor master-servant contracts to ensure that the two of them would not betray you.]

[On the 228th day, this trip to the Endless Black Hole region allowed you, who had originally invested all your wealth in the Wealthy Mercenary Group, to become rich once again.

[First of all, the materials that you had collected were all sold in the trading hall of the Virtualverse.

You obtained a total of 18,000,000 Yuan.

Naturally, you wouldnt split it.

[Next, there were the legacies of those Sage Emperors who had died in battle.

This time, hundreds of Sage Emperors had died in the Endless Black Hole region.

Each Sage Emperor had many savings.

In the end, you earned a total of more than 42,000,000 Yuan.

[Adding on the 10,000,000 Yuan from the mission reward of Alchemist Akators safe return, you now had a total of 70,000,000 Yuan in your hands.

[You werent used to being so rich all of a sudden…

[Just as you were wondering if you were going to buy something, the great Daos in your body began to grow crazily, and torrents of energy began to fuse into your body, allowing you to break through to the 2nd Order of the Sage Emperor realm.

[You checked carefully and found that your Dao managers were all growing very steadily, and there were no signs of premature deaths.

[Confucius and the other two had received intensive training in the Military Department of the Ancient Burial galaxy.

They were known as the strongest three of the new generation, and their cultivation bases had all reached the 5th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[Bai Qi, on the other hand, was slightly weaker.

However, he was still considered to be in the intensive training sequence, and his cultivation base had reached the 3rd Chasm of the Sage Monarch.

[The Earth Goddess had obtained an unexpected opportunity and had also successfully raised her cultivation to the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[Emperor Qins Human Dao was not exposed this time, so he developed in a wretched manner.

Using the Ancient World as the starting point, he began to gradually devour the life stars around him, expanding the population of his subordinates.

[Emperor Qin had already occupied seven life stars.

With the increase in the population, his cultivation also reached the 9th Firmament of the Sageking realm.

He was just one step away from breaking through and becoming a Sage Monarch.

[However, although Emperor Qin had been secretly occupying the life stars, he had also exposed some traces.

Although Supreme Silver Bull would not care about such a small matter, he already sent some experts under his command to that area to investigate.

[What surprised you the most was Lin Fan, who had turned dark.

Initially, before you entered the Endless Black Hole region, Lin Fan had just broken through to the Sage Monarch realm.

But when you checked again, Lin Fans cultivation had already reached the 5th Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[He had already caught up to the speed of Confucius and the others cultivation

“Whats going on Why doesnt the Devouring Dao have such a strong effect on me”

[You couldnt help but be puzzled.

Whether it was Liu Qing or Lin Fan, they both relied on the Devouring Dao to increase their cultivation crazily.

But you also had the Devouring Dao, yet you didnt feel that it was of much use.

[As for Kong Xinyue, she had also increased her cultivation level by one level.

She had reached the 2nd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

Although Su Ye, who had obtained the Dao of Chaos, was wary of you, on account of your 10,000,000 Yuan joining fee, the speed of cultivation of the great Dao wasnt slow either.

He had reached the 3rd Chasm of the Sage Monarch realm.

[With the support of your managers, your cultivation reached the 2nd Order of the Sage Emperor realm.]

[On the 231st day, although your cultivation base has reached the 2nd Order of the Sage Emperor realm, it was undoubtedly impossible for you to overturn the top-tier races in the universe.

The only capital you had now was the 70,000,000 Yuan in your hands.

[70,000,000 yuan was a huge amount of money.

If converted into cultivation resources, it was probably enough for several Sage Emperors to advance to the Supreme realm.

[Even the Supreme artifacts in the trading hall could be bought.

[After thinking it over, you didnt use this money to arm yourself.

Because you saved Akator, you established a good relationship with the Alchemist Association.

[You visited their headquarters through the Virtualverse.

After hearing that you wanted to learn alchemy, the Alchemist Association highly valued you.

In order to repay you for saving his life, Akator decided to teach you himself.

[On the 233rd day, you successfully became a qualified alchemist in only a few days due to your outstanding talent.

[Under Alchemist Akators guidance, you obtained a large number of rare pill formulas and ordinary Sageking and Sage Monarch pills.

It was worth mentioning that to become a Sage Emperor-level alchemist, you must have a Sage Emperor-level flame, be it a Spark or any other rare flame.]


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