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Chapter 1274 - Ten-Tailed Fox ③

Currently, in front of me and Isis-san, Alice had an indescribably complicated expression on her face. Incidentally, the fox is being held by Isis-san in her embrace.

Monsters and animals run away from Isis-san at all costs due to the influence of her magic power of death, so she seemed very happy to see the fox who isnt afraid of her and became emotionally attached to it.

[This cub is probably, no, its definitely……]


[……Even when its that affectionate for Isis-san and Kaito-san, its scared of me. Its kind of refreshing seeing something not afraid of Isis-san but afraid of me.]

Just as Alice said, the fox is very friendly to me and Isis-san, but when Alice slightly reaches out her hand to it, it reacts as if it doesnt like it and starts clinging to Isis-san.

When Alice contained her magic power, the fox curiously tilted her head, so I guess its frightened when it felt Alices magic power.

However, even when her magic power was contained…… When Alice tried touching it, the fox looked like it disliked it, so it was different from the reaction she shows to me and Isis-san.

[……Returning back to the topic, that cub must be a Mystic Silver.]

[Mystic Silver You mentioned them before, didnt you About how they were the strongest monsters…… But if Im not mistaken, Mystic Silvers are……]

[Yes, Mystic Silvers are some kind of magical disaster, a monster that has rampaged under the influence of its enormous magic power. Well, Im also surprised about this, but considering its characteristics, I can only assume thats the case.]

[……I see…… Mystic Silver huh…… So thats why…… it was in such a mess…… Its magic structure made it difficult to even live a normal life.]

Hearing Alices words, Isis-san nodded in understanding. Come to think of it, Isis-san said earlier that it wouldnt be surprising if the foxs body would collapse.

[Yes, its magic power normally would have gone out of control and it would have been surrounded by intense magical light and started rampaging around, but this cub seemed to be an exception to that rule…… With its exceptional senses, it has controlled and suppressed the magic power that was originally supposed to run out of its control. And while it would normally be impossible to rearrange the magic structure of a rampaging monster, this cubs innate flair, the skill of Isis-san, which can be said to be the best in the Demon Realm when it comes to manipulating magic power, and Kaito-sans magic power, which has an extremely unique adaptability, all of it contributed to the magic reconstructions success…… I think the miraculous meshing of all these factors has stabilized its current situation.]

[……Thats a great discovery…… isnt it]

[Its nothing short of amazing. To begin with, there has never been a precedent for a ten-tailed Mystic Silver, and the fact that it can stabilize without self-destructing is a situation that overturns all previous Mystic Silver researches. Whats more, this cub…… Its not afraid of the magic power of death at all. My guess is that Isis-sans magic power and Kaito-sans magic power have caused some kind of change in it…… enough change for me to hold my head in my hands.]

It was apparently a really unusual situation, as Alice unusually looked seriously distressed.

[Mystic Silvers are too rare to be inspected because theyre basically self-destructive, and its also impossible to tamper with its magic structure because it normally wouldnt just sit still while someone is doing that…… We had given up on this topic. Well, Ill just think about that later, as Id like to keep an eye on this cubs growth…… but Isis-san, what do you want to do about this cub]

[……Errr…… What should we do]

[Does this cub have any parents or anything like that]

[This cub may have had them, but they would have fled or died of shock when the cub transformed into a Mystic Silver, and even if it had lived, they wouldnt recognize that child as their own because it has now become a completely different species. Well, depending on its former species, its also possible that they were born from magic power, and dont have parents.]

Hearing Alices words, Isis-san nodded once and looking straight into the foxs eyes, she spoke.

[……What do you want to do]


From what I saw so far, it seemed that this fox was quite smart and understood our words to some extent. When the fox actually heard what Isis-san said, it moved as if it was clinging to her.

Even the emotions transmitted through my Sympathy Magic convey that it didnt want to part ways with Isis-san.

[……Then…… Would you like….. to come with me]


[Its happily wagging its tail.]

[……Unnn…… Its really cute.]

Isis-san also seemed to be quite fond of the fox and was happily stroking the foxs head. Watching them, I suddenly had an idea in mind.

[Isis-san…… Why dont you give this cub a name]

[……Name…… Hmmm.]

Isis-san closed her eyes, seemingly thinking about this for a few seconds, then with her gaze on the fox, she calmly spoke.

[……How about…… “Eulpecula”]


[I think the child likes it too. You can also abbreviate it and have Eul as its nickname.]

[Kyuu kyuuuu!]

[Its nodding its head, seemingly agreeing with me…… Its a really smart cub.]

[……Unnn…… Well be counting on you from now on…… Eul.]

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And thus, Isis-sans family has gained a new member…… an unprecedented existence throughout history, the Ten-Tailed Mystic Silver Eulpecula.

: [Serious-senpai~~ I think theyre done and are now moving on to heartwarming stuff.]

Serious-senpai : [After the flirting ended comes heartwarming content huh…… Well, in that case……]

: [No, after the serious development ended comes heartwarming content.]

Serious-senpai : [……Pardon]

: [The seriousness had already ended, and its now going to be heartwarming stuff from now on.]

Serious-senpai : [………………………Eh]

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